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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 27 Sep 2021 | Update Date: 22 Jun 2022

How to Prepare For Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

Preparation Guide for Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

Introduction, inc., based in San Francisco , California, is an American cloud-based software corporation. It offers customer relationship management (CRM) services and also sells a complementary package of customer support, marketing automation, analytics, and technology development-focused business applications.

Salesforce is a solution for customer relationship management that brings together businesses and clients. It’s an integrated CRM platform that offers a single , shared view of every client to all the departments, including marketing , sales, commerce, and operation. All certifications are built in such a way that it can confirm any candidate who is able to demonstrate their skill set in a certain technology. Salesforce has developed many such certification programs.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam is the replacement assesment for the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam. The Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam was retired on September 2015. The Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam is customized for professionals who want to validate their expertise in developing, creating, and implementing custom apps using the Salesforce Platform’s declarative customization capabilities. It also tests the working knowledge of candidates to design custom apps for the data model, user interface, business logic, and security, configure mobile applications, report design, and dashboard.

This exam guide is intended to help you determine whether you are able to complete the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam successfully. This guide includes information on the certification test target audience, recommended preparation and documentation, and a full list of exam targets, all with the intention of helping you obtain a passing grade. In order to increase your chances of passing the test, Salesforce strongly recommends a mix of on-the-job experience, course attendance, and self-study.

Introduction to Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

The Salesforce DEV 401-J certification is intended for individuals who want to demonstrate their abilities and experience using the Lightning Platform’s declarative customization capabilities in developing, creating, and deploying custom applications. Data models, application protection, business logic, and process automation can be developed, managed, and modified by the candidate.

Here are some examples of the concepts to pass the exam that you should understand:

  • For custom applications, how to build the data model, user interface, business logic and security
  • How to configure mobile apps
  • How reports and dashboards can be structured
  • How to deploy customized applications

Topics of Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

The Salesforce DEV 401-J exam measures the expertise and skills of an applicant relevant to the goals below. A applicant should have hands-on experience on the Lightning Platform designing custom applications and have demonstrated the application of all the below features / functions. The syllabus for the Salesforce DEV 401-J examination is listed below in detail of each section and their topics:

1. Salesforce Fundamentals (8%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the capabilities of the core CRM objects in the Salesforce schema.
  • Given a scenario, identify the boundaries of declarative customization and the use cases for programmatic customization.
  • Identify common scenarios for extending an org using the AppExchange.

2. Data Modeling and Management (20%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate data model.
  • Describe the capabilities of the various relationship types and the implications of each on record access, user interface, and reporting.
  • Identify the considerations when changing a field’s type.
  • Given a set of requirements, identify the considerations and select the appropriate field type.
  • Describe the capabilities and considerations of the schema builder.
  • Describe the options and considerations when importing and exporting data.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for external objects.

3. Security (10%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the features and capabilities available to restrict and extend object, record, and field access.
  • Given a set of business requirements, determine the appropriate sharing solution.

4. Busniness Logic and Process Automation (27%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for record types.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for formula fields.
  • Describe the capabilities of, use cases for, and implications of roll-up summary fields.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for validation rules.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for approval processes.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for workflow, Flow, and Process Builder.
  • Given a set of business requirements, recommend a solution to automate business processes.
  • Describe the ramifications of field updates and the potential for recursion.

5. Social (3%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for social features.

6. User Interface (14%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the user interface customization options.
  • Describe the capabilities of and use cases for custom buttons, links, and actions.
  • Describe the declarative options available for incorporating Lightning Components in an application.
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate user interface design.

7. Reporting (5%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the features and capabilities available when creating reports, report types, and dashboards.

8. Mobile (5%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the declarative customization options available for the Salesforce mobile application user interface.
  • Given a set of requirements, determine the appropriate global and object-specific actions and action layouts to optimize the Salesforce mobile application user experience.

9. App Development (8%)

Objectives covered by this section:

  • Describe the key milestones and considerations when managing the application lifecycle.
  • Describe the differences between and considerations when using the various types of sandboxes.
  • Describe the capabilities of and considerations when using change sets.
  • Describe the use cases of and considerations when using unmanaged packages.
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate deployment plan.

Who should take the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

The Salesforce DEV 401-J exam is intended for a person with experience in the development of custom Lightning Platform applications, including the practical implementation of the skills and concepts mentioned below in the exam goals. In general, the Salesforce Platform App Builder has 6 months to 1 year of experience developing applications on the Lightning Platform and/or a related platform for technology.

The applicant for the Salesforce Platform App Builder should have the following listed experience, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Familiarity with Lightning Platform capabilities
  • Understanding of the forms of Salesforce licences and related considerations
  • Ability to develop software to help business processes and specifications for reporting
  • Familiarity with the platform’s social and mobile capabilities; familiarity with the use and optimization of company software on mobile devices
  • Familiarity with the development environments of Salesforce and the options available for deploying software and handling changes on the Lightning Platform
  • Study of the tools mentioned in this exam guide and Salesforce ’s additional required study materials

It is not expected that an applicant for this exam would be able to manage Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, have experience in programmatic development (Apex, Visualforce, etc.), design custom interfaces using Visualforce, or use Apex or JavaScript to design custom Lightning components.

How to study the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

We recommend a combination of hands-on experience, completion of the training course, trailhead trails, and self-study in the areas described in the Exam Outline section of this exam guide as preparation for this exam. The materials, for self-study, recommended for this exam include:

Hover on to Salesforce Website and click the Support & Training link in the upper right corner of the screen (login required) to enrol in instructor-led courses and launch online training from your Salesforce application, and search for the desired courses. After these training courses, practice can be done via the DEV 401-J practice exams. Non-Salesforce clients are eligible to register here for instructor-led courses.

Check for the topics mentioned in the Exam Outline section of this guide to review the online documentation, tip sheets, and user guides and study the details relevant to those topics. Refer to the links at the end of this document for more study material.

Last point: If you are on the lookout to promptly build an app and want a no-code app builder do click here to check out Andromo.

Salesforce DEV 401-J Certification Path

There are no official prerequisites for this exam. However we recommend studying the DEV 401-J dumps and gain the recommended knowledge and experience required. Refer to the “Who should take the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam” section of this document. Salesforce DEV 401-J exam has been retired by Salesforce on September 2015. DEV 401-J exam has been replaced by Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam.

How much Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam Cost

The registration fee for the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam is USD $200 plus taxes as required per law. USD 100 + tax additional will be charged in the case of exam retake.

How to book the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

You have to follow these steps in order to participate for the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam:

  • Step 1: Log in to Webassessor
  • Step 2: Tap on “Register for an Exam”
  • Step 3: Choose from the courses list and click “Register”
  • Step 4: Locate the exam you wish to schedule
  • Step 5: Click the Register button for the delivery method you prefer
  • Step 6: Review the exam and scheduling details for accuracy, click Checkout
  • Step 7: Enter your payment method
  • Step 8: Click Submit

What is the duration, language, and format of Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

  • Duration of Exam: 105 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Passing Score: 63%
  • Type of Questions: multiple-choice/multiple-select questions + unscored questions
  • Language of Exam: English

Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam Certified Professional salary

The estimated average salary of Salesforce DEV 401-J certified professional is listed below:

  • United States: 97,000 USD
  • India: 7,241,000 INR
  • Europe: 83,000 EURO
  • England: 74,000 POUND

The benefit of obtaining the Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam Certification

  • A nominee might have unbelievable IT abilities. Employers who recruit workers must, as always, make decisions based on minimal knowledge. Therefore, when they see the official certification of the Salesforce Platform App Designer, they can be confident that an applicant has attained a certain degree of competence.
  • If the applicant has the desire to transfer into a company to a higher-paying role. As always, this credential will help.
  • When an company recruits or promotes an employee, human resources are responsible for the decision. Now, although applicants may have an IT history, they make their decisions in a way that records several different variables. One thing is that applicants, like the Salesforce Platform App Builder, have formal qualifications.
  • A powerful, well-rounded Salesforce Platform App Builder is a strong post-bagging accredited nominee for the Salesforce Platform App Builder test.

Difficulty in Writing Salesforce DEV 401-J Exam

One of the most important certifications that applicants may have on their resume is Salesforce Platform App Builder. One of the key problems faced by most candidates is to choose the right research materials for their exam preparation since they use the internet to find too much data that makes it difficult for them to trust, which would be helpful for them.

Salesforce Platform App Builder exam is relatively easier but can turn out to be a very difficult certification if not well prepared. If professionals study DEV 401-J dumps and take the DEV 401-J practice tests they will be able to prepare well and may take the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam while remaining focused on studies.

Applicants may, however, clear the exam with the right concentration and the right preparation material. Certification-questions have the most up-to-date Salesforce Platform App Builder DEV 401-J dumps, having a fair understanding of the question trend being asked in real certification with the help of these materials. For all of the changes in the course, the Salesforce experts check certification-questions DEV 401-J dumps. Certification-questions also include practise testing, which proves to be an outstanding forum for testing the information gained. Refer to the links down below to access the study materials.

For more info read reference:

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