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Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration

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How to Prepare for Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

Preparation Guide for Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam


Oracle, based in California, is an American multinational Information Technology company. Oracle is an international company that develops software applications for business. To help enterprises develop their operations, Oracle provides a variety of cloud-based applications and systems as well as hardware and services. Data management, business analytics, IT operations management, enterprise resource planning, security and emerging technologies are the focus of Oracle’s applications. Oracle is best known for its database software and technology. Oracle database management system is one of the most popular corporate Linux products.

Oracle also develops and builds tools and technologies for Linux management for middle-tier applications, Human Capital Management systems (HCM), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) and Supply Chain Management systems (SCM). In this guide we will cover the 1z0-105 dumps and 1z0-105 practice exams and all the aspects of 1z0-105 exam test.

Introduction to Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam Exam

This Oracle Linux Advanced Administration Training is perfect for seasoned administrators who wish to understand more about Oracle Linux’s advanced functionality. You can learn how to customize network and authentication services, introduce virtualization technology to handle device resources more efficiently, and install new forms of file systems to boost consistency and increase data integrity, while learning troubleshooting and specialized storage management skills. You will be introduced to Oracle IaaS Cloud Solution in this course.

Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam Certification Path

Self-study courses are great sources for preparation for the exam but they do not meet the requirements of the training. To meet the requirements, the training course must be offered by Oracle University Training Center, Oracle Authorized Education Center, Oracle Authorized Partner, or Oracle Workforce Development Program. Courses can be a live virtual class, training on demand, learning subscription or instructor-led in-class.

Average Salary for Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam Certified Professional

Oracle Linux administrator roles are in great demand nowadays. The average salaries of Oracle 1Z0-105 Exam Certified professionals in:

  • India - 15,35,000 INR

  • United State - 85,500 USD

  • Europe - 82,000 Euro

  • England - 72,500 POUND

What is the duration, language, and format of Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

  • This exam consists of 97 questions.

  • There is a time limit of 145 minutes for the exam.

  • This exam is offered in only one language, which is English.

  • Passing score:

  • Section 1: 60%

  • Section 2: 45%

  • Section 3: 33%

  • Multiple choice questions asked in the examination.

  • 03 years is the validity period of this examination.

How much Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam Cost

The price of the Oracle 1Z0-105 Exam is $260 USD. For more information related to the Oracle 1Z0-105 Exam please visit Oracle website.

Topics of Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

The Oracle 1Z0-105 Exam tests the abilities and knowledge of the candidates by checking the following objectives:

Btrfs File System

  • Describe the features of the Btrfs file system

  • Create a Btrfs file system

  • Create Btrfs subvolumes and snapshots

  • Take a snapshot of a file in a Btrfs subvolume

  • Mount Btrfs subvolumes and snapshots

  • Defragment and resize a Btrfs file system

  • Add and remove devices in a Btrfs file system

  • Check and repair the integrity of a Btrfs file system

  • Convert ext file systems to Btrfs

  • Create a Btrfs root file system by installing OL6.3 from the UEK Boot ISO

Control Groups (cgroups)

  • Describe the purpose of control groups

  • Describe control group subsystems and parameters

  • Describe the control group hierarchy model

  • Configure control groups using the /etc/cgconfig.conf file

  • Use the lssubsys utility

  • Use the cgcreate and cgdelete utilities

  • Use the cgset utility

  • Assign tasks to control groups

  • Use the cgrules.conf file

  • Enable PAM to use control group rules

  • Obtain information about control groups and parameters

Linux Containers (LXC)

  • Describe the purpose of Linux Containers

  • Describe container configuration parameters

  • Install the required Linux Container software packages

  • Describe Linux Container template scripts

  • Create a Linux Container by using the Oracle template script

  • Use Linux Container utilities to start and stop a container

  • Use additional Linux Container utilities

  • Install an Oracle VM template as a base environment

  • Create a Linux Container from an existing rootfs

Advanced Storage Administration

  • Configure an iSCSI target

  • Use tgtadm, tgt-admin, and tgt-setup-lun utilities

  • Configure an iSCSI software initiator

  • Use the iscsiadm utility

  • Describe Device Mapper Multipathing

  • Use the mpathconf and multipath utilities

  • Configure iSCSI multipathing

  • Describe Udev

  • Create Udev rules

  • Use the udevadm utility

Oracle Cluster File System 2

  • Describe the purpose of Oracle Cluster File System 2 (OCFS2)

  • Describe the features of OCFS2

  • Prepare for an OCFS2 configuration

  • Install the OCFS2 software packages

  • Configure kernel settings for OCFS2

  • Configure the cluster layout

  • Describe the OCFS2 heartbeat

  • Configure and start the O2CB cluster service

  • Create an OCFS2 volume

  • Mount an OCFS2 volume

  • Use OCFS2 tuning and debugging utilities

Advanced Software Package Management

  • Describe the contents of an RPM package

  • Perform a binary RPM build

  • Use the tools to perform package maintenance with Yum

  • Manage the Yum cache and Yum history

  • Install and use Yum plug-ins

  • Describe and use the programs offered by PackageKit

Core Dump Analysis

  • Describe kexec and kdump

  • Configure kdump to capture kernel vmcore dump

  • Describe kernel parameters that can cause a panic

  • Use magic SysRq keys

  • Use the crash utility for analyzing core 1z0-105 dumps

Dynamic Tracing with Dtrace

  • Describe the purpose of DTrace

  • Enable DTrace on Oracle Linux

  • Describe and view DTrace providers and probes

  • Use the D programming language to enable probes and corresponding actions

  • Use built-in D variables

  • Use built-in D functions

  • Create D scripts to explore your system

  • Managing Storage

  • Describe and configure access control lists

  • Configure and maintain encrypted block devices

  • Describe and configure disk quotas

  • Describe and use the kpartx utility

Configuring Networks and Network Services

  • Access Samba shares

  • Configure and maintain a DHCP server

  • Configure and maintain a NIS server

  • Configure and maintain an OpenLDAP server

  • Describe and configure Kerberos authentication

  • Describe the Postfix and Sendmail SMTP Servers

  • Objective removed from blueprint

Configuring and Maintaining BIND

  • Describe nameserver types

  • Configure and maintain a cache-only nameserver

  • Describe and configure Zone Files

  • Use the rndc utility

Managing SELinux

  • Describe SELinux concepts

  • Use the SELinux Administration GUI

  • Describe and configure SELinux modes, policies, Booleans, and contexts

  • Use SELinux utilities


  • Install Oracle Linux by using the Kickstart installation method

  • Boot into Rescue mode to correct boot problems

XFS File System

  • Describe XFS for Oracle Linux

  • Create an XFS file system

  • Use the xfs_growfs utility

  • Use the xfs_admin utility

  • Enable disk quotas on an XFS file system

  • Use the xfs_quota utility

  • Set project quotas

  • Use the xfsdump and xfsrestore utilities

  • Use XFS file system maintenance utilities

Virtualization with Linux

  • Describe virtualization and its benefits

  • Explain how Linux as a virtual guest supports the different virtualization modes

  • Outline the support for Linux as a guest operating system (OS) with various virtualization solutions

  • Describe the KVM hypervisor

  • Use the libvirt tools to create and manage KVM virtual guests

Managing Web and Email Services

  • Describe the Apache HTTP Web Server

  • Configure Apache directives

  • Configure Apache containers

  • Configure Apache virtual hosts

  • Describe email program classifications: MUA, MTA, MDA

  • Describe email protocols: SMTP, POP, IMAP

  • Configure and maintain a Postfix or Sendmail client configuration

How to Study the Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

There are many ways to prepare for the Oracle 1Z0-105 Exam. Various strategies can be developed if you are planning to take this exam. Candidates can refer to various PDFs available online and even refer to online videos to prepare for the exam. Various websites are offering 1z0-105 practice exams to help you prepare for the exam. Certificate questions provide the most up-to-date 1Z0-105 exam dumps and we recommend taking the 1Z0-105 practice tests after studying. The candidates must have to take a certification course or training before giving the Oracle 1Z0-105 exam. That will also help them prepare for the exam. Candidates can also take the recommended 1Z0-105 practice test to prepare for the exam.

Difficulty in Writing of Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Certification is not the most difficult Oracle certification test but taking it without any preparation is likely to result in failure. Therefore, it is highly recommended that candidates should prepare well by taking 1Z0-105 practice exams. Any questions that are left unanswered will be treated as incorrect. Therefore, you should answer all the questions after the examination of 1Z0-105 dumps even if you are unsure that which is the correct option, mark the most suitable option as your answer so that any question shouldn’t be left as unanswered in 1Z0-105 dumps pdf.

How to book the Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam

If you are looking to appear in the Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam, you can do so by either redeeming a voucher that you have to but from Oracle or paying directly with a credit card. After payment, you can schedule the test via Oracle’s external testing provider, PearsonVue.

Benefits in Obtaining Oracle 1Z0-105: Oracle Linux 6 Advanced System Administration Exam Certification

Oracle 1Z0-105 Certification will strengthen your knowledge and skills by introducing you to a wide variety of important linux features, functionsm and tasks. Oracle Linux certification trains you how to perform complex, hands-on activities through study, labs and practice. This certification will help you gain better understanding and experience with Oracle RAC and Grid Infrastructure. After gaining this certification, you will be able to install, maintain, tune and recover Linux environments.

Earning this certification gives you a competitive advantage by developing a skill set that’s in demand in the world. 80% of Oracle’s certified people reported that certification helped them with promotion, increase in wages, or other career improvements. You will also get a digital badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profiles.

For more info, read the reference:

Oracle 1Z0-105

1Z0-105 Exam F.A.Q.

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