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AAFM CTEP: Chartered Trust & Estate Planner (CTEP) Certification Examination

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Reading Time: 9 mins | Publish Date: 22 Jun 2021 | Update Date: 22 Jun 2022

How to Prepare for AAFM CTEP

Preparation Guide for AAFM CTEP

Introduction for AAFM CTEP

The instructive program for the Chartered Trust and Estate Planner incorporates trust and endowment organizing stresses of tenant and non-occupant clients and families. This middle social occasion of subjects bases on the major valuable issues of high all out resources guiding, going from charge, record to law. An essential piece of this course is keeping an eye on the social capacities crucial to of inciting the prosperous individual or family. The course will cover such organizing hindrances as Common Law versus Common Law districts, non-occupant pariah life accomplice, and undeniable and non-material assets in different domains. Use of trust as wealth orchestrating and obligation organizing contraptions.

In this guide, we will cover the AAFM CTEP, tips and tricks, pay, affirmation way and moreover share the benefits of AAFM CTEP practice exam and AAFM CTEP practice tests.

Exam Topics for AAFM CTEP

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP exam dumps:

  • Introduction to Estate Plan.
  • Laws Affecting Real Estate Plans
  • Personal and Intestate Succession Laws in India
  • Testamentary Succession
  • Trust Plan in India
  • International Real Estate Plans

Understanding functional and technical aspects of AAFM CTEP Design

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP dumps pdf:

  • Introduction to Real Estate Plans
  • Real Estate PlansProcess
  • Goal Setting
  • The Basic Tools of Real Estate Plans
  • Business Succession Plan
  • Philanthropy and Charitable Plan
  • Understand “What is Estate Plan”?
  • Understand the Steps in Real Estate Plans
  • Know What a Will is and how could it be Drafted?
  • Understand What is Business Succession Plan
  • Process of Goal Setting
  • Understand the contrast among Charity and Philanthropy
  • Understand Philanthropy Process of Plan
  • Implement a Charitable Process of Plan
  • Enumerate Different kinds of Charitable Trusts

Understanding functional and technical aspects of AAFM CTEP Design

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP dumps:

  • Introduction to Law
  • Meaning and Essentials of a Contract
  • Law of Agency
  • Formation of Companies
  • Various Acts
  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Hindu Personal Law
  • Muslim Personal Law
  • Understand the significance of agreement
  • Identify the fundamentals of a substantial
  • Understand the new Companies Policy 2013 and its suggestions
  • Understand the contrasts between Companies Policy 1956 and Companies Policy 2013
  • The Negotiable Instrument Policy
  • IRDA Act, Insurance Act, 1938, Married Woman Property Policy
  • Transfer of Property Policy
  • Succession Policy
  • Law of Trusts

Understanding functional and technical aspects of AAFM CTEP

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP dumps:

  • Indian Succession Act, 1925
  • Hindu Succession Policy
  • Coparcenary Property Under HSA
  • Succession in Case of Males Under HSA
  • Succession in Case of Females Under HSA/li>
  • Minority and Guardianship Policy 1956/li>
  • The Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act, 1956
  • Mitakshara and Dhayabaga Schools of Hindu Law
  • Muslim Law
  • Gifts Under Muslim Law
  • Wakfs Under Muslim Law
  • Goa Civil Code
  • Define different Personal Laws in India
  • Describe Intestate Succession
  • Describe Indian Succession Policy 1925
  • Understand different Hindu Acts
  • Describe different Schools of Hindu Law
  • Describe Goa Civil Code
  • Describe Domicile and its Components
  • Describe Succession Certificates
  • Describe Class I and Class II beneficiaries
  • Understand Legal Order of Heirs
  • Describe Cognates and Agnates
  • Describe Rules of Succession in Female Hindus
  • Understand Order and Manner of Succession

Understanding functional and technical aspects of AAFM CTEP

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP dumps:

  • Wills in Singapore
  • Real Estate Plansin Singapore
  • Inheritance Tax in Singapore
  • Resident in US for tax purposes
  • Domicile in US
  • Generation Skipping Transfer Tax
  • Tax Domicile Certificate
  • Real Estate Plansin UAE
  • Relationship between Income Tax Policy and FEMA
  • Returning Indian
  • FEMA on Trusts
  • Real Estate Plansin Singapore
  • Real Estate Plansin the UK
  • Real Estate Plansin the US
  • Real Estate Plansin the UAE
  • FEMA Regulations in Estate Plan

Understanding functional and technical aspects of AAFM CTEP

The following will be discussed in AAFM CTEP dumps:

  • Wills and Succession Plan
  • Wills Under ISA
  • Wills (Wasiyat)
  • Transfer of Property
  • HUF
  • Understand the process of formation of a Will
  • Enlist the advantages of writing a Will
  • Know the process of writing a Will
  • Know what is a Muslim will or wasiyat
  • Understand different methods of making Muslim will
  • Describe Sunni law and Shia law
  • Understand the Characteristics and Types of Mortgage
  • Understand the basics and Types of Lease
  • Compare between Buy versus Lease
  • Understand the idea of Trust and various sorts of Trusts that can be shaped in India
  • Explain why utilizing a trust is useful for a customer
  • Describe the extensive method of drafting a Valid Will
  • Outline the overall obligations of a trustee in India and Internationally
  • Describe the highlights and arrangement of Trust for Un-Born Person
  • Highlight the advantages of making Trust for Wife, Children and different Relatives for effective abundance move
  • Understand the highlights of Private Religious and Discretionary Trust for Wealth Inheritance, - Wealth Transfer and Succession Plan
  • Define how a Private and Public Trust can be framed for abundance portion
  • Understand the cycle through which a Society can be a piece of the Charitable Organization
  • Explain every one of the various kinds of trust through pertinent models for better materialness in genuine world

Certification Path for AAFM CTEP

American Academy of Financial Management India (organization) is an association and a Professional Standards Setting body that proactively directs the turn of events and advancement of norms for Financial Advisory Professionals to profit and secure people in general in the country. It is a Professional Membership and Certification association some portion of driving Global Confederation set up by unmistakable monetary help companies with a goal to professionalize the idea of Financial Advisory in India.

The up-and-comers who wish to go through the CTEPTM Certification Program (the ‘Program’) need to get enlisted with organization.

How to Register for AAFM CTEP

  • Fill the Registration Form
  • Attach the required Documents
  • Enclose the required Fees
  • Courier the Form to organization
  • organization generates the Student Registration No. and Couriers the Study Material to the student
  • 60 days after the registration the student can register for the Examination

What is the cost of AAFM CTEP

The cost of AAFM CTEP is $250.

  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 80 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 70

The benefit in Obtaining the AAFM CTEP

The Chartered Trust and Estate Planner® (CTEP®) offered by American Academy of Financial Management India assignment extends your scope of administrations to incorporate estatePlan, legacy Plan and resource repositioning administrations for your customers.

A Real Estate Plansdesignation like universally acclaimed Chartered Trust and Estate Planner® shows to your friends, customers and possibilities that you are not kidding about your calling. All things considered, somebody looks for the administrations of another in light of the fact that individual accepts the other can make a superior showing. Planned customers are less inclined to draw in you on the off chance that they trust you know something similar or short of what they do about the current point. This is the place where the expert enters.

With CTEP® information and systems, you can offer master direction on:

  • Succession Plan
  • Wills and Probates
  • Asset Protection Trusts
  • Special Child Protection Strategies
  • Incapacity Financial Asset Protection
  • Guardianship Issues

As you ace these subjects and devices, you likewise acquire the certainty to tie down your customers' resources for a long time into the future.

CTEP will permit you to:

  • Enables you to offer an expert support of a better quality
  • Enhances your capacity to offer comprehensive guidance to customers as a confided in counselor
  • Distinguishes you and your firm from the opposition

Salary of AAFM CTEP certified professionals

The salary of AAFM CTEP certified professionals varies from $66K to $74K depending on the years of experience.

Difficulty in Attempting AAFM CTEP

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  • Client’s needs are about Wealth Enhancement, Wealth Protection and Wealth Transfer. So, to be complete advisors, they should incorporate Wealth Transfer Advise
  • Real Estate Plansadvise allows advisors to cater to higher level of clients and broaden their range of services and client base
  • The advisor gets complete share of Wallet
  • The advisor gets the ability to continue his services to the next generation
  • With transaction or commission margins under pressure it allows an additional source of income
  • Real Estate Plansis the most ignored area of Personal Finance and there is virtually no competition, so it gives a competitive edge to advisors who incorporate it

Financial Advisors frequently feel becoming a specialist is too time consuming, especially during periods of economic extremes. CTEP Certification offers flexible schedules and self-study programs. Most importantly, this is a one-time commitment. You can lose money in stocks or bonds, but no one can take away your education

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