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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 26 Jun 2021 | Update Date: 15 Sep 2023

How to Prepare For Certified Network Defender

Preparation Guide for Certified Network Defender

Introduction for Certified Network Defender

The Certified Network Defender (CND) accreditation program centers around making Network Administrators who are prepared on securing, identifying and reacting to the dangers on the organization. Organization directors are generally acquainted with network parts, traffic, execution and usage, network geography, area of every framework, security strategy, and so forth A CND will get the principal comprehension of the genuine build of information move, network advancements, programming advances with the goal that the they see how organizations work, comprehend what programming is robotizing and how to examine the subject material. What’s more, network safeguard essentials, the use of organization security controls, conventions, border apparatuses, secure IDS, VPN and firewall arrangement, complexities of organization traffic mark, investigation and weakness checking are additionally covered which will help the Network Administrator plan more prominent organization security approaches and fruitful episode reaction plans. These abilities will help the Network Administrators encourage versatility and progression of tasks during assaults.

CND is an abilities based, lab concentrated program dependent on a task examination and network protection schooling structure introduced by the National Initiative of Cybersecurity Education (NICE). These are guaranteed in our ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 practice exams and ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 practice tests.

Both of the accompanying rules is needed by EC-Council so an assurance can be made with respect to an up-and-comers qualification:

a) If an applicant has finished “Official” preparing through an EC-Council Authorized Training Center (ATC) b) A Candidate might be conceded authorization to endeavor the test without “True” preparing if:

  • The Candidate has and can demonstrate two years of Information Security related insight
  • The up-and-comer transmits a non-refundable Eligibility Application Fee of $100 (USD)
  • The competitor presents a finished Exam Eligibility Application Form

The CND accreditation is for:

  • Network Administrators
  • Network security Administrators
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Network Defense Technicians
  • CND Analyst
  • Security Analyst
  • Security Operator
  • Anyone who includes in network activities

Topics of Certified Network Defender

Competitors should know the test themes before they start arrangement. Since it will help them in hitting the center. ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps pdf will incorporate the accompanying themes:

  • Network Defense Management
  • Network Perimeter Protection
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Application and Data Protection
  • Enterprise Virtual, Cloud, and Wireless Network Protection
  • Incident Detection
  • Incident Response
  • Incident Prediction

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Certified Network Defender Security Principles and Practices

The following will be discussed in ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps:

  • Explain fundamental wordings identified with network security assaults
  • Describe the different instances of organization level assault strategies
  • Describe the different instances of host-level assault strategies
  • Describe the different instances of applicationlevel assault strategies
  • Describe the different instances of social designing assault strategies
  • Describe the different instances of email assault methods
  • Describe the different instances of cell phone explicit assault methods
  • Describe the different instances of cloud-explicit assault methods
  • Describe the different instances of remote organization explicit assault methods
  • Describe Attacker’s Hacking Methodologies and Frameworks
  • Understand principal objective, advantages, and difficulties in network protection
  • Explain Continual/Adaptive security procedure
  • Explain protection top to bottom security system
  • Obtain consistence with administrative structures
  • Discuss different Regulatory Frameworks, Laws, and Acts
  • Learn to plan and foster security approaches
  • Conduct security mindfulness preparing
  • Discuss other regulatory safety efforts
  • Discuss access control standards, wordings, and models
  • Redefine Access Control security in Today’s
  • Distributed and Mobile Computing World
  • Discuss Identity and Access Management (IAM) ideas
  • Discuss cryptographic security procedures
  • Discuss different cryptographic calculations
  • Discuss security advantages of organization division strategies
  • Discuss different fundamental organization security arrangements
  • Discuss different fundamental organization security conventions
  • Understand firewall security concerns, abilities, and impediments
  • Understand various sorts of firewall advances and their use
  • Understand firewall geographies and their use - Distinguish between equipment, programming, have, network, inner, and outer firewalls
  • Select firewalls dependent on its profound traffic examination ability
  • Discuss firewall execution and sending measure
  • Discuss suggestions and best practices for secure firewall Implementation and arrangement
  • Discuss firewall organization exercises - Understand job, abilities, limits, and worries in IDS arrangement
  • Discuss IDS/IPS arrangement - Discuss different parts of IDS - Discuss viable organization of organization and host-based IDS
  • Learn to how to manage bogus positive and bogus negative IDS cautions
  • Discuss the determination of fitting IDS arrangements
  • Discuss different NIDS and HIDS Solutions with their interruption location capacities
  • Discuss switch and switch safety efforts, proposals, and best practices
  • Leverage Zero Trust Model Security utilizing Programming Defined Perimeter (SDP)

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Certified Network Defender Business Principles and Practices

The following will be discussed in ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps:

  • Understand Window OS and Security Concerns
  • Discuss Windows Security Components
  • Discuss Various Windows Security Features
  • Discuss Windows security baseline configurations
  • Discuss Windows User Account and Password Management
  • Discuss Windows Patch Management
  • Discuss User Access Management
  • Discuss Windows OS Security Hardening Techniques
  • Discuss Windows Active Directory Security Best Practices
  • Discuss Windows Network Services and Protocol Security
  • Discuss Common Mobile Usage Policies in Enterprises
  • Discuss the Security Risk and challenges associated with Enterprises mobile usage policies
  • Discuss security guidelines to mitigate risk associated with enterprise mobile usage policies
  • Discuss and implement various enterprise-level mobile security management Solutions
  • Discuss and implement general security guidelines and best practices on Mobile platforms
  • Discuss Security guidelines and tools for Android devices
  • Discuss Security guidelines and tools for iOS devices
  • Understand IoT Devices, their need, and Application Areas
  • Understand IoT Ecosystem and Communication models
  • Understand Security Challenges and risks associated with IoT-enabled environments
  • Discuss the security in IoT-enabled Environments
  • Discuss Security Measures for IoT-enabled Environments
  • Discuss IoT Security Tools and Best Practices
  • Discuss and refer various standards, Initiatives and Efforts for IoT Security
  • Understand Data Security and its Importance
  • Discuss the implementation of data access controls
  • Discuss the implementation of encryption of “Data at rest”
  • Discuss the implementation of Encryption of “Data at transit”
  • Discuss the implementation of Encryption of “Data at transit” between browser and web server
  • Discuss the implementation of Encryption of “Data at transit” between database server and web server
  • Discuss the implementation of Encryption of “Data at transit” in Email Delivery
  • Discuss Data Masking ConceptsDiscuss data backup and retention
  • Discuss Data Destruction Concepts
  • Data Loss Prevention(DLP) Concepts Understand Virtualization Essential Concepts
  • Discus Network Virtualization (NV) Security
  • Discuss Software-Defined Network (SDN) Security
  • Discuss Network Function Virtualization (NFV) Security
  • Discus OS Virtualization Security
  • Discuss Security Guidelines, recommendations and best practices for Containers
  • Discuss Security Guidelines, recommendations and best practices for Dockers
  • Discuss Security Guidelines, recommendations and best practices for Kubernetes

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Certified Network Defender Business Principles and Practices

The following will be discussed in ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps:

  • Understand Cloud Computing Fundamentals
  • Understand the Insights of Cloud Security
  • Evaluate CSP for Security before Consuming Cloud Service
  • Discuss security in Amazon Cloud (AWS)
  • Discuss security in Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Discuss Security in Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Discuss general security best practices and tools for cloud security
  • Understand wireless network fundamentals
  • Understand wireless network encryption mechanisms
  • Understand wireless network authentication methods
  • Discuss and implement wireless network security measures
  • Understand the need and advantages of network traffic monitoring
  • Setting up the environment for network monitoring
  • Determine baseline traffic signatures for normal and suspicious network traffic
  • Perform network monitoring and analysis for suspicious traffic using Wireshark
  • Discuss network performance and bandwidth monitoring concepts
  • Understand logging concepts
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Windows systems
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Linux
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Mac
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Firewall
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Routers
  • Discuss log monitoring and analysis on Web Servers
  • Discuss centralized log monitoring and analysis
  • Understand incident response concept
  • Understand the role of first responder in incident response
  • Discuss Do’s and Don’t in first response
  • Describe incident handling and response process
  • Describe forensics investigation process
  • Introduction to Business Continuity (BC) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • Discuss BC/DR Activities
  • Explain Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP)
  • Discuss various BC/DR Standards
  • Understand risk management concepts
  • Learn to manage risk though risk management program
  • Learn different Risk Management Frameworks (RMF)
  • Learn to manage vulnerabilities through vulnerability management program
  • Learn vulnerability assessment and scanning
  • Understand the attack surface analysis
  • Understand and visualize your attack surface
  • Learn to identify Indicators of Exposures (IoE)
  • Learn to conduct attack simulation
  • Learn to reduce the attack surface
  • Understand the role of cyber threat intelligence in network defense
  • Understand different types of threat Intelligence
  • Understand the Indicators of Threat Intelligence: Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and Indicators of Attack (IoA)
  • Understand the layers of Threat Intelligence
  • Learn to leverage/consume threat intelligence for proactive defense

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Certified Network Defender Business Principles and Practices

The following will be discussed in ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps:

  • Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) and/or rogue AP detection
  • Protocol and spectrum analyzers
  • Best practices in secure management protocols (e.g. encrypted management HTTPS, SNMPv3, SSH2, VPN and password management)
  • Verify and document that design requirements are met including coverage, throughput, roaming, and connectivity with a post-implementation validation survey (CHAPTER 12)
  • Locate and identify sources of RF interference (CHAPTER 12)
  • Identify RF disruption from 802.11 wireless devices including contention vs. interference and causes/sources of both including co-channel contention (CCC), overlapping channels, and 802.11 wireless device proximity
  • Identify sources of RF interference from non-802.11 wireless devices based on the investigation of airtime and frequency utilization
  • Understand interference mitigation options including removal of interference source or change of wireless channel usage
  • Perform application testing to validate WLAN performance (CHAPTER 12)
  • Network and service availability

How to study the Certified Network Defender

This is exam is very difficult for those candidates who don’t practice during preparation and candidates need a lab for practicing. If you have completed CND training (online, instructor-led, or academia learning), you are eligible to attempt the CEH examination. Once approved, the applicant will be sent instructions on purchasing a voucher from EC-Council store directly. EC-Council will then send the candidate the voucher code which candidate can use to register and schedule the test. Then practical exposure is much required to understand the contents of the exam. So, if anyone is associated with some kinds of an organization where he has opportunities to practice but if you can’t afford the lab and don’t have time to practice. So, Certification-questions is the solution to this problem. We provide the best ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps and practice test for your preparation. ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps to ensure your success in BCS Exam at first attempt. Our EC 312-38 dumps are updated on regular basis. Certification-questions has the combination of PDF and VCE file that will be much helpful for candidates in passing the exam. Certification-questions provides verified questions with relevant answers which will be asked from candidates in their final exam. So, it makes it for candidates to get good grades in the final exam and one of the best features is we also provide ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 dumps in PDF format which is candidates can download and study offline. Use our ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 practice exams and ECCOUNCIL EC 312-38 practice tests for preparing these topics.

How much Certified Network Defender Cost

The cost of the Certified Network Defender is $150. For more information related to exam price, please visit the official website as the cost of exams may be subjected to vary county-wise.

How to book the Certified Network Defender

To apply for the Certified Network Defender, You have to follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to the EC 312-38 Official Site
  • Step 2: Read the instruction Carefully
  • Step 3: Follow the given steps
  • Step 4: Apply for the EC 312-38 Exam

What is the duration, language, and format of Certified Network Defender

  • Duration of Exam: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 40
  • No negative marking for wrong answers
  • Passing score: 200
  • Type of Questions: Multiple choice (MCQs), multiple answers
  • Language of Exam: English, Japanese, Korean.

For more info read reference:

EC 312-38 Website

312-38 Exam F.A.Q.

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