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Oracle 1Z0-034 Certified

Oracle 1Z0-034: Upgrade Oracle9i/10g OCA to Oracle Database 11g OCP

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Certification Questions Practice Test
certification questions practice tests

Upgrade Oracle9i/10g OCA to Oracle Database 11g OCP Certification Exam

Preparation Guide for Oracle 1z0-034 Certification Exam


The Upgrade Oracle9i/10g OCA to Oracle Database 11g OCP Certification Exam certifies the candidate has an understanding of Oracle Database technology. This certificate is also known as Oracle 1z0-034 Exam which is a benchmark for experience and expertise recognized by employers across the globe.

Aim of the Certificate Exam

The certification exam is designed to help the candidate excel and command his future progression. It is designed to

  • Provide individuals with a mark of excellence that is extremely recognized by the clients and seeks within across the industries
  • Differentiate individual in a crowded job market
  • Empower individuals to execute tasks with confidence and skill

Brief Details

Following are the quick details related to the Oracle 1z0-034 Certification Exam

  • Exam Name: Upgrade Oracle9i/10g to Oracle Database 11g OCP

  • Exam Code: 1z0-034

  • Exam Product Version: Oracle Database 11g

  • Number of Questions: 98 Questions

  • Duration: 120 minutes

  • Pass Score: 61%

  • Exam type: Multiple Choice Questions

  • Exam Price: $245 (USD) Price may vary from country and localized currency rates

  • Exam Mode: Online Proctored Exam. Candidates can take the examination from any place at any time as per their convenience. Candidates also have the option to give exams at any of the authorized training centers. Candidates can select the exam mode based on their convenience at the time of registration.

  • Exam Registration: Candidates willing to appear for the exam have to purchase the exam voucher. Post purchasing the voucher, the candidate can register for the examination on Oracle Education Portal

  • Exam Voucher: Candidates can purchase the exam vouchers on Oracle Education Portal. Voucher is valid for 6 months from the date of issue and is like a gift voucher which will get forfeited if not used within 6 months.


This certificate verifies the fundamental knowledge to become a development consultant ensuring if the candidate is skilled enough of practically applying the knowledge gained through pieces of training and practical experience of working within the projects.

Target Audience

The Oracle 1z0-034 Certification Exam is targeted to the candidates having experience of working with Oracle Database and looking to pursue a career as Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Professional.

Note: Oracle prohibits nationals of the embargoed territories of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and Sudan from taking any Oracle test or from becoming certified.

Topics to Cover

Oracle 1z0-034 certification exam is based on the learnings, key topics, and activities encountered during oracle pieces of training and implementations.

Following are the major topics along with the sub-skills, a candidate should cover while preparing for the examination. These topics will give the candidates a clear view of which topics and skills inclusive, one should focus on for the certification.

Note: The list and details are not an all-inclusive content list. Oracle reserves the right to change and update the content (topics and sub-skills) at any point in time.

  • Backup and Recovery Identify types of failure that occur in an Oracle database Describe and Define methods to tune instance recovery Define checkpoints, redo log files, and archived log files Configure ARCHIVELOG mode Perform backup and recovery in NOARCHIVELOG mode

  • Use RMAN Recovery Catalog Identify situations for the RMAN recovery catalog Create and configure the recovery catalog Synchronize recovery catalog Create and use RMAN stored scripts Back up the recovery catalog Create and use virtual private catalog

  • Use RMAN to Create Backups Create image file backups Create a whole database backup Enable fast incremental backup Create a duplex backup and back up backup sets Create an archival backup for long-term retention Create a multi-section, compressed and encrypted backup Report on and maintain backups

  • Use RMAN for Recovery Recover from critical or noncritical data file loss using RMAN Perform the incomplete recovery using RMAN Recover using incrementally updated backups Switch to image copies for fast recovery Restore a database onto a new host Recover using a backup control file Perform Disaster recovery

  • Use Flashback Technology Restore dropped tables Use and execute Flashback Query Use Flashback Transaction

  • Transport Data and Tablespace Describe concepts of transportable tablespaces and databases Transport tablespaces across platforms

  • Monitoring and Tuning RMAN Monitoring RMAN sessions and jobs Tuning RMAN Configure RMAN for Asynchronous I/O

  • Perform User-Managed Backup and Recovery Recover from a lost TEMP file Recover from a lost redo log group Recover from the loss of password file Perform user-managed complete database recovery Perform user-managed incomplete database recovery Perform user-managed and server managed backups Identify the need for a backup mode Back up and recover a control file

  • Memory Management Implement Automatic Memory Management Manually configure SGA parameters Configure automatic PGA memory management

  • Space Management Manage resumable space allocation Reclaim wasted space using segment shrink functionality Rebuild indexes online Reduce space-related error conditions through proactively managing tablespace usage Use different storage options to improve the performance of queries Use automatic undo retention tuning and temporary undo Implement partitioning methods

  • Use Globalization Support Customize language-dependent behavior Specify different linguistic sorts Use DateTime datatypes Using non-case-sensitive and accent-insensitive searches for data query Obtain globalization configuration information

  • Loading and Unloading Data Explain Data Pump architecture Monitor a Data Pump job Use Data Pump export and import Create external tables for data population

  • Managing Database Performance Use the SQL Tuning Advisor Use the SQL Access Advisor to tune a workload Use Database Replay Gather and use optimizer statistics Use Adaptive Cursor Sharing Diagnose performance issues using ASH

  • Configuring and Recoverability Configure multiple archive log file destinations Define, apply and use a retention policy Configure Fast Recovery Area Use the Fast Recovery Area

  • Configuring Backup Specifications Configure backup settings Allocate channels to use in backing up Configure backup optimization

  • Diagnosing the Database Set up Automatic Diagnostic Repository Detect database corruptions Repair corruptions using RMAN

  • Performing Tablespace Point-in-Time Recovery Identify situations requiring TSPITR Perform automated TSPITR

  • Additional Flashback Operations Perform Flashback Table operations Configure, Monitor Flashback Database Set up and use a Flashback Data Archive

  • Use RMAN to Duplicate Database Creating a duplicate database Use duplicate database

  • Database Architecture and ASM Describe Automatic Storage Management (ASM) Set up initialization parameter for ASM and database instances Start and shut down ASM instances Administer ASM disk groups Setup ASM fast mirror resync Use ASMCMD extensions

  • Installing and Upgrading Install Oracle Database 11g Upgrade database to Oracle Database 11g Oracle Direct NFS Use online patching

  • Storage Management Create and maintain big file tablespaces Rename tablespaces Create default permanent table-space

  • Security Configure the password file for using case sensitive passwords Encrypt table-space Configure fined grained access Use Secure File LOBS for storing documents with Compression, Encryption, De-duplication, Caching

  • Automating Tasks with the Scheduler Create a job, program, and schedule Use time-based or event-based schedule for executing Scheduler jobs Create lightweight jobs Use job chains to perform a series of related tasks Create Windows and Job Classes Use advanced Scheduler concepts to prioritize jobs

  • Managing Resources Configure the Resource Manager Assign users to Resource Manager groups Create resource plans within groups Specify directives for allocating resources to consumer groups

The candidate needs to go through and be proficient in every topic.

Exam Preparation

Questions in the exam are based on official training material provided by Oracle over different official platforms. Also the information in the following pieces of training is the source for the exam. Hence, Candidates should complete the following training courses before appearing for the certification exam.

Candidates should complete one of the below-mentioned pieces of training for the proper understanding of content and topics

  • Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II
  • Oracle Database 11g: New Features of Administration DBA

There are two main types of resources for preparation of certification exams first there are the study guides and the books that are detailed and suitable for building knowledge from the ground up then there are video tutorial and lectures that can somehow ease the pain of through study and are comparatively less boring for some candidates yet these demand time and concentration from the learner. Candidates who want to build a solid foundation in all exam topics and related technologies usually combine video lectures with study guides to reap the benefits of both but there is one crucial preparation tool as often overlooked by most candidates the practice exams. Practice exams are built to make students comfortable with the real exam environment. Statistics have shown that most students fail not due to that preparation but due to exam anxiety the fear of the unknown. It is recommended to prepare notes and practice 1Z0-034 Exam dumps.

Exam Content

The examination consists of 98 Questions. Candidates should score 61% to clear the examination.

Formats of Question

  • Single Response Multiple-choice questions: Only One correct response from the given options best suits the statement or answers the question.
  • Multiple Response Multiple-choice questions: Two or More Correct response from the given options best suits the statement or answers the question.

Exam Duration

Candidates will have 120 minutes for attempting 98 questions. So, it becomes important for the candidates to time-box the exam and restrict spending too much time on one question or one topic.

Exam Results

The Oracle 1z0-034 certification is a pass or fail examination and the candidate has to score a minimum of 61% to be termed as pass in the certification exam.

Candidates will receive an email with the result from Oracle within 30 minutes of completing the Certification exam. Exam results are also available on the CertView web portal and the candidate can visit the portal and login to the CertView account in order to view the exam results and get further details.

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Upgrade Oracle9i/10g to Oracle Database 11g OCP

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