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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 22 Jun 2021 | Update Date: 15 Sep 2023

How to Prepare For Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Preparation Guide for Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam


Google has designed a track for IT professionals to endorse as a cloud Network Engineer on the GCP platform. This accreditation program gives Google cloud professionals a way to endorse their skills. The evaluation relies on a meticulous exam using industry standard methodology to conclude whether or not a aspirant meets Google’s proficiency standards.

According to Google, a Google Certified Professional Cloud Network Engineer facilitate organizations to influence Google Cloud technologies. By leveraging experience implementing VPCs, network services, hybrid connectivity and security for established network architectures, this individual ensures successful cloud implementations using the Google Cloud Platform Console or the command line interface .

Certification is evidence of your skills, expertise in those areas in which you like to work. If candidate wants to work on Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer and prove his knowledge, certification offered by Google. This Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification helps a candidate to validates his skills in Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Technology.

In this guide, we will cover the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam, Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certified Professionals salary and all aspects of the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification.

Introduction to Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam is a certification exam that is conducted by Google to validates candidate knowledge and skills of working as a Professional Cloud network engineer in the IT industry.

After passing this exam, candidates get a certificate from Google that helps them to demonstrate their proficiency in Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer to their clients and employers.

Topics of Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start of preparation. because it will really help them in hitting the core. Our Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Dumps will include the following topics:

Network architectures, this individual ensures successful cloud implementations using the command line interface or the Google Cloud Platform Console.

1. Designing, planning, and prototyping a GCP network

Designing the overall network architecture

  • Failover and disaster recovery strategy
  • Options for high availability
  • DNS strategy (e.g., on-premises, Cloud DNS, GSLB)
  • Meeting business requirements
  • Choosing the appropriate load balancing options
  • Optimizing for latency (e.g., MTU size, caches, CDN)
  • Understanding how quotas are applied per project and per VPC
  • Hybrid connectivity (e.g., Google private access for hybrid connectivity)
  • Container networking
  • IAM and security
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS services
  • Microsegmentation for security purposes (e.g., using metadata, tags)

Designing a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Considerations include:

  • CIDR range for subnets
  • IP addressing (e.g., static, ephemeral, private)
  • Standalone or shared
  • Multiple vs. single
  • Multi-zone and multi-region
  • Peering
  • Firewall (e.g., service account–based, tag-based)
  • Routes
  • Differences between Google Cloud Networking and other cloud platforms

Designing a hybrid network. Considerations include:

  • Using interconnect (e.g., dedicated vs. partner)
  • Peering options (e.g., direct vs. carrier)
  • IPsec VPN
  • Cloud Router
  • Failover and disaster recovery strategy (e.g., building high availability with BGP using cloud router)
  • Shared vs. standalone VPC interconnect access
  • Cross-organizational access
  • Bandwidth

Designing a container IP addressing plan for Google Kubernetes Engine

2. Implementing a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Configuring VPCs. Considerations include:

  • Configuring GCP VPC resources (CIDR range, subnets, firewall rules, etc.)
  • Configuring VPC peering
  • Creating a shared VPC and explaining how to share subnets with other projects
  • Configuring API access (private, public, NAT GW, proxy)
  • Configuring VPC flow logs

Configuring routing. Tasks include:

  • Configuring internal static/dynamic routing
  • Configuring routing policies using tags and priority
  • Configuring NAT (e.g., Cloud NAT, instance-based NAT)

Configuring and maintaining Google Kubernetes Engine clusters. Considerations include:

  • VPC-native clusters using alias IPs
  • Clusters with shared VPC
  • Private clusters
  • Cluster network policy
  • Adding authorized networks for cluster master access

Configuring and managing firewall rules. Considerations include:

  • Target network tags and service accounts
  • Priority
  • Network protocols
  • Ingress and egress rules
  • Firewall logs

3. Configuring network services

Configuring load balancing. Considerations include:

  • Creating backend services
  • Firewall and security rules
  • HTTP(S) load balancer: including changing URL maps, backend groups, health checks, CDN, and SSL certs
  • TCP and SSL proxy load balancers
  • Network load balancer
  • Internal load balancer
  • Session affinity
  • Capacity scaling

Configuring Cloud CDN. Considerations include:

  • Enabling and disabling Cloud CDN
  • Using cache keys
  • Cache invalidation
  • Signed URLs

Configuring and maintaining Cloud DNS. Considerations include:

  • Managing zones and records
  • Migrating to Cloud DNS
  • DNS Security (DNSSEC)
  • Global serving with Anycast
  • Cloud DNS
  • Internal DNS
  • Integrating on-premises DNS with GCP

Enabling other network services. Considerations include:

  • Health checks for your instance groups
  • Canary (A/B) releases
  • Distributing backend instances using regional managed instance groups
  • Enabling private API access

4. Implementing hybrid interconnectivity

Configuring interconnect. Considerations include:

  • Partner (e.g., layer 2 vs. layer 3 connectivity)
  • Virtualizing using VLAN attachments
  • Bulk storage uploads

Configuring a site-to-site IPsec VPN (e.g., route-based, policy-based, dynamic or static routing).

Configuring Cloud Router for reliability.

5. Implementing network security

Configuring identity and access management (IAM). Tasks include:

  • Viewing account IAM assignments
  • Assigning IAM roles to accounts or Google Groups
  • Defining custom IAM roles
  • Using pre-defined IAM roles (e.g., network admin, network viewer, network user)

Configuring Cloud Armor policies. Considerations include:

  • IP-based access control

Configuring third-party device insertion into VPC using multi-nic (NGFW)

Managing keys for SSH access

6. Managing and monitoring network operations

Logging and monitoring with Stackdriver or GCP Console

Managing and maintaining security. Considerations include:

  • Firewalls (e.g., cloud-based, private)
  • Diagnosing and resolving IAM issues (shared VPC, security/network admin)

Maintaining and troubleshooting connectivity issues. Considerations include:

  • Identifying traffic flow topology (e.g., load balancers, SSL offload, network endpoint groups)
  • Draining and redirecting traffic flows
  • Cross-connect handoff for interconnect
  • Monitoring ingress and egress traffic using flow logs
  • Monitoring firewall logs
  • Managing and troubleshooting VPNs
  • Troubleshooting Cloud Router BGP peering issues

Monitoring, maintaining, and troubleshooting latency and traffic flow. Considerations include:

Network throughput and latency testing Routing issues Tracing traffic flow

7. Optimizing network resources

Optimizing traffic flow. Considerations include:

  • Load balancer and CDN location
  • Global vs. regional dynamic routing
  • Expanding subnet CIDR ranges in service
  • Accommodating workload increases (e.g., autoscaling vs. manual scaling)

Optimizing for cost and efficiency. Considerations include:

  • Cost optimization (Network Service Tiers, Cloud CDN, autoscaler [max instances])
  • Automation
  • VPN vs. interconnect
  • Bandwidth utilization (e.g., kernel sys tuning parameters)

Who should take the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam

Individuals should pursue the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam if they want to demonstrate their expertise and ability to design, plan, and prototype a GCP Network , implement a GCP Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), implement network security. It’s perfect for network engineers, systems administrators or operations team members or simply any professional who wants in on this specific area of IT and cloud.

How to study the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Preparation of certification exams could be covered with two resource types . The first one are the study guides, reference books and study forums that are elaborated and appropriate for building information from ground up. Apart from them video tutorials and lectures are a good option to ease the pain of through study and are relatively make the study process more interesting nonetheless these demand time and concentration from the learner. Smart candidates who wish to create a solid foundation altogether examination topics and connected technologies typically mix video lectures with study guides to reap the advantages of each but practice exams or practice exam engines is one important study tool which goes typically unnoted by most candidates. Practice exams are designed with our experts to make exam prospects test their knowledge on skills attained in course, as well as prospects become comfortable and familiar with the real exam environment.Statistics have indicated exam anxiety plays much bigger role of students failure in exam than the fear of the unknown. Certification-questions expert team recommends preparing some notes on these topics along with it don’t forget to practice Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam dumps which had been written by our expert team, each of these can assist you loads to clear this exam with excellent marks.

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification Path

The Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification is the highest level of certification mainly focussing to the Solution Architect Professional. There is no prerequisite for this exam but still it would be best to follow some sequence in order to prove immense knowledge as a Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer. You can complete Google Associate Certifications then approach for the professional certification. For more information related to Google cloud certification track Google-certification-path

How much Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam cost

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam cost is $200 USD.

How to book Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exams

The registration for the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam follows the steps given below.

  • Step 1: Visit the Google Cloud Webassessor Website
  • Step 2: Sign in or sign up to your Google Cloud Webassessor account
  • Step 3: Search for the exam name Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Step 4: Take the date of the exam, choose exam center and make further payment using payment method like credit/debit etc.

What is the duration, language, and format of Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple select
  • Length of Examination: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 50-60
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Language: English
  • Recommended experience: 3+ years of industry experience including 1+ years designing and managing solutions using GCP.

Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certified Professional salary

The average salary of a Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certified Expert in

  • United State - 181,247 USD
  • India - 27,42,327 INR
  • Europe - 145,347 EURO
  • England - 135,632 POUND

The benefit of obtaining the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Certification

  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification is distinguished among competitors. Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification can give them an edge at that time easily when candidates appear for employment interview, employers are very fascinated to note one thing that differentiates the individual from all other candidates.
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification has more useful and relevant networks that help them in setting career goals for themselves. Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer networks provide them with the correct career guidance than non certified generally are unable to get.
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer will be confident and stand different from others as their skills are more trained than non-certified professionals.
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam provide proven knowledge to use the tools to complete the task efficiently and cost effectively than the other non-certified professionals lack in doing so.
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certification provides practical experience to candidates from all the aspects to be a proficient worker in the organization.
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Certifications provide opportunities to get a job easily in which they are interested in instead of wasting years and ending without getting any experience.

Difficulty in writing the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam

Writing Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer could be very difficult for you if you don’t have any experience in terms of on premise network engineering, Still this certification can be cracked by following some tips and tricks. This exam may go hard for you if you had not done its preparation properly. There are many websites that are offering the latest Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer questions and answers but these questions are not verified by Google certified experts and that’s why many are failed in their just first attempt. Certification-questions is the best platform which provides the candidate with the necessary Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer exam questions that will help him to pass the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer on the first time. Candidate will not have to take the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer twice because with the help of Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer dumps Candidate will have every valuable material required to pass the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer. We are providing the latest and actual questions and that is the reason why this is the one that he needs to use and there are no chances to fail when a candidate will have valid dumps from Certification-questions. We have the guarantee that the questions that we have will be the ones that will pass candidate in the Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer in the very first attempt.

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