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Salesforce ADX-201: Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience Exam

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How to Prepare for Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

Preparation Guide for Salesforce ADX 201 Exam


Salesforce is a solution for managing customer relationships that unite customers and companies. This is an interactive CRM platform that provides a single, shared view of every client in all the divisions including marketing, distribution, exchange, and operation. Provide the clients with the individual experience Salesforce demand 360 product via the Integrated CRM Platform. It delivers solid and related goods to boost marketing, revenue, exchange, operation, IT, and more. Salesforce is a digital cloud computing (SaaS) firm specializing in the management of client relationships (CRMs). There was a mistake. The app is now the number one of consumer satisfaction and allows organizations to track customer behavior, advertise to consumers, and more. Salesforce is common because it is bundled with features such as contact management, workflow development, task management, incentive monitoring, teamwork tools, customer experience tools, analytics, and interactive, smartphone dashboard.

Introduction to Salesforce ADX 201

The Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience is the comprehensive and immersive training that ensures your success with the Salesforce Lightning. Salesforce Lightning is a salesforce’s component-based software development platform aimed at simplifying process of app development. It is usually meant for the enterprise users that do not have programming background to build responsive applications for any screen size. Salesforce Lightning is a framework that offers Salesforce tools for developing next-generation UXUI. Salesforce Lighyning helps companies create user friendly applications that improves productivity.

Nowadays, there is a great demand of Salesforce administrtors in the market. It is recommended for new adminstrators that they should take this course before taking charge of any exisiting system or launching a Salesforce deployment. You can grasp the fundamentals of how to handle the application with Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience, spanning from application configuration to process streamlining via automation strategies. You will have special privileges as an admin to organize the programme and make sure it runs perfectly.

After getting officially certified from Salesforce you will be able to:

  • Personalize the software, including templates, fields, menus, and business processes
  • Build a Salesforce environment that is secure and stable
  • Import and maintain clean data
  • Automate workflows
  • Develop reports and dashboards of elevated importance using Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce ADX 201 Certification Path

You must get an idea of exactly what this certification is, before investing your valuable time, effort, or money in Salesforce. The demand and the need for Salesforce certified professionals are rapidly growing and so Salesforce Admin Certification is becoming more and more popular. Different types of online training sessions are provided such as Intellipaat ’s online training sessions for the Salesforce Admin Qualification cost around $510 USD. It is instructor-led teaching by subject professionals working in major organizations. This style of training includes live sessions with the teacher, along with a forum where you can clear all your course-based doubts.

Self-paced sessions are also offered at the cost of $227 USD. This training mode involves pre-recorded video sessions. You can conveniently return to these talks and revisit the subjects you have skipped whether you have any difficulties with the lectures or have difficulty keeping up with the online meetings. You will also use these sessions to finish your exercise at your speed while you access these online lessons throughout your life.

Average Salary for Salesforce ADX 201 Exam Certified Professional

Salesforce administrator roles are in great demand nowadays. The average salaries of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam certified professional in

  • India - 16,40,300 INR
  • United State - 105,100 USD
  • Europe - 72,000 Euro
  • England - 70,000 POUND

What is the duration, language, and format of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

  • This exam consists of 60 Multiple Choice questions and 5 non-scored questions.
  • There is a time limit of 105 minutes for the exam.
  • This exam is offered in only English.
  • Passing score 65%
  • The type of questions is Multiple Choice questions.

The validity of the Salesforce ADX 201 certficatioon is three years.

How much Salesforce ADX 201 Exam Cost

The price of the Salesforce ADX 201 certification is $200 USD, for more information related to the Salesforce ADX-201 Exam please visit Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam Guide.

Topics of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

The Salesforce ADX 201 Exam tests the abilities and knowledge of the candidates by checking the following objectives:

  • Organizational Setup: The candidate should be able to describe the information available in the settings. He/she can differentiate between different User Interface features that he as an admin will have to control.

  • User Setup: The candidate should be able to set up and maintain a user. He/she should also know the effects of user’s activation, deactivation or freezing.

  • Security and Access: The candidate should be able to explain different security controls of an organization. The candidate should have a good understanding of how to make secure communication templates, dashboards and reports by organizing folders. In a user request scenario, he/she should have to implement necessary security controls depending on the functionality and capabilities of the Salesforce sharing model. In a scenario, candidate should be able to evaluate the reasonable use of a permissions using the different profile settings and permissions.

  • Standard and Custom Objects: The candidate should have a good understanding of the relationship model and standard object architecture. Candidate should know the process of creating, deleting and customizing page layouts and fields and what are the effects of deleting fields. If a scenario is given to the candidates he/she should be able to create and assign page layouts for custom and standard objects.

  • Sales and Marketing Applications: Different scenarios can be given to the candidates and they should be able to identify the effects of the sales process. Candidates should be able to use opportunity tools to identify suitable sales productivity features. They should also have a good understanding of the capabilities of Salesforce content, campaign management and lead automation tools.

  • Service and Support Applications: The candidates should have an understanding of capabilities of Salesforce Knowledge, case management and Salesforce Communities. A scenario can be given to the candidates in which they should be able to bring automation in case management.

  • Activity Management and Collaboration: The candidates should have a good understanding of activity management and the features of Chatter.

  • Data Management: The candidates should be able to import, update, transfer and delete data and they should know the considerations taken into account in these processes. A scenario can be given to the candidates in which they have to identify use cases and tools used for managing data. The candidates should also know the different methods to backup data.

  • Analytics—Reports and Dashboards: The candidates should know what are the available options while creating or customizing a report and dashboards. They should know how the reports are affected by the sharing model and the capabilities if custom report types.

  • Workflow/Process Automation: A scenario can be given to the candidates in which they have to identify the suitable solution to automate the workflow. They should also know the use cases and capabilities of approval process.

  • Desktop and Mobile Administration: The Candidates should know the capabilities of the Salesforce Mobile App. Candidates should know how to install and synchronize the Salesforce Lighning with Outlook.

  • AppExchange: Candidates should be able to identify the use cases for AppExchange applications.

More details about the Topics of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam can be found in the Salesforce Certified Admin Exam Guide.

How to Study the Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

Indeed, there are many ways to prepare for the Salesforce ADX 201 exam. Various strategies can be developed for this evaluation. Candidates can select internet PDFs on the main website of Salesforce, and even refer to online videos. The certification team has a clear opinion that it should be tested utilizing high-quality test engines, which are consistent with the true analysis, to consider the various testing study components and tools.

Administrative Essentials for New Admins in Lightning Experience ADX 201 is a great course recommended by Salesforce to prepare for the exam. It’s a five-day course designed to offer interactive and extensive training to help you achieve success with Salesforce Lightning. After this course participants will gain a better understanding of how to setup, configuration and maintain their organization’s Salesforce applications.

In this segment, we will address whether all aspects should be called or requires while training for qualification, which is one of the hardest issues for everyone to teach you how to learn. You should, first of all, have research content, because if we say study material, then all eBooks and some videos should be available so that you can actually comprehend and catch information very quickly as you combine all eBooks, e-learning, and videos. One of the main problems for any participant is that they still do not have enough time to review all the Salesforce ADX 201 Exam content even though they have the correct study material. The ADX 201 practice dumps supplied by, which are based on the course material, will now be part of the scenario and after stydying these dumps, partipants must take the ADX 201 practice tests. Per applicant was suggested by our experts for making a few notes.

Difficulty in Writing of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

If the applicant is not oriented or is very light on this test they will face a wide range of difficulties when studying to be accredited as Salesforce Administration, it may be very hard to write a Salesforce Administration test ADX-201. Many of the problems may be lacking pacing, no updated research materials are available. Both these problems now can be merged and the participants in the ADX-201 Salesforce Administration test struggled. Both these answers have been given to the Qualification Questions Team by the experts and by the ADX 201 dumps of the salesforce administration. Using these ADX 201 exam dumps in the study guide will help you get the ADX-201 examination from the Salesforce Administration.

Who should take the Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

Anybody who has a basic understanding of the features for end-users and the salesforce administrator setup options. Applicants should be able to manage a Salesforce organization, satisfy mutual market standards, and carry out administrative activities leveraging existing Salesforce capability. Therefore, anybody who wishes to read about the Salesforce Administration should take the ADX 201 test and join.

It is recommended for the new system adminstrators whose responsibilities include setup, configuration and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications. Other people including IT managers, sales operations and power users, will also benefit from the knowledge of Salesforce Lightning Experience.

Retake Policies of Salesforce ADX 201 Exam

The cost of Salesforce ADX 201 certification is $200 USD. The retake cost of Salesforce ADX 201 certification is $100 USD for each retake. There is a limit for the retakes for Salesforce ADX-201 certification. The limit of retakes is up to 10 times.

Benefits in Obtaining Salesforce ADX 201 Certification

71 percent of bachelor’s degree expert methodology and energetic methodology certified methodologists receive up to another 16 percent are recorded in the Salesforce annual analytical compensation survey. The certification from Salesforce ADX-201 strengthens your expertise as well as your know-how to ensure that your views are agile in a system of market research. The physical test applicants of the Salesforce ADX 201 certification perceive a fresh advantage on other comrades when being interviewed. In the project market, aspirants find themselves even more aggressive. ADX-201 is understood worldwide so that certified aspirants, along with methods of organizational analysis, are simply more self-confident.

The Salesforce ADX 201 certification in Salesforce Administration reinforces your abilities and experience, concentrating on the administration in salesforce, including lightning and other technical information. The ADX 201 review administration gives further priority to applicants concerning uncertified applicants. The ADX 201 examination applicants in the Salesforce Administration are more competition-oriented on the labor market. Salesforce ADX 201 certification is accepted internationally and is also more confident in market research approaches after accreditation applicants have been achieved. Candidates use to earn a digital badge from their salesforce and the LinkedIn profile that will carry further interview calls.

The highest form of validation a salesforce administrative manager can receive is a Salesforce Admin certification; it shows both competences in the sector and platform dedication. Certification of Salesforce professionals is becoming more and more common. It will serve to boost the platform’s skills at least, but analysis suggests it can also strengthen employability and open managers to a higher wage caliber.

For more info read reference:

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