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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 22 Jun 2021 | Update Date: 22 Jun 2022

How to Prepare for Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

Preparation Guide for Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02


Genesys is an organisation with customer service and call centre technology for small and medium businesses. Genesys or Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories is a cloud and on-site company. The business has offices in Canada, Latin America, Europa, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia and is located in Daly City, Californi- Established in 1990, Permira Funds and Technical Crossover Ventures recently acquired the Company in February 2012.

For organisations in more than 100 countries Genesys offers over 70 billion remarkable customer experience each year. Via Cloud and AI control, their technology connects every customer moment to marketing, delivery and service across every channel and enhances employee experienc- Genesys pioneered its Services expertise, improving customer faith and loyalty in every size company. Genesys is a leader in Services. This is allowed with Genesys Cloud, the all-in-one solution for rapid innovation and for scalability and versatility that is the world’s leading public cloud platform.

Introduction to Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

Certified Interaction Center Engineer (ICCE) certification can be obtained by earning passing scores on the Bootcamp tests of the CIC Core and Interaction Center Certified Engineer (ICCE). This credential gives the student the expertise and skills required to introduce the Interaction Center Platform® and to help it. The student will learn about the Customer Interaction CenterTM (CIC) architecture and apply that information to an Interaction Center Platform system implementation.

Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 Certification Path

You must get an idea of exactly what this certification is, before investing your valuable time, effort, or money in ICCE Certification. The demand and the need for Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 certified professionals are rapidly growing and so Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 Certification is becoming more and more popular. Different types of online training sessions are provided such as Intellipaat ’s online training sessions for the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 Certification. It is instructor-led teaching by subject professionals working in major organizations. This style of training includes live sessions with the teacher, along with a forum where you can clear all your course-based doubts.

The following course is highly recommended as part of your preparation for the certification exam.

Courses Recommended:

  • Interaction Center Core Engineer (ICCE) Bootcamp
  • Administering the CIC System
  • Configuring Call Flows

Average Salary for Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 Certified Professional

ICCE Engineer roles are in great demand nowadays. The average salaries of Genesys Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 exam certified professional in:

  • India - 14,40,000 INR
  • United State - 90,000 USD
  • Europe - 69,500 Euro
  • England - 67,000 POUND

What is the duration, language, and format of Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

  • There is a time limit of 120 minutes for the exam.
  • This exam is offered in only English.
  • The passing scores for Genesys Certification exams are based on a point scaling method generally used in the industry. When you register for the exam on, the passing score for your exam will be reflected in the exam information.
  • The type of questions is Multiple Choice, Multi Select, True/False and matching questions.

How much Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 Cost

The price of the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 certification is $150 USD, for more information related to the Salesforce ADM-201 JPN Exam please visit Genesys Website.

Topics of Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

The Interaction Center Certified Engineer(ICCE) certification includes the following topics:

Understanding technical and functional aspects of Administering the CIC System

The following will be discussed in Genesys GEO-807 dumps:

  • Introduction to PureConnect Application Suite
  • Identify the components of the Interaction Administrator interface
  • Managed IP Phone Configuration and Templates
  • Managed IP Phone Network Provisioning
  • Understand the configuration options available for ACD/Skills-Based routing
  • Configuring Stations
  • Overview of Client Templates
  • Configuring Client Button and Queue Columns
  • Using Response Management Libraries
  • Identify key configuration elements at the Default User, Role, Workgroup, and User level
  • Status Messages, Account Codes, and Wrap-up Codes
  • Managing Licenses
  • Security and Compliance Enhancements
  • Introduction to ACD Tools
  • Workgroups ACD Skills
  • Configuring ACD
  • Overview of Interaction Center Business Manager
  • Basics of Interaction Supervisor
  • Basics of Interaction Reporter

Understanding technical and functional aspects of Configuring Call Flows

The following will be discussed in Genesys GEO-807 dumps:

  • Default Auto Attendant set of menus and operations
  • Overview of Interaction Attendant user interface
  • Structure of a Node
  • Manage Voice Prompts
  • Recognize and use the files and storage structure used by the Interaction Attendant
  • Overview of Default Profile
  • Overview of Default Schedule
  • Overview of Custom Profiles
  • Schedule Configuration
  • Create and configure operations that comprise an Interaction Attendant menu
  • Standard Inbound Operations
  • Queue Operations
  • Email Profiles
  • Email Schedules
  • Email Operations
  • Publish, import, and export a new Interaction Attendant configuration

Understanding technical and functional aspects of Interaction Center Certified Engineer (ICCE) Bootcamp

The following will be discussed in Genesys GEO-807 dumps:

  • Interaction Center Platform Overview
  • Interaction Center Architecture
  • Configure Interaction Media Server
  • Directory Server
  • Database Server
  • DNS Server
  • DHCP
  • IC Licensing Overview
  • License Management and Allocation
  • New License Generation
  • Licensing Users and Stations
  • Installing IC and Interaction Media Server
  • Running Setup Assistant
  • IC Survey File
  • Dial Plan
  • Site Information
  • Reporting Tables
  • Log Retrieval Assistant
  • Interactive Update Provider Overview
  • Using Interactive Update Client
  • Post Installation Configuration
  • Configure Line Groups
  • Configure Regionalization
  • Configure SIP addresses
  • Codecs
  • SIP Station Configuration
  • SIP Line Configuration
  • Understanding Lines and Groups
  • Gateways Overview
  • DID/DNIS Routing
  • SIP Proxy
  • Configuring IC Switchover Process
  • Interaction Center Security Methods
  • IC System Manager
  • TroubleShooting
  • WireShark Analyzer
  • Interaction Subsystems
  • Log Viewer

How to Study the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

Indeed, there are many ways to prepare for the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 exam. Various strategies can be developed for this evaluation. Candidates can select internet PDFs on the main website of Genesys, and even refer to online videos. After the training they can take the Genesys GEO-807 exam dumps to get themselves better prepared for the exam. The certification team has a clear opinion that it should be tested utilizing high-quality test engines, which are consistent with the true analysis, to consider the various testing study components and tools.

And most of the research material is regularly endorsed by experts until being greenlit. Applications dumping explanations for credential-questions are continuously revised such that any changes to the credential content, Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 evaluation can be seen in the dump. Certification-questions The team of experts promotes the provision of premium alerts concerning these topics, and should not neglect to practice Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 Genesys GEO-807 practice exams and Genesys GEO-807 practice test that are currently comprised of our team of experts.

We recommend the following course prerequisites prior to beginning ICCE:

  • Administering the CIC System
  • Configuring Call Flows

Difficulty in Writing of Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

If the applicant is not oriented or is very light on this test they will face a wide range of difficulties when studying to be accredited as Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02, it may be very hard to write a Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 exam. Many of the problems may be lacking pacing, no updated research materials are available, and there is no correct course content. Both these problems now can be merged and the participants in the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 exam struggle- Both these answers have been given to the Qualification Questions Team by the experts and by the Genesys GEO-807 practice exams. Using these Genesys GEO-807 practice test in the study guide will help you get the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02 examination from the Genesys. Also check out our Genesys GEO-807 dumps pdf for convenient learning.

Our experts have devised a set of exam like practice tests for the candidates who want to ensure the highest percentage in real exam. Doing them make sure your grasp on the syllabus content that not only imparts confidence to you but also develops your time management skills for solving the test within the given time limit. Practice tests comprise a real exam like scenario and are amply fruitful to make sure a memorable success in GE0-807 exam.

With all these features, another plus is the easy availability of our products. They are easy to understand and are developed by our team of experts.

Who should take the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

This course is intended for implementers of PureConnect, or other technical positions in charge of implementing their Genesys Interaction Hu-

How to book the Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

Taking a Certification Exam Guide provides instructions for registering, accessing, and taking exams.

Benefits in Obtaining Interaction Center Certified Engineer Bootcamp 2018 ICCE-201-02

Genesys certifications and Genesys GEO-807 exam dumps lead to higher quality performance, recognized credibility, and greater customer success.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Deploy Genesys products in a VoIP environment
  • Configure the SIP components of an IC system
  • Configure deployment scenarios
  • Monitor, capture, and troubleshoot SIP traffic
  • Install and configure Interaction Center components

If a candidate wants significant improvement in career growth needs enhanced knowledge, skills, and talents. The Genesys GE0-803 certification provides proof of this advanced knowledge and skill. If a candidate has knowledge of associated technologies and skills that are required to pass the Genesys GE0-803 then he should take this exam.

Sample Questions

When using Genesys Media Server, which of the following are the two types of supported media interfaces? (Choose 2 answers)

  • ADSL
  • MSML
  • KVM / USB Answer: B,C

Which protocol is SIP Server using when in communication with Softswitch?

  • CTI protocol
  • T-Lib
  • SIP
  • Proprietary protocol Answer: C

Sip Server 8.x introduced the overload control feature, which allows the specification of a value to limit the number of interactions SIP Server handles. At what percentage of this value does SlP Server reject all traffic?

  • 101%
  • 120%
  • 130%
  • 150% Answer: B

Which header in the INVITE message will SIP Server analyze in order to select the proper geo-location for an inbound call?

  • From
  • To
  • via
  • contact Answer: A

Which statements are correct?

  • The Genesys Media Server and Genesys Stream Manager are the only music sources available when using Genesys SIP Server 8.
  • Genesys Media Server or Stream Manager performance is not affected by the codec selected for us-
  • Media Server and Stream Manager require that URS make requests for media to be streamed to a caller.
  • Genesys Media Server supports Treatments Answer: B

Which is the valid value from the SDP portion of the re-INVITE message if a call is requested to be put on hold?

  • m=audio 0 RTP/AVP hold
  • a=rtpmap:0 hold
  • a=sendrecv
  • c=IN IP
  • C=INIP Answer: D

You want to install one SIP Server and 3 Media Servers. You want to communicate with them directly using NET ANN. You also want each Media Server to support MOH, treatment and MCU. What will be the minimum number of VoIP Service DNs you have to configure to support this request?

  • 1
  • 3
  • 6
  • 9 Answer: A

How is the Genesys SIP Server licensed?

  • per seat
  • per running instance
  • per any DN
  • per Agent Answer: A

What is the response to REFER when the REFER method is used?

  • 200 OK
  • 202 Accepted
  • 183 session in Progress
  • C ACK
  • C NOTIFY Answer: A

What is the SIP Server supported methods for initiating two-step call transfer? (Choose 2 answers)

  • MESSAGE Answer: A,D

For more info read reference:

ICCE Study Guide

Interaction Center Certified Engineer Study Guide

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