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Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist

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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 8 Apr 2021 | Update Date: 15 Sep 2023

How to Prepare for Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

Preparation Guide for Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam


Oracle offers the most encompassing, up-to-date, and sought-after global training and certification program for IT professionals. Certification is evidence of your skills and expertise in those areas in which you like to work. If the candidate wants to work on 1Z0-931-20 and prove his knowledge, this certification offered by Oracle is the best solution. This 1Z0-931-20 Certification helps a candidate to validate his skills in database cloud management concepts. Oracle also develops and builds tools and technologies for database management systems for middle-tier applications, Human Capital Management systems (HCM), Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), and Supply Chain Management systems (SCM). Oracle Database, commonly known as Oracle Database Management System (DBMS), is a multi-model database management system. It is a widely used database to run tasks for data warehousing and online transaction processing databases. Different service providers make Oracle Database accessible on cloud, premises, or a hybrid cloud installation.

The Database cloud Certified Implementation Specialist certification is designed for individuals who possess a strong foundation and expertise in selling and implementing PeopleSoft Database cloud solutions. This certification covers topics such as Core Foundation Tables, Administering Data Permission Security, Adding People, Managing Worker Data, Managing Person and Job Data, and Managing Positions. This certification differentiates candidates in the marketplace by providing a competitive edge through proven expertise. Up-to-date training and field experience are recommended. This certification is available to all candidates but is geared toward members of the Oracle Partner Network. OPN members earning this certification will be recognized as OPN Certified Specialists. In this guide, we will cover the 1Z0-931-20 practice test, 1Z0-931-20 Certified professional salary and all aspects of the 1Z0-931-20 dumps.

Introduction to Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

Oracle 1Z0-931-20: PeopleSoft 9.2 Database cloud Essentials exam is designed for candidates who have knowledge and skills in database cloud implementation or candidates who are willing to have a strong understanding of database cloud can go ahead and appear for this exam. The Oracle 1Z0-931-20 exam focuses on updating the expertise that could help you to work in the changing approaches of work. Having Oracle database cloud certification in your resume can help you to hunt for high paying jobs. To cover the current new subjects of 1Z0-931-20 exam questions, you need credible 1Z0-931-20 dumps pdf to an external site. for preparing the database cloud Essentials questions. The truth is, passing the 1Z0-931-20 new questions is not effortless without obtaining ideal preparation and Oracle 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps. The 1Z0-931-20 test is a part of the Oracle database cloud certification exams series, so to earn Oracle database cloud certification you must pass the exam questions. 1Z0-931-20 practice exams questions that may assist you to prepare for the entire 1Z0-931-20 subjects. The 1Z0-931-20 dumps are prepared by the Oracle specialists so it will help you to prepare and pass the exam with brilliant results.

Topics of Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

Candidates must know the exam topics before they start preparation. Our 1Z0-931-20 dumps will include the following topics:

Autonomous Database Technical Overview

  • Describe the architectural components of an Autonomous Database (ADB)
  • Describe how ADB integrates with the Oracle Cloud Platform
  • Articulate the key features of an Autonomous Database
  • Describe a typical workflow for using ADB Shared Infrastructure
  • Understand the OCI Infrastructure
  • Describe how database security is leveraged in ADB
  • Describe the different ADB offerings
  • Describe license type, requirements and changing options
  • Describe a typical workflow for using ADB Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Describe the added functionality unique to ADB Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Describe the Autonomous Dedicated Fleet Admin Role
  • Use Service Limits and Compartment Quotas


  • Provision an Autonomous Database service
  • Navigate the OCI console
  • Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Database
  • Provision Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Provision Auto scaling and billing
  • Provision OCI policies needed for ADB including Fleet Admin, Market Place, and Notifications
  • Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Exadata Infrastructure
  • Provision a Dedicated Autonomous Container Database


  • Describe the options and considerations for migrating to ADB
  • Connect to an ADB service
  • Find and download database credentials
  • Explore ADB using SQL Developer
  • Describe how to use ADW with 3rd party software
  • Connect to APEX
  • Use Wallet Change and Wallet Expire
  • Use ACL and Private End Points
  • Use Market Place Developer Image to connect to ADB

Managing and Maintaining Autonomous Database

  • Manage users and user privileges in ADB, and change admin password
  • Start, stop and scale ADB
  • Use rest APIs to manage ADB
  • Use the OCI command line to manage ADB
  • Manage ADB Backups and Restores
  • Understand ADB for Experienced Users
  • Move resources options and results
  • Explain Patching and Upgrade Processes
  • Explain Data Safe
  • Load data using DBMS_CLOUD
  • Migrate to ADB using Data Pump
  • Use Auto Indexing
  • Set up Compartment Quotas
  • Perform Cloning (backup or live, version to clone to)

Monitoring Autonomous Database

  • Monitor ADB performance
  • Use services in ADB
  • Use SQL Dev Web to monitor ADB
  • Monitor Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Describe Enterprise Manager
  • Monitor ADB auto-scaling
  • Set up service notifications

Oracle 1Z0-931-20: PeopleSoft 9.2 Database cloud Essentials Certification Path

The 1Z0-931-20 Certification is a basic level certification organized by Oracle mainly focusing on the database cloud skillset. There is no prerequisite for this exam. Candidates can easily get through with the 1Z0-931-20 exam provided the candidates have proper study material. Going through the 1Z0-931-20 practice test is very important if candidates want to crack this exam. A combination of 1Z0-931-20 practice exams and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience) provides the best preparation for passing the exam.

Who should take the Oracle 1Z0-931-20: PeopleSoft 9.2 Database cloud Essentials exam

The 1Z0-931-20 exam test is ideal for those technical professionals who want to accelerate their knowledge of database cloud management and implementation. There is no such prerequisite for the 1Z0-931-20 exam. Anyone who has some skillset in database cloud, or has an interest in learning database cloud can prepare for the 1Z0-931-20 exam.

How to study the Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

Preparation for any certification could be challenging if the candidate has not done the proper planning and has not used relevant study material source. On the internet, the candidate would find lots of eBooks or material to study, but the problem is which one they should refer to and how to identify which one is genuine. To overcome this challenging phase, Certification-questions came with their study plan covering course contents specific to Oracle. 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam, Certification-questions expert team recommends preparing some notes on these topics along with it. Do not forget to practice 1Z0-931-20 dumps pdf which has been written by our expert team. If you are taking 1Z0-931-20 exam questions for the first time, 1Z0-931-20 dumps should be your top priority. 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps can help you to understand the database cloud Essentials syllabus and you will have the ability to pass the Oracle database cloud certification exam with the best marks. You will also possess the 100% passing guarantee on the attested 1Z0-931-20 pdf dumps. This factor will boost your preparation. The high quality 24/7 consumer support on the 1Z0-931-20 dumps questions is also there to help you in preparing 1Z0-931-20 questions in case you discover any issue. In the long run, get the dumps 1Z0-931-20 practice material with verified questions and answers to pass your database cloud Essentials 1Z0-931-20 certification exam.

How much Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam cost

Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam cost is 150 USD. For more please visit the official website of the oracle Oracle Website.

How to book Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exams

The registration for the 1Z0-931-20 Exam, please follow the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Visit the Pearsonvue-Website
  • Step 2: Through Pearson VUE’s scheduling platform, you will be able to choose a test center, time, and date
  • Step 3: Search for the 1Z0-931-20 exam and purchase the exam by making payment using a credit/debit card

What is the duration, language, and format of Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

  • Format: Multiple choices
  • Length of Examination: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Passing score: 60%
  • Language: English (U.S)

Oracle 1Z0-931-20: PeopleSoft 9.2 Database cloud Essentials Certified Professional salary

1Z0-931-20 exam test certified professional is in great demand nowadays. The average salary of a 1Z0-931-20 Certified Expert in:

  • United State - 70,500 USD
  • India - 15,42,500 INR
  • Europe - 60,800 EURO
  • England - 61,000 POUND

The benefit of obtaining the Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam Certification

The certification exam is designed to help the candidate excel and command his future progression. It is designed to:

  • Provide individuals with a mark of excellence that is extremely recognized by the clients and sought within across the industry.

  • Differentiate individual in a crowded job market

  • Empower individuals to execute tasks with confidence and skill

  • 1Z0-931-20 Certification is distinguished among competitors when you compare with non-certified individuals mainly while considering the interview.

  • 1Z0-931-20 certified candidates will be confident and stand different from others as their skills are more trained than non-certified professionals.

  • 1Z0-931-20 exam test provide proven knowledge to use the tools to complete the task more efficiently and cost-effectively than other non-certified professionals.

  • 1Z0-931-20 Certification provides practical experience to candidates from all the aspects to be a proficient worker in the organization.

  • 1Z0-931-20 Certifications provide opportunities to get a job easily which they are interested in instead of wasting years and ending up without getting any experience.

  • 1Z0-931-20 credential delivers higher earning potential and increased promotion opportunities because it shows a good understanding of database cloud management.

  • An Oracle 1Z0-931-20 Certification helps to build a sense of trust with current and future employers that you can perform the job.

Difficulty in writing the Oracle 1Z0-931-20: Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 Specialist Exam

1Z0-931-20 Certification is one of the basic levels of certification in the Oracle cloud. It is primarily intended for individuals who come from a database cloud background and want to advance their knowledge of Oracle cloud. For the experienced database cloud management individual, this exam would be very easy, but for one who does not have much experience, 1Z0-931-20 Certification can be a challenging one. Certification-questions had designed their 1Z0-931-20 practice exams focusing on the entire course contents of this certification. Certification-questions are confident in the accuracy and legitimacy of 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps and in this manner. Candidates can easily pass the 1Z0-931-20 exam with genuine 1Z0-931-20 dumps provided by the Certification-questions. This course helps students to identify sub-quests, incorporate multi-questions with SET operators in a single query and report community functions on aggregate results. His chief audience are administrators, researchers, developers and system managers. The course teaches students how to observe key structural elements of Oracle database 12c, to collect data from tables in lines and columns, to manage schema objects, to produce SELECT statements, to use scalar and correlated sub-quests and much more. This course helps students to know how to perform Oracle Database 12c administrative and management related tasks. The audience includes the administrator, the administrator of the database. The course aims to instruct the candidate’s concepts of data competence and auditing, management of tablespaces and undo data, management of the Oracle Database 12c network connections, security and privileges, the understanding of the architecture of the oracle database, monitoring and implementation of the proactive data base instance.

For more info, visit:

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1Z0-931-20 Exam F.A.Q.

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