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Palo-Alto-Networks PCNSE-JPN: Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PAN-OS 9.0) (PCNSE日本語版)

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Reading Time: 13 mins | Publish Date: 1 Dec 2021 | Update Date: 22 Jun 2022

How to get prepared for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam

The best preparation source for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam

If you want to secure yourself in the exam, keep reading this content.

The PCNSE-JPN exam validates the knowledge and skills required for network security engineers that design, deploy, handle, manage, and troubleshoot Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall in Japan. This certification is targeted at Japanese language speakers. The PCNSE-JPN exam is available in Japanese and English. In this article, we provide the content outline and the learning objectives of the exam. The content outline includes the topics that are covered in each section and what should be learned at the end of each topic. Multiple resources including PCNSE-JPN dumps will also be discussed here. Info about the pattern, cost, and score you need to pass will also be shared with you. The objectives describe the understandings and expertise that are necessary to pass the exam and the percentage of questions that will test this expertise.

What is the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam?

PCNSE-JPN is the Japanese language version of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE certification. The examination emphasis on the configuration, management, deployment, operation, troubleshooting, and security administration of Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall. It involves questions covering the entire Palo Alto Networks product portfolio. This PCNSE-JPN certification is based on the Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (CNS) exam. PCNSE-JPN dumps are used to prepare for this certification exam. PCNSE is the first international certification for Palo Alto Networks technology platform and aims to validate the understandings and expertise required for network security engineers that arrange, deploy, manage, and troubleshoot Palo Alto Networks. Service Certified Network Security Engineers (SNSE) are also eligible for the PCNSE certification.

Why it is Importance to take the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam?

Nowadays, the world is getting more complex and is experiencing a lot of changes. These changes are due to the advancement in technologies, the rapid growth in the business, and the advancement in society. To maintain security and protect businesses from threats, organizations need to hire persons with the appropriate expertise and understandings like final penetration testing, advanced malware detection & analysis, proper address mapping, etc. The best way to achieve this is through the certification process. This way, the professionals will be able to verify their expertise and knowledge and keep themselves updated with the latest IT trends.

The education department and companies always require persons with specific expertise to complete their projects. PCNSE-JPN dumps are available, and they will help you to pass the exam. The most important thing is that the certification validates your expertise in a manner that no one can deny. The expert can easily get certified by taking the exam and demonstrating their expertise and knowledge. If a company’s potential staff is dedicated and aimed to transfer their expertise score on paper they have to certify. It will help to attain good positions, protection of job, and will be providing the perimeter to their skill.

What are the Main Objectives of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

This certification is an entry-level certification that aims to validate the understanding and expertise required for Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certified network security engineers. PCNSE-JPN dumps will be useful in preparing for the examination. The objectives of the examination are:

  • To provide the candidate with a comprehensive understanding of the Palo Alto Networks skill to control & resolve the real digital threat.

  • To develop the technical expertise necessary for security administrators to configure, manage, deploy, troubleshoot, and perform security audits on the Palo Alto Networks product.

  • Demonstrate the candidate’s ability to identify, design, develop, implement, and maintain the Palo Alto Networks product in the field of network security.

Who is the targeted audience for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam?

Anyone who uses the Palo Alto Networks product, including customers, partners, system engineers, systems integrators, and support engineers. Since this is the first PCNSE certification that has a Japanese language version, the target audience is IT Professionals, Network Security professionals, network engineers, network administrators, network technicians, system administrators, network consultants, and individuals in these roles. PCNSE-JPN dumps provide the test takers with all the objectives, exam patterns, and questions asked.

Topics covered by the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

PCNSE-JPN dumps cover the following topics of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

  • Planning and Core Concepts 19%
  • Manage and Operate 16%
  • Deploy and Configure 32%
  • Deploy and Configure Firewalls Using Panorama 13%
  • Troubleshooting 20%

Qualification and skills required to take the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

Candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or IT with at least 5 years of experience in network infrastructure. Candidates are also expected to possess the following technical expertise:

  • Familiar with the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall technologies.
  • Experience with VMWare ESXi. PCNSE-JPN dumps cover these technologies.
  • Experience in planning, designing, implementing, configuring, and managing the Next-Generation Firewall product.
  • Familiar with Cisco Next-Generation Firewalls technologies, such as ASA, NX-OS, and FirePOWER.

Why should I take the exam?

Take the exam to prove your understanding and expertise. By achieving the credential, you can showcase that you are a qualified security expert who can successfully deploy and manage the Palo Alto Networks products. Also, the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE certification is a recognized credential for persons who want to be certified in Palo Alto Networks technologies. This certification will help in finding new opportunities and increase the chances of getting a promotion. The rate to pass for this certification is very high. The credential also allows the applicants to work for companies that offer a competitive salary, bonuses, and promotions. PCNSE-JPN dumps will help you to achieve the certification successfully.

Total Cost for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

The fee for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam is 175 USD. Payment should be done at the point of registration.

Where I can take the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam?

Palo Alto Networks has set up a global Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN exam center at Pearson VUE. Applicants from Japan can choose the Pearson VUE exam centers near their residence and take the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam. If you are not residing in Japan, you can take the test from any Pearson VUE exam center. You can find the nearest center will the help of PCNSE-JPN dumps. There are no restrictions on where you can take the exam.

How to apply Registration Process for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

The registration process for the PCNSE-JPN Certification exam is very simple and easy, even it will not take more than half an hour. It is elaborated in the PCNSE-JPN dumps. Following are the steps to register for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

  • Visit the Pearson VUE Website
  • Log on to the website using your credentials.
  • Fill up the registration form, submit it and pay the fee.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail with your registration details.

Passing Score, Duration, No of questions, languages, Format of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam

PCNSE-JPN dumps elaborate the info about the minimum score required, Duration & Questions for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification, that is given below:

  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • No. of questions: 75
  • Languages: English and Japanese
  • Exam Format: Multiple Choice, Scenarios with Graphics, and Matching
  • Passing score: 70%

The salary of a Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certified professional:

Palo Alto Networks offers attractive compensation packages to its employees based on their roles and experience. Salary is based on the performance and responsibilities of the position. Candidates who have the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification with the assistance of the PCNSE-JPN dumps are eligible for higher salaries compared to the candidates without the credential. The average salaries of a certified professional are as given below:

  • In the United States: 110,000 USD
  • In Japan: 140,000 JPY
  • In India: 55,000 INR
  • In Europe: 130,000 EUR
  • In Australia: 100,000 AUD

What are the benefits of getting the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification?

A PCNSE-JPN Certified can enjoy numerous benefits if they pass with the help of the PCNSE-JPN dumps. Take the case of a certified expert Following are some of the benefits that a certified expert can avail:

  • Salary and promotion opportunities: The Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification is a highly regarded certification that will give you many opportunities for employment. You will be able to get attractive compensation and promotions because of your certification. Also, if you are working for an organization that offers a competitive salary, bonuses, and promotions, you will earn more than a person who is not certified.

  • Lifetime career advancement: With Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification, you can build a great career in the networking or security industry. Also, the certification allows you to learn the latest technologies used by leaders. Hence, you will be able to work with top organizations and learn from the best.

  • Global exposure: The Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification is the most sought-after certification worldwide. You can explore the benefits of working abroad and learn about the culture and lifestyle of different countries.

Why the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification is considered difficult to write?

The Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification exam is a challenging one as it requires the candidate to understand the business challenges faced by the company and the solution implemented to meet these challenges. The subjects covered in the exam are very broad. The questions asked in the exam are quite detailed. For example, one question could ask about the implementation of a new security solution while another query could ask about a specific issue in the current version of the product. Hence, the PCNSE-JPN certification is difficult to write, and the applicants need to go through a lot of research to get an in-depth understanding of the product and services offered by Palo Alto Networks. But you don’t need to get worried, PCNSE-JPN dumps will help you pass this certification with flying colors.

How to get prepared for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam:

The candidates who want to get the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification must study the vendor’s product offerings thoroughly. There are numerous Palo Alto Networks products that are used to protect the networks. Also, it is important to be familiar with the challenges faced by the organizations. Therefore, it is advisable to start studying at least three to four days before the exam to be able to answersand all the questions in the exam. The prep process consists of the following steps:

  • Reading the product documentation: The vendors provide ample documentation for their product, so the applicants should read it thoroughly and familiarize themselves with all the characteristics and functionalities of the product.

  • Learning the product’s terminology and the business terms: The Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification exam focuses on the current and upcoming product of the vendor. Therefore, you need to learn all the technical terms and the business terminologies used by the vendor.

  • Planning the study schedule: The applicants need to plan their study schedule in advance and allocate a fixed time for each topic. It demonstrates their commitment towards the preparation. You can concern with PCNSE-JPN dumps for this purpose.

  • Gathering all the required materials: You need to get the vendor’s product training material for the exam. Also, you need to get the vendor’s product documentation to get prepared to answer the questions asked in the exam.

The resources you can use for the prep of Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN:

There are numerous resources available for the prep of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam. A few of these resources are as follows:

  • Official certification exam prep guides: The official certification prep guide contains all the information related to the vendor’s product. The vendor provides the test questions, sample tests, and the answers to the sample exams. It completes the candidates' prep for the test.

  • Exam prep courses: The candidates can enroll in the certification prep courses offered to prepare for the certification exam. Online classes to prepare the applicants for the certification exam are also available for the prep of the exam. PCNSE-JPN dumps provide you with all the required information to answer the questions and score well.

  • Exam prep videos: The candidates can get the videos of the exam and practice with them. They can also go through the exam-related books and magazines, available on the internet. A relevant video can be a good choice to get ideas to practice for the exam.

  • Online forums: The vendors also provide an online forum for the applicants to get help and feedback related to the exam. You can get attached with the other applicants to discuss the exam subjects and prep.

The best resource for the preparation of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Exam:

All the above-described resources are a great help for the prep of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification exam. However, if you want to be sure about your prep, then you need to take the practice tests of the Certification-Questions. PCNSE-JPN dumps are the blend of all resources and will help you to learn about the vendor’s product and the test questions. After you complete the practice tests, you will realize that it will help you to know about the test questions and the areas where you require more attention. Also, you will get an idea about the correct answers to the questions, explanationsread, and the mistakes that you have made. You will get to know about the weak and strong areas in the exam to make the prep effective and efficient.

Features and principles of the PCNSE-JPN prep material

It contains accurate and latest test questions: The PCNSE-JPN certification dumps contain the latest and accurate test questions. The questions are designed to simulate the actual exam environment. Therefore, you will not feel any difference between the real exam and the dumps of the Certification-Questions. Free updates which provide updates to the PCNSE-JPN dumps. These updates are timely and include all the new areas, questions, andexplanationsread of the vendor’s product that were introduced in the last 2 years. Therefore, you can be sure about the validity of the dumps with us. Also, the updates are offered without any charges. The applicants can take the dumps at any time. You need to take the dumps at any time to prepare for the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN certification exam. You do not have to wait for the certification exam dates to take the dumps. You can download the dumps from our website or mobile device and access the valid printable PDF files from any location. VCE format is unavailable here. They can also use our mobile application for this purpose. Money-back guarantee: It is the refund policy for the PCNSE-JPN practice tests that, you can take a refund of your cash in case you do not get good scores in the certification exam or fail the exam.

Created by experts for the prep of the PCNSE-JPN certification exam dumps of the Certification-Questions is done by the experts who have been working in the fields. The expert team has been working in the Palo Alto Networks for a long time, and they know the vendor’s product well. Therefore, you will not face any difficulty while using the dumps of the Certification-Questions. Free demo which you can take the demo of the PCNSE-JPN certification dumps and you can be sure about the quality of the dumps. There are no hidden charges for the demo. The demo is also available without any charges. You can also take the test of the demo before purchasing the dumps.

Details of the Palo Alto Networks PCNSE-JPN Certification Exam


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