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Fortinet NSE7_EFW-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2

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Reading Time: 9 mins | Publish Date: 3 Apr 2021 | Update Date: 19 Nov 2023

How to Prepare For Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

Preparation Guide for Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam


Fortinet is a Sunnyvale, California-based American multinational company. It develops and markets products and services for cybersecurity, such as firewalls, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, and protection for endpoints. Fortinet was founded by brothers Ken Xie and Michael Xie in 2000. FortiGate, a firewall, was the first product of the business. Wireless access points, sandboxing, and encryption for messaging was later added by the company.

By 2004, over $90 million in funding had been received by Fortinet. In November 2009, the company went public, raising $156 million via an initial public offering. Fortinet launched its Security Fabric architecture in 2016, which included integration and automation with other network security products and vendors from third parties.

Fortinet is the world’s biggest company, service provider, and government agency. Fortinet empowers its customers across the evolving attack surface with insightful, seamless security and the power to take on the borderless network’s ever-increasing performance requirements today and into the future. Without compromise, only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can provide security to tackle the most important security problems, whether in networked, app, cloud, or mobile environments. In most security appliances delivered worldwide, Fortinet ranks number one, and more than 450,000 clients trust Fortinet to secure their companies.

NSE certifications serve as an objective indicator of the candidate’s technical knowledge and skills, which are valuable assets to the individual, as well as to current and future employers. This document explains the Enterprise Firewall 6.2 NSE7 EFW-6.2 exam test of the NSE certification in detail with all the topics included and helping preparatory material. The exam difficulty is also discussed with methods of overcoming that difficulty by studying the NSE7 EFW-6.2 exam dumps.

Introduction to Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

This exam is part of the preparation for the NSE 7 certification exam. The Fortinet Network Security Architect designation identifies your advanced skills in deploying, administering, and troubleshooting Fortinet security solutions. We recommend this certification for network and security professionals who are involved in the advanced administration and support of security infrastructures using Fortinet solutions. Visit the Fortinet NSE Certification Program page for information about certification requirements. You must pass a minimum of two Fortinet NSE 7 certification tests successfully:

  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 NSE7 EFW-6.2 exam test
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Analytics
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Threat Protection
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Cloud Security
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - SD-WAN
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Secure Access

The NSE 7 Network Security Architect designation recognizes your advanced skills and ability to deploy, administer, and troubleshoot Fortinet security solutions. To obtain certification, you must pass at least one Fortinet NSE 7 exam. NSE 7 certification is valid for two years from the date of completion. you will learn how FortiGate, FortiAP, FortiSwitch, and FortiAuthenticator enable secure connectivity over wired and wireless networks. You will also learn how to provision, administer, and monitor FortiAP and FortiSwitch devices using FortiManager. This course covers the deployment, integration, and troubleshooting of advanced authentication scenarios, as well as best practices for securely connecting wireless and wired users. You will learn how to keep the network secure by leveraging Fortinet Security Fabric integration between FortiGate, FortiSwitch, FortiAP, and FortiAnalyzer to automatically quarantine risky and compromised devices using IOC triggers.

Topics of Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

Following are the objectives and agenda for this certification exam. A detailed practice for these contents could be done via the NSE7 EFW-6.2 practice exams as they are made on the same contents and offer the same environment for students to experience as the real exam does:

System and session troubleshooting

  • Perform initial configuration
  • Implement the Fortinet Security Fabric
  • Security Fabric
  • FortiOS architecture
  • Traffic and session monitoring
  • High availability

Central management

  • Central management and analysis using FortiManager and FortiAnalyzer

Content inspection

  • FortiGuard
  • Web filtering
  • Antivirus
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Routing and Layer 2 switching

  • Static routing
  • Dynamic routing: OSPF, Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)


  • IPsec
  • Autodiscovery VPN (ADVPN)

Who should take the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

Anyone responsible for handling Enterprise Firewall 6.2 systems and FortiGate security details regularly, we recommend this course. For network and security professionals who need the expertise to centrally monitor, evaluate, and report on Fortinet security devices, we recommend this test. See the NSE7 EFW-6.2 dumps pdf to get a better idea of the exam contents to suit your interests.

How to study the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

Authorized Training Centers (ATC) are available and can be located from this link. Fortinet ATCs provide a global network of training centers that deliver expert-level training in local languages, in more than a hundred countries. Further, Fortinet offers training in two different modes, public and private/ custom. Public training content is based on the standard NSE training curriculum. Customization is not possible for public training sessions. In private training, Fortinet instructors deliver the private training session onsite at the customer’s facility, or online through a virtual classroom application. There are several options for training delivery as well.

  • Onsite Instructor-Led Training: This is the traditional training that occurs in a classroom, where the instructor presents the material to the students in the same facility
  • Online/Virtual Instructor-Led Training: This is an instructor-led training that is delivered live over the Internet. Students attend sessions using an online classroom application
  • Self-Paced E-Learning Training: Students can access previously recorded lessons, online videos, and quizzes on the NSE Institute portal to gain essential knowledge

So, the websites provide all the necessary training courses and candidates can take these courses to prepare for this exam. But no preparation is complete without the practice of dumps, hence NSE7 EFW-6.2 dumps are necessary to prepare for this exam. These NSE7 EFW-6.2 dumps pdf serve as practice questions and help candidates to understand what the exam environment will be like.

Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam Certification Path

The Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) program is an eight-level training and certification program designed to provide objective confirmation of your network security expertise and knowledge to interested technical professionals. A broad range of self-paced and instructor-led courses are included in the NSE curriculum, as well as realistic, experiential activities that demonstrate mastery of complex concepts of network security.

For the Network Security Analyst, candidates must complete only 2 exams from the available five options. These exams are listed below:

  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Analytics
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Advanced Threat Protection
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Cloud Security
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - SD-WAN
  • Fortinet NSE 7 - Secure Access

How much Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam Cost

The Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam Costs USD 400. As the exam costs may vary country or region vise, it is always recommended to check the official website to see what’s the cost of the exam for your country. The total cost for preparing for the exam will include study materials as well as NSE7 EFW-6.2 dumps and NSE7 EFW-6.2 practice exams. Refer to the official website by clicking here for more info on pricing.

How to book the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

Follow the steps below to register for the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam:

  • Step 1: Visit Fortinet’s website from here
  • Step 2: From the panel on the right, click “Book the Exams”
  • Step 3: Scroll down and click the register option
  • Step 4: Create your account on the website, log in if you already have one
  • Step 5: Select your exam, i.e., NSE7 EFW-6.2 exam test
  • Step 6: Pay and schedule your exam
  • Step 7: Buy NSE7 EFW-6.2 dumps pdf and take NSE7 EFW-6.2 practice test

What is the duration, language, and format of the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

  • Duration of Exam: 60 minutes
  • Number of questions: 30
  • Examination platform: Online proctored
  • Language of Exam: English and Japanese

The benefit of obtaining the Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam Certification

You must make sure you have the best qualifications and experience when working as an IT field engineer to allow you to perform your job position as efficiently as possible. And this implies that the advantages of having an NSE certification should be recognized by you. Having certified to support you with your work has so many amazing advantages. NSE certification will help you to:

  • Be recognized in the industry of security professionals
  • Leverage Fortinet’s full range of network security products
  • Build up consolidated solutions and cut down risks
  • Demonstrate value to current and potential employers
  • Validate your network security skills and experience
  • As a partner, accelerate sales and offer new services

Average Salary of Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam Certified Professional

It is important to understand the kind of salary you can expect from this kind of career path while looking for advancement and progress in the world of field engineers and Fortinet NSE certification. Salaries at Fortinet are expected to range from $65,000 to about $105,000, and the average salary is about $85,000 for a certified NSE engineer.

Of course, by ensuring that you do more to help you earn, and increasing your skills and qualifications, you can focus on trying to develop this. You can also go to the Field Engineer and see if they can help you increase your prospective earnings and obtain better positions.

Difficulty in Writing Fortinet NSE7_EFQ-6.2: Fortinet NSE 7 - Enterprise Firewall 6.2 Exam

The difficulty of any exam is a relative phenomenon. Also, it is quite tough to answer this without knowing your academic background and whether you have any prior exposure to financial markets. If you have prior exposure in the field of financial markets and follow the markets regularly, I think you will do just fine. However, if you are completely new to this field, you may have a hard time understanding a few concepts, but it is still manageable. Just remember the following key points and you will be good to go

You will be tested extensively only on the topics in the curriculum provided by NSE. It is more of a knowledge-based test rather than an application-based test. Make sure you do not miss any topic from the curriculum. There are no negative marks for incorrect answers in foundation modules. There are negative marks for incorrect answers in intermediate and advanced modules. Every exam can become a difficult one if not well prepared. Lots of study material for this exam is available online, at the official website, and in the form of NSE7 EFW-6.2 practice dumps. Certification-questions provide the best quality dumps that are updated very often to keep them up to the mark. If students practice these dumps and take the NSE7 EFW-6.2 practice tests, they can surely overcome the exam difficulty and clear the exam with good grades. Below is a list of topics that students usually find difficult and challenging. Make sure you cover them in detail.

For more info read reference:

Exam Blueprint Preparatory Course

NSE7_EFW-6.2 Exam F.A.Q.

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