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3COM 3M0-600: Wireless Specialist Final Exam

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Reading Time: 13 mins | Publish Date: 24 Aug 2021 | Update Date: 22 Jul 2022

How could you focus on 3COM 3M0-600 Certification

Right here is the exam overview for 3COM 3M0-600 Certification

3COM 3M0-600 Certification: Get our snappy guide in the event that you don’t have the opportunity to peruse all the page

Are you working in the telecommunications sector and looking for a way to prove your worth? A new certification is available that will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience required to become a 3COM 3M0-600 certified telecommunications professional. The certification will cover topics such as management of network operations, implementation, and administration of WAN solutions, transmission technologies such as POTS, ISDN, xDSL, and wireless technologies like HSPA. The certification will prove a valuable asset for telecommunications professionals as employers will be able to rely on an internationally recognized certification system. The course is available in the form of training kits that include all the necessary class materials and study guides. The training kits are divided into two modules: Module 1 related to network operations and management; Module 2 related to transmission technologies. The courses are available online through instructor-led sessions or self-study tutorials. If a candidate has knowledge and skills that are required to pass 3COM 3M0-600 Exam and fully prepared with 3COM 3M0-600 Dumps then he should take this 3COM 3M0-600 Exam. According to the study guide, it is important to note that “the material presented in this course is based on current and emerging technologies.” Focused primarily on the use of voice and data transmission, the module details all aspects of management of network operations such as IP subnetting, knowledge of switching techniques, and varying types of data pathways like ATMs. Additionally, the 3COM 3M0-600 training will also cover installation and administration procedures for various WAN technologies such as Frame Relay and VoIP.

What is 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

3COM 3M0-600 exam is associated with the certification for 3COM Communications Certified Network Professional (CCNP) telecommunications professional. The exam will test a candidate’s skills in managing network operations and remote access so that he/she can implement and manage WAN solutions. The candidate will also be required to have extensive knowledge of transmission technologies like POTS, ISDN, xDSL, and wireless technologies like HSPA. Upon successful completion of the exam, a candidate will be certified for 3COM 3M0-600. The candidate should have an appropriate level of knowledge and skills in telecommunications, making him/her capable of implementing and managing WAN solutions like voice or data transmission. Additionally, the candidate should be capable of managing network operations such as IP subnetting, switching techniques, and setting up routing protocols. The candidate should also have extensive knowledge of various WAN technologies like Frame Relay and VoIP.

Introduction of 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

3COM 3M0-600 exam is one of the most sought-after certifications. It is used for the certification of the candidate for different roles related to network engineering and implementation. The course covers all aspects of management of network operations so that he/she can implement and manage WAN solutions at his/her place of work or in a company office. The exam provides various benefits to the professionals who are looking forward to getting 3COM 3M0-600 certified. The certification will be useful for professionals working as a network engineers, system administrators, or transport engineers. The certification will also provide an edge over the other candidates if the individual is looking for a job change due to company layoffs, projects ending, or transfer of project offices which are all included in 3COM 3M0-600 Dumps. The exam is available in English language format only and has only one segment but without any negative marking. The candidate will be able to get a job entry-level position managing WAN solutions in companies that are in need of an experienced telecom professional with a particular set of skills.

3COM 3M0-600 exam will prove useful for candidates who are working in the telecommunications sector and looking for a way to prove their worth. The course is available in the form of training kits that include all the necessary class materials and study guides. The training kits are divided into two modules: Module 1 related to network operations and management; Module 2 related to transmission technologies. The courses are available online through instructor-led sessions or self-study tutorials. According to the study guide, it is important to note that “the material presented in this course is based on current and emerging technologies. The 3COM 3M0-600 exam is available through a number of training providers such as ICT Training Institute, Global Knowledge, and IT Skills among others. The exam cost varies from one training provider to the other. Additionally, some training providers offer up to 50% discounts on different courses for new candidates subscribing to the course during a promotional period.

What is On-Premises

The 3COM data center provides top-quality facilities such as air conditioning, fire suppression, and power management systems in every rack cabinet. The on-premises environment will also be segregated into different regions. The training facility will be provided with access to the NetMAP, which is the company’s proprietary Internetworking Management Platform. The NetMAP provides remote management and control of all major service points in a 3COM data center. It will also come with a zOOKs interface that allows technicians to perform maintenance and troubleshooting remotely over a computer or mobile device. Once a module is activated, the device will be able to provide remote access to the device. Additionally, the same device will allow users to access and configure the device through an interface that is hosted on a web server on a PC or laptop. Additionally, the 3COM 3M0-600 exam also provides an environment for candidates who want to take in-person training. Additionally, candidates can also rely on various self-study tutorials that are available online at relatively cheaper prices.

Who Should Attend 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

All candidates who are looking for employment in the telecommunications industry or are aspiring to become one should consider taking the exam. The exam will help candidates prove their worth, both in terms of skills and knowledge. Those who are looking for a change in job situation due to layoffs or transfer from one project office to another can also attend the exam. Candidates should also check on the price sheet before making a final decision regarding the course. The cost of the course usually includes the fee of the exam and the course material. The certification is given at one-year intervals. Therefore, new candidates who wish to become certified by taking the exam before a year is over can also consider this option. If a candidate has knowledge and skills that are required to pass 3COM 3M0-600 Exam and fully prepared with 3COM 3M0-600 Dumps then he should take this 3COM 3M0-600 exam.

According to an article by PCMag on 3COM 3M0-600 certification, candidates will be tested on skills and knowledge related to the following aspects:

  1. Networking fundamentals
  2. Network operations and management
  3. Transmission technologies
  4. QoS technologies
  5. WAN technologies including Frame Relay and VoIP.

Target Audience for 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

The exam is designed to certify the candidate as a network engineer, so he/she can manage network operations at his/her workplace or in a company office. Additionally, the exam can also be taken up by candidates who are planning to change their job due to transfer of project offices or layoffs by their current employers. The exam is also designed for candidates who have been working as telecommunications professionals and are looking forward to improving their job profile by obtaining a certification from a reputed vendor. The exam also prepares candidates in case of emergency. The certification will help them with future career opportunities. Taking the exam will help the candidate prove his/her abilities and skills about networking, different types of technologies (WAN and LAN), and basic troubleshooting, such as device configuration issues, network security issues, application performance issues.

Certification Value

The certification is valid for one year and includes a certificate of completion. The exam can help the candidate to get ahead of his/her peers both in terms of career growth and increase in skills and knowledge. So, both the candidates who are working as an individual or as a team member should attend the exam with all their relevant documents ready such as DD-WRT router, firewall, multiplexer, IPS devices, etc. It is also recommended that candidates take the exam in a quiet environment. The exams can be taken online or at training centers. Candidates can book their slots in advance by paying the fee for the exam. The certification will prove useful for candidates who want to change jobs due to a transfer of project office or layoffs by their current employer.

Certification Topics

Our 3COM 3M0-600 dumps covers the following objectives of 3COM 3M0-600 Exam.

  • Network Operations and Management
  • Network Management
  • LAN Technology
  • WAN Technology
  • QoS Technologies
  • Security.
  • Transmission Technologies
  • Transmissions Technology Candidates for the exam should have at least a basic knowledge of all aspects of networks, including different technologies and data link layer protocols such as Ethernet, ATM, MOST, Token Ring, etc.

Certification Path

Candidates can obtain the certification by attending three days of training course conducted in conjunction with 3COM. The course is designed for candidates who aspire to be trained on how to manage and operate a network environment. There is no exam before obtaining the certification. The candidate will also be granted access to the NetMAP, which is a web-based graphical tool that runs on a PC or laptop which includes modules such as WAN, LAN, QoS, etc.

Prerequisites of 3COM 3M0-600 Certification

Candidates for this course have to attend a 3-day course offered by the vendor. The course is designed to train candidates on how to manage and operate a network environment. Candidates should also complete the training module that comes with the exam kit. Candidates who are looking forward to obtaining the certification without attending a training session can also consider taking online self-study tutorials that are available at relatively cheaper prices.

What is the Registration procedure of 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

The Registration procedure for the exam is very simple and includes the following steps:

  1. After logging in to the vendor’s website, candidates will have to select their preferred exam center.
  2. Candidates will be asked to enter their personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and other details required by the vendor.
  3. Candidates will then be asked to pay the exam fee and take their printout of the pass card as a token of confirmation for attending the exam session.
  4. The candidates will then have to submit their application forms which include: Name, date of birth, and other personal details.
  5. They will be asked to provide a scanned photograph of themselves with details on how they look like. Candidates must also bring necessary documents with them such as document showing their current employment status, educational certificates, bank statements and other important documents such as medical certificates and insurance policies.

Exam Duration and Fees

The exam will be scheduled once every year and will cost approximately 250 USD to 300 USD for the exam to be taken in an authorized testing center. A candidate who is looking for the certification should look for a training center that offers training courses with an option to take online self-study tutorials for individual courses or entire course material.

What is the duration, language, and format of the 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

  • Number of Questions: 95
  • Passing Score: 70%
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Language: English
  • Format: multiple choice/single answer question answers

Advantages of Passing 3COM 3M0-600 Exam

Those who pass the 3COM 3M0-600 exam with the help of 3COM 3M0-600 Dumps gain several benefits:

  • A candidate who has passed the exam can work independently and can be taken up by candidates for career growth.
  • The certification exam is designed to check whether the candidate is able to perform basic troubleshooting, such as device configuration issues, network security issues, application performance issues.
  • Candidates for the exam will have to know the basics of technology and its applications.
  • A candidate who has passed the exam can communicate with other professionals in a better way and will have a better understanding of technologies implemented in networks in order to increase his/her job prospects.

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