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Microsoft 70-483 dumps: Web Simulator 70-483 practice tests
Microsoft 70-483 dumps  are tests created to demonstrate all the features of our 70-483 practice tests  via a Web Simulator. You will be able to access to many questions having the ability to test your knowledge on-line. 

70-483 - Programming in C#

Thе 70-483 еxаm iѕ part оf thе new Programming in C# certification. This exam measures your ability to accomplish the below tasks:

- Managing program flow and events
- Asynchronous programming and threading
- Data validation and working with data collections including LINQ
- Handling errors and exceptions
- Working with arrays and collections
- Working with variables, operators, and expressions
- Working with classes and methods
- Decision and iteration statements

Our 70-483 dumps will include those topics:

- Manage Program Flow (25-30%)
- Create and Use Types (25-30%)
- Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%)
- Implement Data Access (25-30%)

For more info visit: Microsoft Official 70-483 Exam Reference

High lеvеl tорiсѕ covered by our рrасtiсе tеѕt

Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing:
Use the Task Parallel library (ParallelFor, Plinq, Tasks); create continuation tasks; spawn threads by using ThreadPool; unblock the UI; use async and await keywords; manage data by using concurrent collections.
Manage multithreading:
Synchronize resources; implement locking; cancel a long-running task; implement thread-safe methods to handle race conditions.
Implement program flow:
Iterate across collection and array items; program decisions by using switch statements, if/then, and operators; evaluate expressions.
Create and implement events and callbacks:
Create event handlers; subscribe to and unsubscribe from events; use built-in delegate types to create events; create delegates; lambda expressions; anonymous methods.
Implement exception handling:
Handle exception types (SQL exceptions, network exceptions, communication exceptions, network timeout exceptions); catch typed vs. base exceptions; implement try-catch-finally blocks; throw exceptions; determine when to rethrow vs. throw; create custom exceptions. offers vаlid 70-483 еxаm dumps

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