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Reading Time: 22 mins | Publish Date: 6 Oct 2021 | Update Date: 19 Nov 2023

Beginning of PMI PMP Certification Exam

Exactly how you can read the study outline for the PMI PMP Certification Exam

PMI PMP Certification Exam: Quick study overview

Are you hungry for skill learning, presentation of your skill, acquire knowledge, getting a promotion, and more salary size in the future? If the answers to all these are YES then get ready to learn how to get it. Certificates of any skill and knowledge play a very important role when you apply for any job. It is evident that you know about the work, you have that skill, in the end, you passed the exam and proved to have that skill’s knowledge. Nowadays PMI PMP exam certification is a highly demanding certification exam. Companies need a highly skilled team to manage their ongoing and upcoming projects. It could only happen if team members are skilled and know how to perform well. People need this for being an authorized professional, learning skills and for their career growth. It is a highly demanding certification and needs tons of knowledge about the field.

This certification will not only boost your worth in the relevant services market but will also be a major factor to increase your salary. Here I will explain the Introduction of the PMP Dumps Certification exam, the format of the exam, topics of the exam, how to prepare for the exam with the help of the PMP Dump exams, and at the end how to maintain your certification. These verified Dumps have bundles of pmppractice and sample tests that will train you for almost everything about the exam. So stop worrying about the exam and difficulties in getting prepared.

Introduction to PMI PMP Certification Exam

PMI supports a wide variety of interests, from those looking for professional certification to those who are simply interested in learning more about managing projects. PMI awards the licenses to all members that take and pass its three-day Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification software Exam in order to achieve the actual title of PMP Project Management professional. This authorized Associate credential is recognized worldwide for its focus on educating projects experts and distinguishing them from other managers by their knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values. The credential program is designed to support individual development by emphasizing continuous improvement. PMI PMP Certification exams are the most important certification in the IT industry. PMI is a global nonprofit membership association for the project management profession with a size of over 300,000 members and affiliates worldwide. The PMI Professional Certification Program was formerly known as the Project Management Institute (PMI) Certification Examination Program. The PMI PMP certification is based on a body of knowledge that defines and establishes standards of best practices in the profession of managementproject. It is a way to demonstrate that experts have met a set of established capabilities, regardless of the methodology used in managementproject. There are several ways for the preparation of PMP exam, including PMP Dumps.

Levels of PMI PMP certification program

The PMI PMP certification program offers a list of four levels which are Certification, Associate, Certified Associate (the new name for Accredited Member), and at the end Professional.

Topics of PMI PMP Certification Exam

PMI PMP Dumps of PMI PMP Certification Exam covers the following topics:

  • Project Integration covers Management
  • Project Scope Management
  • Project Time Management
  • Project Cost Management
  • Project Quality Management

In order to score a passing grade in the PMP certification exam and to check their compatibility, candidates have to give accurate answers to all the above five questions correctly. PMI PMP exam is divided into three major domains. Following are the actual percentages of the questions according to their domain, which will be in the exam.

  • People 42%
  • Process 50%
  • Business Environment 8%

PMI PMP Exam Certification Path

A PMP certification is a great way to demonstrate that you have the sufficient skills and comprehensive knowledge needed to be an effective manager. To get this certification, individuals need to take the exam offered by PMI in order for them to be allocated a certificate. PMI offers two types of certifications: The PMP and CAPM exam. These exams are taken on-site or online, and they both require passing a 50% or higher score in order for the exam taker to be certified. While the PMP certification is the more difficult of the two, it also has many perks that make it worthwhile for those who want to pursue management positions. There are several requirements needed to take this exam, including a minimum of two years of management project experience, either with an organization in the private or public sector, and a minimum of three years post-graduation in management project. There are some roles of PMI which are also described in PMP Dumps that, the PMP test can only be taken once every five years; if an individual does not meet this requirement within this timeframe, they are required to re-take the test again.

Prerequisites for the PMI PMP Exam

The question is, what are the requirements needed for this exam? The answer is that there are two main categories in which candidates have to fall, for being eligible for the PMP certification exam. It is not compulsory to fulfill both sets, the Candidate may fulfill either set one or set two.

Candidate must have:

  • A four-year academic record.
  • 36 months leading projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.


Candidate must have:

  • A High School diploma or associate academic study record.
  • 60 months of leading projects.
  • 35 hours of project management education.

How much PMI PMP Certification Exam cost

PMP Exam is not free. Its money is paid in US currency, and you should provide a valid resource to cover the payment, such as a bank account. There are two types of rates for the PMI PMP Certification exam. Which are as follows:

  • They charge 405 USD for members and 555 USD for non-members.
  • There is no refund for the fee for this exam.

How to book PMI PMP Certification Exam

We came to know about the following three basic stages to register yourself for PMP Certification Exam from PMP Dumps: Step 01: Check that are you eligible for the exam or not.

There are two categories in which you have to fall, for being eligible for the PMI PMP certification exam.

Category 01: You should target the following academics and experience for being eligible for the PMP exam:

  • You should have a four-year academic record.
  • You should have 36 months leading projects.
  • You should have 35 hours of project management education.


Category 02: You should have the following academics and understanding for being eligible for the PMP exam:

  • You should have a High School diploma or associate academic record.
  • You should have 60 months of leading projects.
  • You should have 35 hours of project management education.

Step 02: Your following information will be collected

  1. Projects you have led or completed
  • On which project you have worked
  • What was your role and responsibilities in that project?
  • What was the Time Duration of the project (start and end dates)
  1. The training you have completed is related to the exam.
  • In which institution you have had training.
  • Which courses you completed in that institute
  • Duration of the training or courses you did.

Step 03: Visit and log in to MyAccount in-app. Your information is saved. Now, step back. Take some rest and trust the process. They will review your application. It may take 05 working days to review your information. They will send a response to your application and email to inform you.

After that, your filled information will be reviewed. Assure yourself that there is complete confidentiality in this review process. That either you are eligible for the exam or not. If you guys are marked eligible, you will receive a PMI PMP eligibility ID. You need to pay the exam premium for further procedure of registration for the test. There are two types of charges if you are a member of PMI you will get a discount on the rate. After the payment, they will schedule your PMP exam and will let you know that what to do, how to do it. You can plan your exam at any instant within one year after the day of approval. You are allowed to attempt exams three times a year. It is compulsory to pay for all these exams. If you still have any difficulties, stop worrying about them, PMP Dumps have more elaborated, updated, and real information and explanations about the PMP exam.

What is the duration, language, and format of the PMI PMP Certification Exam?

The duration, language, and format of the PMI PMP Certification Exam are as follows:

The Duration of Time

The Time Duration for the PMP exam is a four-hour but in those four hours, you are allowed to have 10 minutes break twice. In short, it is based on 230 minutes for the test and 02 ten minutes breaks.

A number of questions in exam PMP

You have to solve 180 multiple-choice questions. Previously there was 200 question, but now the format of the exam is changed and the number of questions is now decreased.

Language of exam questions PMP:

PMI exams are being taken in English and 15 other languages But exam questions PMP is being administrated only in 01 language that is English. If you want to be secured in exam PMP successfully, you should practice questions and should do exam PMPpractice a lot from the PMP Dumps.

Format of PMI PMP certification exam:

PMI PMP Certification exam is divided into three major sections. The format of the exam is as given below. Section 1:

  • Knowledge of project management competencies & terminology.
  • Knowledge of general areas related to managing projects. Section 2:
  • Professional operation
  • Management knowledge & skills, including Law, Ethics, Communications, Negotiation, and Conflict resolution.
  • Skills in all the technical phases for implementation of a project:
  • Conceptualization/planning
  • Work-planning
  • Execution/control
  • Decision making; closeout Section 3:
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the project management process, including integration, cost control, quality assurance, managing of human resources, communications, and risk management.
  • Knowledge of the techniques & tools commonly used to perform job-related activities like Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing.

PMI PMP Professional Salary

The average salary of a PMP Professional in different countries, defined in PMP Dumps, is as follows: In “The United States of America” the salary of a PMP professional is USD 120,000. In “India” the salary of a Project Management Professional is INR 2,000,000 In “Canada” the salary of a PMP professional is CAD 93,000 In “United Kingdom” the salary of a Project Management Professional is GBP 60,000 In “Australia” the salary of a Project Management Professional is AUD 130,000 In “Singapore” the salary of a PMP professional is SGD 96,000

Statistics about the PMI PMP Certification:

Nowadays, the PMI PMP certification is one of the most in-demand certifications in the world. This is due to the fact that many employers require one as a requirement for employment. It has also been shown to be an indicator of performance and success in project management roles. According to statistics from 2014, more than one-third of degree-laden workers in the U.S. had attained this certification or its equivalent credential. In Canada, 43% of college graduates were PMP certified or had made some progress towards that goal. According to statistics, there are currently over 120,000 PMI Project managers (PMP) around the world. Pass rates for this exam are estimated to be around 50%. This means that about half of all those who take the exam will pass on their first try, while the other half will need another attempt before passing. PMP Dumps can help you to be an approved professional. 70-80% of Students claim success after studying these dumps.

The benefits of Obtaining the PMI PMP Exam Certification

Following are a bunch of benefits of exam PMP: You will demonstrate your dedication, learn new skills, speak the correct language.(probably) earn more cash, enhance your career opportunities. The demand for PMP is growing and You will be recognized as an associate academic experienced skilled, Being certified has a competitive edge and shows that you can work smarter than others.

Difficulty in writing the PMP Exam

Difficulty in writing the exam PMP is that people lose hope because of:

  • Type and length of PMP exam questions asked in the exam.
  • The candidate thinks that I can’t cover PMP exam questions because of the huge and detailed syllabus,
  • As PMI PMP Exam is being taken in approximately fifteen languages. But the PMI PMP exam is just being administrating in only the English language. So people who are not much familiar with English faces difficulty in exam PMP. The duration of the exam is about four hours with just 10 minutes break twice. Candidates with any health or other issue can manage.
  • Loss of dedication in writing exam PMP.

Finding the syllabus, topics, and resources to get prepared for exam questions PMP. The PMI PMP Certification Exam is a difficult test. It has been designed to measure professional competence and skills in managementproject. The applicant has to be knowledgeable in all areas of the project management process in order to pass the exam and get their certification. The test itself may be difficult, but there is hope for those who fail because there are many ways to prepare for it and practice what you know. Exam PMP is not an easy process to complete, as it requires persistence and hard work in order to pass. That is according to a PMI member who passed the exam. There are a few ways to prepare for the PMP exam but the most important thing that you can do is to figure out what your weaknesses are and how you can update them. It might not be easy, but it will definitely make the process easier for you. It could be done by preparing from verified PMP Dumps.

The most important thing that you can do before you start practicing is finding out what areas of the exam you need more focus on. For example, if your salary depends on your experience, and you want to get an advance on your income, then work on being better at work in general. In practice tests, practitioners will get access to valid demo and a real guide to the Dumps.

Career opportunities after getting the PMP Certification exam:

There are many career opportunities after getting the PMP certification. Some of the top jobs include project manager, IT project manager, and head program manager. Please be sure to review any essential things for a particular job before applying. PMI-approved credential holders are in high demand in the global marketplace. PMP designation is respected globally and valued by employers. U.S. News & World Report cites that, “The average salary for a project manager with a PMP certification exam was $105,395.” Authorized Project Management Professionals can find rewarding work all over the world. After getting the certification you can apply and get offers for highly paid jobs in the private sector as well as the Public sector (Government job).

Successful career opportunities after getting PMP certification exam by preparation from PMP Dumps files include:

  • Gaining the expertise needed to manage projects of all sizes. This will help one gain a deliverables worthwhile skillset for any project management role they may be interested in.
  • Acquiring knowledge on managing and coordinating multi-team projects across many stakeholders. With this knowledge, one can easily become a team leader who is able to coordinate teams and responsibilities towards the plans of their project.
  • Improving their chances of job performance with features improvement, process improvement, and cost optimization skillset that are taught within professional development training at your company.
  • A competitive edge in the job market due to the fact that a PMP credential is known as a “must” requirement for a strong project management candidate.
  • People who have obtained the credential of PMP PMI are eligible for careers in project management. They are able to work as a project manager, team leaders, directors, and also consultants. The experts can apply for a number of jobs in the private and public sectors.

Why Take PMI Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification?

  • The PMI project management professional is a course that will provide students with skills in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling the completion of tasks.
  • PMP certification is also widely accepted in the USA because it has been developed by many senior experts on how to manage tasks efficiently. If you have a fallback position on your career or want an entry point into this technological world then completing this course may be just what you need.
  • The PMI certifications are designed to further the understanding of project management concepts. The certification provides relevant, in-depth knowledge about the subject area. The certification also offers enhanced credibility when seeking employment opportunities and serves as a competitive advantage for acquiring other positions within the industry.
  • PMP certificate is globally recognized as the leading credential for those who demonstrate substantial knowledge of project management and tools. Earning a certificate by getting prepared from PMP Dumps can help individuals advance their careers, increase their job opportunities, and gain access to rigorous project management training.

SWOT Analysis of the candidates Planning for PMP Certification exam

SWOT Analysis of the candidates Planning for the PMP exam is as follows:


  • Project Managers are very important to the execution of projects and leading them with success. They need to have a deep understanding of the system in which they work across projects, be experts on management principles and also be skilled at organizing resources.
  • PMP is one of the most globally recognized certifications. This makes it extremely valuable to employers who wish to hire employees with certification.
  • Many PMP individuals have expanded their career opportunities through gaining this certificate by getting prepared from PMP Dumps and increasing their knowledge power base for their profession. It has become a standard expected by many employers for project executives, systems analysts, IT professionals, etc., throughout our world today.


  • Many people are unable to decide whether they should enroll in a PMP course that will enable them to pursue PMP certification.
  • While it is true that the test is not very difficult, you still have a better chance of passing it without taking any courses.
  • The importance of PMPcertification is so overstated by many organizations that offer training for the exam.


  • Becoming a certified Manager by preparation from PMP Dumps can help increase your employment options and update your professional image in the business world.
  • Certification can be an important factor when hiring new employees as well as or companies to determine what your professional skills may be. The PMP certification exam is an excellent way to prove your knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of management.


  • If you need to be authorized PMP, to keep your job or gain a promotion, make sure that you are studying for the exam that will benefit you most.
  • The process can be long and demanded many who work in management fields throughout their career. This can seem difficult when they have yet to pass the test after months of preparations.
  • PMP certification is not an easy task for everyone to accomplish. Successful people often feel as though if they do not pass on their first try, they are unsuccessful in some way.
  • The process of preparing for the exam can be long and demanding for many who work in project management fields throughout their career. This can seem difficult when they have yet to pass the test after a long time of preparation.

How to study the PMI PMP Certification Exam

There are unlimited sources for preparation, but Strategies and few resources for the preparation of the PMP certification exam are mentioned below:

  • Initially, there are study guides and latest edition books that are careful and convenient for building a block of information from the bottom up. You can just download printable PDF files and start learning regularly. There are various versions of these books. There are video tutorials and lectures which will somehow ease the pain through study and are relatively less boring for a few candidates. You can subscribe to them for the sake of instant updates.

  • However, these demand time and concentration from the learner. The pool of Sensible Candidates who wish to create a solid foundation altogether examination topics and connected technologies sometimes blend video lectures with study guides to take the advantage of all materials. However, there’s one crucial and amazing preparation tool as typically used by most candidates is the PMP Dumps. These Dumps are designed for our customers to be comfortable with the real PMP exam questions. I recommend you to study these dumps and I guarantee that it has covered almost all domains of the PMP exam.

According to the survey, the majority of students fail because of examination anxiety the concern of the unknown. The pool of certification questions knowledgeable team recommends you to organize some notes on these topics alongside it doesn’t forget to apply Dumps that had been written by our PMP professional team, each of these can assist you tons to clear this examination with sensible marks. These PMP sample exam questions will help you in preparation for the exam. These allfreedumps will guarantee delivery of success and will recharge you with sufficient knowledge to pass this exam easily. We don’t provide VCE files.

Dumps are available on a device having internet. You can get assess to the updated, accurate, and real simulator through the website and Mobile app. All you need to do is to have an internet connection, If you are using a desktop, mac book, or laptop then search links related to PMP Dumb, in the browser. You will have a bundle of genuine material and printable PDF filepmi that will be very helpful in the preparation for the exam and If you want to assess braindumps from your portable device like a phone, you can download our app in IOS as well as android. These PMP certification practice tests have real-time Pmp practice exam questions with their answers, which will let you know what the exam is, how to do the killexams, what type of question will be there in the actualtests. Good luck with the pmipmp.

What are the common mistakes done by the PMI PMP certification exam candidate?

  • Not understanding that a 5-7 minute break is not the same as lunch
  • Comparing themselves to others and feeling anxious that they are not progressing or progressing as much
  • Putting off tasks until the last minute because they know they won’t do it later
  • Feeling frustrated because they have been working on the same task and are not making any progress
  • Focusing on perfection, which can guide procrastination
  • Having unrealistic expectations of themselves or others, expecting others to do tasks that they should be doing
  • Failing to set effective goals for themselves or their team members
  • Having negative feelings towards themselves or others, which leads them to feel blameful and guilty
  • Failing to effectively intimation of their plans and expectations with their superiors, co-workers, or team members
  • Getting stuck on one project because they are not able to skip one project
  • Being afraid that they will lose control of the team or their job if they step outside of their comfort zone
  • Not being able to recognize when they are being impatient by expecting too much from others
  • Being too concerned with what others are thinking about them, which can lead to procrastination
  • Failing to set a good example for their team members or others, causing them to not follow through with their own goals
  • Not allowing themselves to feel any negative emotions because they think it shows weakness

Few points you should know:

If you are not familiar with the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) PMP Certification Exam Day, there are a few key points to memorize according to PMP Dumps:

  • There is no need to be stressed or anxious in regards to the exam if you aren’t happy with your grade, there is plenty of time for you to retake it. You have until December 31st, 2015 in order for this year’s scores to be counted. It only takes 75 hours over 12 months of self-study and work experience in order for the test to qualify as “Experience.”
  • For every project that you start on a new PMP certification track, there must be an approved project management plan that has been submitted as part of an application process with PMI. This plan must be approved by PMI before you can take the exam PMP. You may submit this process as a few separate PMP applications under different test names, but you will most likely only receive one “official” status–that is, one that will allow you to take the exam.
  • Except in the case of one-month tests, the exam is always given on a Saturday so that you have an entire weekend to plan and prepare for your exam.
  • PMI does not hire any outside testing companies to administer their exam; they are always given by PMI’s study partners.
  • You will receive your score immediately upon completion of the exam.
  • You cannot purchase the test without first becoming a member of PMI and paying a yearly fee. The cost of joining is relatively small, especially when compared to what you will earn by passing the exam and receiving your certification.
  • PMI does not demand a premium for membership to its customers, but the testing centers do, and this fee is dependent upon your location. You have to pay it in Bank or online.
  • Many students take a one-month PMP prep class in order to prepare for the test. A few of these have been listed below, offered by third-party study providers such as Manhattan Guides and PM PrepCast. It is important to note that you can also choose a private tutor who can administer personal classes at your own location or home in order to save money on the cost of attending a class. But the highly recommended are PMP Dumps.
  • You may choose to do this alone in order to keep the cost down so that you can remain focused on studying
  • Many people “flashcard” or “mind map” their information before taking the PMP exam

This involves writing down all of your notes and comments on the paper and reviewing them before the test. Others choose to find a quieter place to study away from distractions where they can read and memorize their notes. Still, others prefer textbook study track-reading their books from beginning to end in order to be prepared for anything on exam day. The validity of PMP certification is for three years. Time will start from the day of clearance or the day when you passed the exam of certification. After every three years, It is mandatory to earn 60 PDUs to maintain your certification. If you don’t do it, you will have to earn certification from start or from zero. The maintenance of PMP certification is known as CCRC (continuing certification requirement cycle).

What are PDUs and how can we earn them?

Professional Development Units (PDUs) are the unit used to measure professional development as part of the CCR program. 1 PDU is equal to 1 hour of learning or activity. You can learn from PMP Dumps that how to do it. PDUs are points that can be earned by those in the field of project and program management to provide evidence of their employees' level of engagement with the profession. An individual is permitted to earn 60 PDUs per year. One way for an individual to earn PDUs is by attending a conference; however, there are other means. Ways in which one can earn PDUS include becoming a presenter, serving as a committee member for an event, and completing specific training courses.

For more information, please read the exam references

PMI PMP Certification Exam Reference

PMP Exam F.A.Q.

  • How do I pass the PMP exam?

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  • How to find PMP Practice Test?

    Most people simply try to search a Google search and what they find is a bunch of useless text files and PDFs, filled with questions copied and pasted from documentation, incorrect answers and obsolete exam versions. Let's make it short, what you are going to get is just a bunch of useless files on your computer.

  • How do I use the PMP exam simulator?

    Read below to learn how to prepare for the PMP exam and click the link to start the PMP Exam Simulator with a real PMP practice exam questions.
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