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Reading Time: 24 mins | Publish Date: 16 Sep 2021 | Update Date: 19 Nov 2023

How to Plan For ISC SSCP Certification Exam

Preparation Guide for ISC SSCP Certification Exam

Full Overview of ISC SSCP Certification Exam

Are you eager to learn, have more & polished skills, become famous in the company, earn more, and have career growth in the field of System security? Do you want to know, how will we do it? Are you excited? If YES, then let’s start.

The ISC SSCP certification exam is a computer security exam which is being offered by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium or ISC2. This exam is related to system security. In this article, we will discuss the exam ISC SSCP and the best resources for the preparation of the exam, including SSCP Dumps. We will also discuss the advantages, costs, and topics of the ISC SSCP certification exam.

Here is some information about ISC SSCP Certification Exam:

The exam covers topics that are considered essential to securing enterprise networks against various forms of attacks. Candidates who successfully complete the certification exam are awarded the Certified Security Analyst/Certified Professional Security Analyst, or CSA/CPSA, designation.

ISC SSCP Certification Exam provides a broad education and training for security professionals in order to withstand the growing number of cyberattacks and prevent attacks from becoming successful. For this reason, it is necessary to have a good grasp of all cybersecurity topics so that individuals could offer their skills in a better way. In order to help candidates preparing for this certification exam SSCP Dumps are created, This certification-questions has a demo and many practice tests, which will give you the actual test environment, and after doing preparation from these Dumps practitioner will feel to have a strong grip on all domains of the exam.

What are certificates, and why do we need SSCP certification?

If you have skills and want to perform well in any company, you must update yourself with detailed material and have a gate pass to enter. That gate pass will be your certificate. Certificates are the evidence that you learned, have, and practiced that skill.

Nowadays, every company wants to update to a persuasive, maintained and secured IT System. For this, they need a highly qualified, knowledgeable, able, and certified team to do it. SSCP certification is a qualification that is recognized across the globe. You can pass ISC SSCP exam with ease, by solving practice tests offered by ISC SSCP Dumps. Security professionals who are in possession of this qualification can be assured of having an edge over their peers and competitors and can enjoy lucrative careers. The coursework for the exam is quite extensive, and it includes both theoretical and practical coverage.

Introduction to ISC SSCP Certification Exam

ISC is the largest, most-respected certification in information security. ISC SSCP provides a single, globally trusted credential and integrity for professionals to demonstrate their competency in network security.

ISC has been a trusted security company for over four decades, making them a highly valued player in the cybersecurity market. In order to continue this perfection and increase market share, ISC has passed a new certification exam known as the ISC SSCP. This exam is an examination of an individual ability to perform certain security tasks in accordance with industry best practices and international standards. You may have enough skill and knowledge to take the exam, but you must have to polish them to pass the exam. ISC SSCP Dumps will help you to do it.

The purpose of the examination is to assess skills that will aid in securing information systems from external threats such as intrusion and interception activities. Passwords need to be strong enough so that people can not easily guess them; firewalls should be configured on all servers, including virtual ones; and users should always log off their computers when they are done using any system.

Overview to the pattern of the ISC SSCP Exam is as follow:

The SSCP exam is an exam that tests the skills of cyber security professionals. The exam is divided into three sections: theoretical, application, and laboratory. There are in total 15 different questions in the theoretical section which includes 10 multiple-choice questions in addition to 5 open-ended questions. For the application section, there are 12 multiple-choice questions with one practice question for each topic. Finally, for the laboratory section, there are 6 different lab simulations that carry almost 50% of the total time to be completed by an individual on this type of exam.

Certification topics of ISC SSCP Exam

ISC SSCP Dumps of ISC SSCP Certification Exam covers the following topics:

  • Security controls, risk management, compliance, and governance.
  • Documenting all security-relevant activities within an organization.
  • Using tools such as penetration testing to assess security controls and vulnerabilities.
  • Using tools such as ethical hacking to assess network vulnerabilities.
  • InfoSec incident response and cleanup.
  • Preparing an information security risk assessment for security architecture and design.
  • Preparing an information security architecture for secure systems, applications, and networks.
  • Developing an information security policy and standards to guide all organization’s IT activities, reports, and documentation.
  • Managing the cybersecurity of the organization including compliance with laws and regulations (federal, state, and international).
  • Risk management: considerations in selecting the appropriate controls, keeping them in place, monitoring them across an organization’s network infrastructure.

SSCP Dumps covers the following Domains of the exam ISC SSCP:

  • Security Administration and Operations hold 15% of the exam
  • Monitoring, Analysis, and Risk Identification, holds, 15%
  • Incident Response and Recovery 13%
  • Network and Communications Security 16%
  • Understanding of Cryptography hold 10%
  • In the SSCP exam, Application Security and Systems holds 15% of the syllabus
  • Percentage for Access Controls in the exam is 16%

Here is the Certification Path of ISC SSCP Exam

What are the prerequisites for this exam? What experience, if any, do I need in order to take the ISC SSCP exam?

ISC SSCP Dumps describes that to qualify, an applicant must meet all of the following criteria:

Candidates must be at least 18 years of age. Candidates must verify that they hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, or its equivalent, from a regionally accredited institution of higher learning in a field that is related to information systems security certification.

For example, if you have a computer science or computer engineering degree, you must have studied at an accredited university with a focus on information systems security. Candidates are required to have completed a minimum of seventy (70) hours of training in the topics like Coursework in information systems security, Incident handling, Ethical hacking, Digital forensics, Social engineering, the Security assessment in information systems, Vulnerability assessment in information systems, Cryptography for network events and controls at the network layer or higher, Cryptography for application events and controls at the application layer or higher, Cryptography for data at data layer or higher. Candidates must pass the ISC Certified Penetration Tester (CPT) certification exam.

Here is the information about the validity of the ISC SSCP Certification:

The certification is valid for three years, after which it expires, and you have to renew it by taking the SSCP exam again. The exam is divided into two parts, each with its own maximum score of 250 points.

The first part of the exam focuses on security risk management and is worth up to 125 points. This section covers how security policies are developed, along with procedures used to keep them updated. It also includes how to perform risk assessments plus policy compliance issues. Other topics include organizational security management; security policies; laws, regulations, and guidelines; and incident response scenarios. Most of the candidates think that it is extremely difficult. But it depends upon how well you are prepared for the exam. For the preparation of the SSCP exam, there are many resources including SSCP Dumps. If you prepare for your SSCP exam with smart work, you can not only pass the SSCP exam but can also get good marks.

How much is the cost of the ISC SSCP Exam

The ISC SSCP certification is one of the most widely recognized certifications in the penetration testing field. You can purchase its premium at a price of $249, which can be paid with a bank debit or credit card or via PayPal.

How to get registered for ISC SSCP Certification Exam:

We came to know about the SSCP certification exam registration procedure from SSCP Dumps. It is a simple procedure. You have to follow the following instructions to book exam SSCP:

  • Visit the website and click on the “Register” button on the top.
  • Fill in your details such as name, email address, password, country of residence, and language of preference (English).
  • Click “Submit” and create a user account with options to log in using Facebook or Google+.
  • After successful login and being verified, on the left menu, click “Prepare for SSCP” and you will be moved to the page where you can prepare for the exam.
  • Click on “Create an Access Code” on the right side of the page and enter the code to start studying.

The next screen will give you options and ask you to choose your preferred exam format (online or manual), then you will be asked for details for your preferred delivery method (Email or Mobile Application). Finally, select your exam date and click on “create my test account”. On the next screen, click on “My Tests” and start studying through online tutorials, checklists, and practice questions, etc. You can either take a mock test or a practice exam to monitor your preparation status. Book the date, time, Centre, and location of your exam with Pearson VUE, at least two weeks in advance to avoid inconvenience.

What are the language, duration, and format of the ISC SSCP Certification Exam?

Details related to language, Duration, and format of the exam is as follows:

Duration of Time

The total availability of time for the exam SSCP is 03 Hours. At this time candidates have to attempt all the given questions.

A number of questions in exam SSCP:

There are 125 questions in the exam. All of these questions will be in the form of Multiple choice. The questions' minimum score required for passing the SSCP exam is 700 out of 1000.

Language of questions of SSCP Exam:

The ISC SSCP certification exam is administered separately in three languages. These languages are English, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese

Here are the formats of the ISC SSCP certification exam:

SSCP includes seven Domains, In SSCP Dumps these are named as follows:

Domain 1. Access Controls

  • Encourage internetwork trust architectures
  • Participate in the identity management lifecycle
  • Execute access controls
  • Apply and maintain authentication methods

Domain 2. Security Administration and Operations

  • Identify security concepts
  • Document, implement and maintain functional security controls
  • Implement security controls and assess compliance
  • Participate in asset management
  • Participate in change management
  • Participate in security awareness and training
  • Comply with codes of ethics
  • Participate in physical operational security (e.g., data center assessment, badging)

Domain 3. Monitoring, Analysis, and Risk Identification

  • Understand the risk management process
  • Perform security assessment activities
  • Operate and maintain monitoring systems (e.g., continuous monitoring)
  • Analyze monitoring results

Domain 4. Incident Response and Recovery

  • Support incident life cycle
  • Understand and support forensic investigations
  • Understand and support Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) activities

Domain 5. Cryptography

  • Understand reasons and requirements for cryptography
  • Understand and support secure protocols
  • Understand Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) systems
  • Know fundamental concepts of cryptography

Domain 6. Intimation and Network Security

  • Understand and apply fundamental concepts of networking
  • Understand network attacks and countermeasures (e.g., DDoS, man-in-the-middle, DNS poisoning)
  • Manage network access controls
  • Administer network security
  • Operate and configure network-based security devices
  • Operate and configure wireless technologies For example NFC, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth.

Domain 7. System and Application Security

  • Identify and analyze evil code and activity
  • Execute and operate endpoint device security
  • Operate and secure virtual environments
  • Operate and configure cloud security

ISC Certified SSCP Practitioner Salary

If you want more money and want a chance to work in a special job that deals with security and cyber defense, then you might be interested in the field of Computer Security. The qualification for this type of job is the SSCP (Security Certified Specialist), this certification could be achieved by doing preparation from SSCP Dumps. The popular qualification will ensure that you can constantly work as a security consultant or professional. Salaries for SSCP are as follows.

In countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada, and Japan your expected salary would be between $55K and $65K USD per year. An expected salary for this job could also be anything from $45K to $70K USD in Germany and Italy while the expected salary ranges from €36k to €43k in Spain.

The benefits of Obtaining the ISC SSCP Exam Certification

Obtaining the ISC SSCP Exam certification by getting prepared from SSCP Dumps is beneficial in many different ways. One of the benefits of obtaining this certification is that it provides you with a better knowledge of security testing and increases your compatibility. You are able to learn how to identify and administer vulnerabilities that are present in software programs. These hidden risks can become a basis for failing and can also play the role of becoming an easy road for the crime. Through the information that you receive from this exam, you are able to increase your employability and performance in an industry when it comes to software development and security testing. You can also guarantee the protection of the confidentiality of your workplace security.

Obtaining the ISC SSCP Exam Certification has many benefits. The most obvious advantage is that it is a valuable product for advancing one’s career and making more money. It also provides an opportunity to stand out in the crowd, with many employers seeing this certification as a mark of distinction rather than just another paper with two letters at the top and an unrecognizable acronym beneath it.

The ISC SSCP Exam Certification can also help in obtaining new opportunities and allow for growth in one’s company. As with any type of certification, there is always fear among some employees that this will lead to fewer hours or less pay with no added benefit, but this is not always correct. Many companies see it as beneficial to be able to hire skilled CISSPs who will increase the efficiency of the company and bring in more revenue.

ISC SSCP candidate can face following difficulties in writing the ISC SSCP Certification Exam

The difficulty in writing the ISC SSCP certification exam is like an obstacle wall that limits students from being able to complete this certification. Students may take the exam' multiple times before being able to knot a passing score. It is not unusual that some students will be discouraged by this and may not continue or even try continuing with the certification class. There is also a big pool of students falling victim to failing their exams before even reaching one-third of the way through them. This is wrong and would cause more obstacles in completing this certification for some students. The difficulty in writing the ISC SSCP exam is mainly caused by the fact that there is a lack of sufficient information and methods to satisfactorily prepare oneself for such an exam. There are so many good and reasonable resources with useful information and up-to-date study materials but they are not easily available. But there is a source named ISC SSCP Dumps which has helped by providing PDF braindumps for the preparation of the ISC SSCP exam. The level of difficulty can be improved if one had access to such limited resources, such as more tutorials, explanations, and preparatory products on how to prepare for such an examination or making these sources more readily available through computer programs or website links. Anyone who has written and got his hands on the certification exam will know that getting stuck on questions during test day can really cause havoc with one’s progress throughout the rest of their preparation period.

These difficult situations typically occur because the applicant has not fully studied for the ISC SSCP exam and has not adequately prepared and practiced daily and as a result makes many mistakes during the test. It isn’t always someone’s fault though. People just don’t know how to prepare or where to go to get materials that can help them pass this exam. This is why we developed our website to serve as a means for people to learn how to prepare for such an examination and what materials they need in order to prepare and prepare themselves for such an examination. The ISC SSCP Exam is difficult to write because it’s a high-stakes, high-stress rate exam. When you put your mind to the task of writing the test you quickly discover that not only is there a lot in it, but in order to pass this exam, you have to be perfectly well-versed in all the information. There are unlimited prep courses available for this test, but you can prepare on your own as well. In this article, we’ll inform you about some of the best ways to help you study and then pass your ISC SSCP Exam.

Career opportunities after getting ISC SSCP Certification

After becoming a certified security specialist by preparing from ISC SSCP Dumps, it is guaranteed that you could apply for positions in companies such as Encryption solution provider or integrator, Data and PKI protection and security, Software and hardware manufacturer of network equipment, Information security consulting firm, Security system integrator, Information security contractor, Hardware, and software security solution provider, Computer hardware and software manufacturer of monitoring equipment. You can totally choose from these options to make you happy.

List of Career opportunities after getting ISC SSCP Certification

A list of career opportunities that one might find after getting ISC SSCP Certification:

  • Information security professional
  • Security auditor
  • Security engineer
  • Information technology manager (IT)
  • Systems administrator and IT specialist
  • Information assurance specialist
  • Security guide
  • Internet security specialist (IS)
  • Cyber security officer (CSO)
  • Security officer (SO), senior management/senior executive/programmer/engineer/data analyst etc.

Why do you need to take the ISC SSCP Certification?

ISC SSCP, a certification from International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, is one of the biggest leading international qualifications for security professionals. Most of the people thing It’s hard to pass, but you can do it by practicality from SSCP Dumps. The ISC SSCP is recognized and supported by industry experts and governments worldwide. ISC SSCP demonstrates technical knowledge and skills in cyber security. The ISC SSCP credentials measure an individual professional level of competence to perform one or more of the following tasks: installation, operations, and troubleshooting of network systems designing network architecture providing network administration, intrusion detection/prevention system administration, security policy development, and implementation.

ISC SSCP allows you to demonstrate your expertise in key areas such as Infrastructure Protection Planning (threat analysis), Security Architecture & Engineering (system use lifecycle), Protection Mechanisms Design (access controls, physical security, cryptography), Operations Security (accountable anonymity, information security management systems), and Detection & Response (vulnerability assessments, forensics). ISC SSCP certification is highly respected in the industry and has fame. It is recognized and supported by major employers including HP, IBM, Symantec. ISC SSCP is also recognized by governments like the US Department of Defense (DoD) and Immigration New Zealand. Certification helps greatly to establish your credibility. After getting success with the aid of SSCP Dumps, you can also be eligible for project or job opportunities that require ISC SSCP certification qualification. This certification is accredited under ISO/IEC Standard 17024:2012 General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification Systems.

Get to know about the SWOT Analysis of the candidates Planning for SSCP Certification

SWOT analysis of candidates planning for SSCP certification is as follows:

Strength of the Candidate:

One of the strengths of this candidate is their familiarity with the content as they have been preparing for this test regularly for a few years now. In addition, they have been able to make use of online resources such as SSCP Dumps, Wikipedia and a relevant video from YouTube to better memorize comprehensive topics related to security and understand their meaning. Additionally, since they are from Canada, English is their first language, and knowledge of different languages is not a barrier either. They also have a background in computer science which can be useful in terms of analytical skills and problem-solving abilities. This candidate also has excellent communication skills as evidenced by their speaking ability at conferences or on training presentations. Finally, this candidate does not feel that there will be any problems in passing the exam since they have already completed several EC-Council exams and feel that they are prepared for this one.

Weakness of the Candidate:

This candidate has some weaknesses related to their study plan. First is the amount of time they put into studying; although it appears adequate, they actually need to decrease their study time. Second is their lack of preparation in networking topics. Although this may not be important for most cyber security professionals, it may be relevant for some industries. Finally, while this candidate loves cryptography, there are not enough resources for them to learn about all types of cryptography out there which can be relevant in some industries.

Opportunities for the candidate of ISC SSCP Certification Exam

This candidate has an opportunity to build a solid foundation for their career track by learning more about network infrastructure, cryptography, and security. Learning how to work effectively with others is an important lesson that this candidate could benefit from as well. This candidate also has an opportunity to apply their knowledge in different settings which can be very useful in terms of building a resume.

Learn about the Threats

Targets of Phishing/DNS/ARIN DNS records, Social engineering attacks; scammers are using social engineering methods to do wrong and gain access into networks, which are vulnerable to these types of attacks. The Cybercriminal will release an email to the user, pretending to be the system administrator, asking them to perform a procedure or change their password. If the user follows through with these changes, it may expose the network and allow cybercriminals access.

Which is the best resource to study for the ISC SSCP Certification Exam?

After scheduling the exam you need to start prep for the exam. For the Preparation for the exam, there are many resources which you can use as a prerequisite.

A few of them are as follows:

  • Reading Latest edition Books and official study guides.
  • Watching free videos from YouTube to seek sufficient knowledge and skill. You can also subscribe to them for the latest updates.
  • Also do Mock tests for having real-time exam experience of the actual exam.
  • Arrange notes related to the exam. You also need to revise the notes before the exam.

Reading from books, Watching videos, doing mock exams, learning from notes and all other resources will be very much helpful in the preparation of the exam, but it demands time, focus, research, most relevant resources discovery, Arrangement of topics for the preparation of exam. Sometimes it becomes very hard to find material and arranging topics and Candidates do not know how to start and where to start preparing for the SSCP exam. Smart students practice for the exam through the blend of all these resources. And the blend of all the resources, Preparation by this can not only consume less time but also help to cover all the topics in the syllabus. A blend of the resources is the practice exam.

Here I am going to introduce you that SSCP Dumps. These Dumps. I recommend you prepare for your exam from SSCP Dumps. It is arranged by our Knowledgeable team, These Dumps have almost all relevant and real data related to all topics of the exam. These practice exams are designed to make candidates familiar with the real exam environment. These free dumps are designed for the ease of candidates. It has mock tests, practice & Simulator tests. I am confident in my words that if you prepare for the exam from these dumps, you will surely score good marks.

There are two ways to get access to these Dumps. The first is a website and the other is a Mobile app. If you want to access these free dumps from your desktop or laptop, you just need to turn on the window, open any search engine, and access these dumps through our official website. If you want to access it from your mobile phone or iPad, you just need to open your app store or play store from your IOS or android phone. Download our Dumps app. Get access to the practice tests by logging in. You can download PDF files, but we do not offer VCE dumps files. You guys can take benefits from PDF downloads in offline mode. If you purchased dumps and do not feel any improvement in the preparation of the SSCP exam, you can get a refund of your dump purchasing fee. Now, this is the time to take a step to your career growth and achievement of your ultimate goals.

The common mistakes made on the SSCP exam by candidates would be:

Not knowing how to respond to certain questions and guessing their responses. Guessing and guessing until it’s too late, and guessing all the way up to the point where they know they are incorrect. Dressing inappropriately for the experience. The common mistakes here can be made by bringing inappropriate materials like cheat sheets and books during the exam. However, it’s safe to take a copy of the syllabus and other documents that you can look at anytime you want during your exam. You can keep these in a folder and bring it with you using an organizer to avoid any trouble. Not knowing what to expect. Having anxiety and fear that they wouldn’t pass because of their background especially if they’ve only been in IT for less than two years. Not preparing themselves physically and emotionally. By leaving the test center early before others, thus giving them less time to review their answers. Skipping questions. Not having the right training.

On the other hand, people who pass the exam by preparing themselves with SSCP Dumps would be able to answer questions confidently. Rather than having doubts about their answers; they could feel that they are right about their responses because of what they learned during training. They know what to expect and understand how difficult it is to pass these exams because of all the things they learned from their teachers who are ISC certified security professionals.

Following are the tips for ISC SSCP Certification Exam

Prepare your time well. It is recommended that you time yourself to know the amount of time that you should allow for each section. Practice taking notes during your study sessions. This will be beneficial when it comes to taking the exam because it will help you take in what you have learned and remind yourself of key points or concepts. Take an extensive break after every 2 hours of studying, but not before 15 minutes. Be patient with your preparation process. Sometimes getting things down on paper can be helpful, but sometimes it may be very difficult to sit down and write things out word for word. Focus on making good use of all the resources that are available to you. Create a schedule that will allow you to dedicate time for review and to take practice tests. You can check out sample test questions online.

Preparing for ISC SSCP Certification Exam As soon as a student decides that he wishes to take a certification exam, he should prepare himself in advance by arranging all the materials he’ll need in preparation for the exam date. In general, the student will need anything from 3-6 months in order to organize his studies and organize his thoughts in order to create study scenarios. The student will also be required to spend an extensive number of hours during these days in order to prepare himself for all features of the certifications. It is good to know that the certification is not only a test of a student’s knowledge and ability in terms of security, but it is also a test of the student’s stamina and perseverance. The basic requirement for the exam will include the candidate’s presentation on an actual project that he has worked on or that he will work on in the future. This means that he will have to choose an actual problem that has been presented to him in his work environment and apply all his knowledge and skills to solve it. SSCP Dumps can help candidates, by providing PDF (portable document format) files of braindumps.

What are the needs required to maintain this certification

The validity of the SSCP certification is three years. Recertify within three years of receiving it and every three years after that by taking the appropriate SSCP exam for your level. Ensure you meet eligibility requirements, such as holding a qualifying job or maintaining certification sponsorship. You can also concern SSCP Dumps for getting help in maintaining the certification. Log 70 total learning units (LUs) every year. Unless otherwise noted on an individual certificate, each LU counts toward recertification. Maintain certain scoring levels on the exams. Submit a completed Annual Maintenance Request Form before the due date in order to be eligible for recertification. Pay the $75 recertification fee by the due date, so you can register for and take your recertification exam. Pay the $150 late fee if you submit your Annual Maintenance Request Form after the due date.

If you do not meet these requirements, you will be certified on the last day of the month in which you fail to meet any of them. You must then re-apply for certification and go through all of the steps involved in obtaining the designation again.

For more information, kindly read the exam references.

ISC SSCP Certification Exam Reference

SSCP Exam F.A.Q.

  • How do I pass the SSCP exam?

    Enjoy practicing with our great exam simulator on your desktop computer or mobile device. Study hard questions and answers of our Practice Test and put your trust in, you won't regret it!

  • Where do I find the SSCP exam questions?

    Don't worry, you are in the right place. We have the most up-to-date and accurate questions, correct answers reviewed by our experts and an awesome exam simulator. That's what you get here, at

  • How to find SSCP Practice Test?

    Most people simply try to search a Google search and what they find is a bunch of useless text files and PDFs, filled with questions copied and pasted from documentation, incorrect answers and obsolete exam versions. Let's make it short, what you are going to get is just a bunch of useless files on your computer.

  • How do I use the SSCP exam simulator?

    Read below to learn how to prepare for the SSCP exam and click the link to start the SSCP Exam Simulator with a real SSCP practice exam questions.
    Use directly our on-line SSCP study materials and try our Testing Engine to pass the SSCP which is always updated.

    SSCP practice exam questions are tests created to demonstrate all the features of our SSCP exam simulator using our innovative testing engine via a Web Simulator and Mobile App. You will be able to access to many SSCP exam questions with the ability to practice your knowledge on-line. The SSCP exam preparation has never been so easy.

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