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Riverbed 830-01: RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization

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Reading Time: 12 mins | Publish Date: 6 Jan 2022 | Update Date: 4 Jul 2022

The Riverbed 830-01 Exam: Study Guide about the Dell certification exam and how to prepare for it

Smart Tips To Improve Your Riverbed 830-01 Exam preparation

Make Sure To Make The Right Choice When Facing Riverbed 830-01 Exam

Riverbed 830-01 is one of the certification examinations which is currently trending on internet. It provides a perfect platform for building a successful career in Riverbed. For your information, passing this exam will provide you a confirmation of your professional expertise and experience to perform efficiently when working as Riverbed RCPE. This Course has helped a number of people, who are trying to develop their careers in Riverbed technology. This course is created by Riverbed Technology certifications, our industry, project management and consulting experts who work with Riverbed all over the globe. This course is developed to help you “pass on your first try” and assist you in taking your first steps towards the information technology industry. Riverbed 830-01 Dumps is not an easy task to accomplish, you need to have many skills and knowledge about the skills. You will have to prepare well for this exam, if you want to get passed in your first attempt.

Introduction to Riverbed 830-01 Exam

Riverbed Certified Professional Exam (RCPE) is a challenging exam. The Riverbed 830-01 version covers the topics of WAN optimization and traffic management. These technologies are closely related, but they must be studied separately. The RCPE material focuses on the needs of IT professionals and consultants. The material is practical, rather than theoretical. Some networking fundamentals are reviewed, but the focus is on current technologies and how to make them work for you.

Riverbed Certified Professional Exam (RCPE) is aimed at mid-level network and systems administrators who have some experience with network optimization solutions. Candidates for this exam should have a minimum of six months field experience in the installation, configuration, operation, and monitoring of Riverbed products. This exam will be based on Riverbed SteelHead WAN Optimization Platform 3.2 using the latest software version available to the candidate at the time of testing which is also covered in our Riverbed 830-01 Dumps. Please note that there may be some differences between the software version used for testing and the version at the time you take the test. Upgrading true demo proxy rate limiting to the latest software version may require another set of tests prior to take-off.

Understand the Riverbed 830-01 Exam

The 830-01 exam is a WAN optimization certification exam that tests an individual on their understanding of Riverbed solutions and technologies. The exam will test your ability to install and configure Riverbed’s Steelhead, Headwall, and Cascade products. This test helps validate expertise in areas like how to optimize application performance, network security, and troubleshooting, as well as overall knowledge of the solutions. To get certified, you need to pass a multiple-choice exam along with hands-on lab exams for each specific product. To pass the 830-01 exam you must have a minimum of two years of experience in the IT field and hold valid CCNA or equivalent certification. You must also have completed at least one CCIE lab session in the last 5 years. The certification itself is a vendor-neutral certification meaning that this can be applied toward any vendor that offers RCPE certifications. Riverbed 830-01 Dumps are one of the best materials available online, that is available at reasonable prices. Actual deployments start immediately following the certification date and require up to 5 days of maintenance/maintenance on customer networks. The correct cluster configuration is required for testing. Regular failure is to ensure continuity, zero downtime. Default operating modes, failsafe configurations, and overall cluster configuration are not tested. Final feedback interfaces and quality assurance requirements are not covered in this exam. Seamless fail over with on-demand. Authenticate password is asymmetry benefit egress/encryption and ease of maintenance experience with the OS. Statement established to report on the behalf of the user at the user, while protecting against potential Cyberattack. Tool for discovering and channel to prevent backups. Track to register test answers related to individual product areas: Connection Perimeters DDoS Anti DDoS.

Know what topics are covered in the Riverbed 830-01 Exam

Some of the topics covered in the Riverbed 830-01 Exam include:

  • WAN Optimization Fundamentals 40%

  • Centralized Management 35%

  • Encryption, Authentication, and Access Control 20%

  • Troubleshooting 15%

  • Optional 5%

Tell me about Riverbed RCPE Certified Professional

Are you interested in Riverbed RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization certification? It is a new certification from Riverbed Technologies. This advanced-level certification will enable you to build a career in the field of data optimization. RCPE professionals can make optimal decisions about network traffic and QoS issues, increase network capacity and reduce capital expenditure for data optimization. In order to earn this certification, you have to pass the Riverbed RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization exam. This exam assesses your ability to design, deploy, optimize, troubleshoot, monitor, and maintain an enterprise-wide WAN infrastructure.

You must also demonstrate an understanding of Riverbed’s advanced technology and solutions. Proprietary to attain the certification, you will also need three years of network design and implementation experience, progress packet processing to a network model level, and an understanding of using APIs, and more. Free interface updates, discounts and more, are some of the rewards you can receive if you pass this exam after preparing with Riverbed 830-01 Dumps. Neighbour appliance bandwidth of 10 Gbps is required to practice. Question mode transition automatically cloud synchronizes question-answer session across all time zones. Warm patterns are creating a virtual backplane for your PC over a network connection to help you calculate latencies across. Displays settings are optimized for our analysis. You should avoid conflicting and conflicting/conflicting with each other.

What is the general approach with the purpose for taking the Riverbed 830-01 Exam?

If you are planning to take the Riverbed Certified Professional Exam, you must understand the general approach to this exam. This is the first thing that you must keep in mind that even though the Riverbed 830-01 Exam is a certification exam it is different than other exams in terms of techniques and methodology. The primary purpose of this exam is to evaluate your knowledge and skills in all aspects of WAN. This certification is designed for professionals who have a good idea about LAN and WAN but also have good expertise in WAN optimization. The main aim of this exam is to provide you with knowledge regarding Riverbed Steelhead WAN optimization solutions and services. The Riverbed 830-01 Dumps have many advantages as they are available in market at affordable prices. The candidate will have to have deep knowledge about troubleshooting and performance optimization, the various optimization methods used by Riverbed, various types of traffic characteristics, and so on. Encrypted prep path, Virtual Data Path, and managed NFS servers will also be tested by Riverbed in the exam. Real desktop users will also be tested by Riverbed.

Enhance your knowledge and skill set

A Riverbed Certified Professional Exam is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skill set by learning about Riverbed’s WAN optimization technology. We will provide you with a comprehensive overview of products and solutions, and inform you on the latest industry trends. Those who take the exam will gain valuable experience in designing, implementing, and supporting Riverbed’s WAN optimization solutions.

Riverbed 830-01 Exam Description

  • Exam Format: Multiple choice

  • Exam Length: 36 Questions

  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes

  • Passing score: 70%

  • Language: English, Japanese, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese

How much does the Riverbed 830-01 Exam Cost?

The cost of Riverbed 830-01 exam is about $250 for all around the world.

How to Schedule Riverbed 830-01 Exam?

If you are a certified professional and have been working as a network administrator for some time, you may want to pursue your advanced education in this field by getting Riverbed 830-01 certification.

Here’s how to get the certification.

  1. You must pass the Riverbed 830-01 exam and login to the Riverbed Professional Education Program (PEP).

  2. After registering for the exam, you will receive an email message from Prometric with instructions containing all necessary information about the exam.

  3. If you pass the test, you will be issued a certificate within two business days after completion of your exam and payment of certification fees.

  4. You can log into your PEP account at any time to check your status or download and print your certificate.

Who can take the Riverbed 830-01 Exam?

The Riverbed 830-01 exam is taken by any Riverbed Certified Professional who has demonstrated a minimum level of competence by passing the Riverbed RCPE 830-02 exam. It is also taken by customers looking to validate the expertise of their own technical staff. Riverbed certifications are primarily intended for engineers with at least two years of networking experience. Candidates should have experience with networking principles and devices, including routers and switches, security, and IP addressing. However, there are also numerous products including Riverbed 830-01 Dumps you can try to get the certification in the field of IT. This certification is highly demanded by many employers because it has a significant meaning for both the employee’s resume and for the business of the employer.

Candidates should also have experience implementing IP addressing schemes, configuring routers and switches, and managing network security devices. Testers should be able to troubleshoot TCP/IP connectivity issues, including both IPv4 and IPv6. Candidates should have experience using a scripting language to automate tasks and an understanding of WAN protocols such as PPPoE, MPLS, QoS, GRE and VLANs.

Eligibility Criteria For Riverbed 830-01 Exam

The eligibility criteria for the Riverbed 830-01 exam are outlined in the following table.

Educational Requirements:

To earn the RCPE certification, candidates must complete at least two years of full-time paid professional experience in a WAN optimization environment. Candidates who do not meet the educational requirements will not be eligible to take the exam.

Candidates may take the RCPE exam if they meet any one of the following:

  1. Are currently employed as a Network Administrator or similar role where they directly manage a WAN optimization device(s) and are actively involved in optimizing their networks every day.

  2. Have been in such a role for at least 3 years and have a minimum of 1 year directly managing a WAN optimization device(s).

  3. Hold at least an undergraduate degree with an IT concentration (e.g., Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering) from an accredited university.

Understanding the importance of Riverbed 830-01 Exam

If you are a Riverbed 830-01 Exam, then you must really look at the Riverbed video training online. We have the best and most wonderful tools to help you study better. The Riverbed online intereactive testing engine can help you in your exam preparation. The Riverbed 830-01 Exam is a very important certification exam and you need to be very well prepared for this exam as it will make your professional life more successful and useful if you pass this test in a perfect manner. You can now do this with the help of our Riverbed 830-01 Exam questions and answers which is designed by the experts and qualified professionals who have years of experience in this field. This is the best material available on the internet for your help and study in the best possible manner.

Need for Riverbed 830-01 Exam

Riverbed 830-01 Exam is one such certification that can enhance your career by taking the exam. This Riverbed 830-01 Exam certification exam is being demanded in the market and also gives you access to better job opportunities. You will be happy to know that we have prepared Riverbed 830-01 practice tests for you so that you can pass your Riverbed Certification Exams easily. The Riverbed Certification Exams are designed by our certified experts who have vast knowledge about the subject and they have compiled the best study material for the preparation of these exams. They have created the Riverbed 830-01 Dumps PDF according to the latest syllabus and standards. You will find these Riverbed 830-01 practice tests PDF very helpful in your preparation and getting good grades in your 830-01 exam.

What is the salary of a Riverbed RCPE Certified Professional Exam?

The Average salary of different countries of Riverbed RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization are as follows:

  • United States - $46,000 USD

  • UK - 34360 Pounds

  • India - 3468170 INR

There is a value of Riverbed 830-01 Exam

Riverbed 830-01 Exam is a complicated exam, but you have made the learning of Riverbed 830-01 Exam simple and easy. This is excellent! If you have Certification of Riverbed Certified Professional Exam, people will take you more seriously, and you will be able to get better pay raises in the future. Took me only two weeks to prepare for Riverbed 830-01 Exam because of your material. You are genius! You must be utilizing all your skills and knowledge in helping the students! They need you! Riverbed 830-01 Exam can be very difficult if you do not have proper materials for preparation. Your Riverbed 830-01 Exam preparation materials are excellent. These materials are worth the money that I paid for them. The best part about these materials from Riverbed 830-01 dumps is that they are guaranteed to help me pass the test on my first try.

How to prepare for a Riverbed 830-01 certification

When you are getting ready to take your Riverbed 830-01 certification, it is important to understand the preparation required. The Riverbed 830-01 certification has a reputation for being one of the most difficult certifications in the industry. That is because it is a rigorous examination and one that requires a lot of study. Trying to pass this exam without preparing for it would be like trying to climb Mount Everest without proper equipment. Trying to do so could lead to injury and even death. Having the right information leads to better results, and when you are studying for your Riverbed 830-01 certification, that means having all of the information possible on the subjects you will encounter on the test which is available in Riverbed 830-01 Dumps. This will give you enough information so that you can prepare yourself mentally for taking your exam and go in feeling confident about passing it. This preparation is essential and will help you avoid both mental and physical injury.

For preparing best for the Riverbed 830-01 certification

Riverbed Certified Professional Exam is one of the most sought after Riverbed certifications. Riverbed Certified Professional Exam is a difficult exam to crack without the help of Riverbed 830-01 dumps. The Riverbed 830-01 study guide is designed and compiled by subject matter experts in such a manner that it makes the candidates learn all the important topics and make them pass the Riverbed Certified Professional Exam with flying colors. For many years, Global Knowledge has been working hard to meet the need of IT professionals worldwide and has become a leader in certification training while supporting our customers' success. We are proud to provide RCPE study materials that cover every aspect of the course syllabus and help your success on the RCPE certification.

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