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Reading Time: 10 mins | Publish Date: 3 Apr 2021 | Update Date: 15 Sep 2023

How to Prepare For Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

Preparation Guide for Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam


ServiceNow is a Santa Clara-based American software company that provides and administers this CIS-SM exam test. Based in California, ServiceNow provides a cloud computing platform to help businesses handle automated workflows for business operations and has been recognized for creativity as well. ServiceNow, founded by Fred Luddy in 2004, is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is a member of the Russell 1000 and S&P 500 Index.

ServiceNow offers digital workflows that produce excellent experiences and unlock value. ServiceNow believes in technology’s ability to decrease the uncertainty of our jobs and make people work better. In new digital workflows, they transform old manual ways of working. They deliver an expansive portfolio of IT, HR, Customer Support, and other divisions that cover the Now Platform training offerings. They will teach you how to work quickly and optimize your use, whether you are just getting started or ready to extend your skills and knowledge of ServiceNow.

Demand for specialists at ServiceNow is rising rapidly. Certification by ServiceNow gives participants the information and trust to take full advantage of the ServiceNow program. Attendees learn to configure, customize, and build with real-world examples and a hands-on approach in the training and certification programs.

ServiceNow Qualification tests in a proctored environment are computer-based, multiple-choice exams delivered by ServiceNow training partner Kryterion. Also available as online proctoring. This document explains the exam in detail with all the topics included and helping preparatory material. The exam difficulty is also discussed with methods of overcoming that difficulty by studying the CIS-SM dumps.

Introduction to Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

The Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam Specification of the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist specifies the aim, audience, testing choices, exam content coverage, test structure, and prerequisites for being a ServiceNow Certified SM Implementation Specialist. The Service Mapping (CIS-SM) ServiceNow Accredited Implementation Specialist test certifies that a successful candidate has the expertise and necessary knowledge to contribute to the configuration, implementation, and maintenance of ServiceNow SM applications.

This CIS-SM exam test is intended for SM implementation specialists and shows how components of SM applications, including Demand, Project, and Resource, can be implemented and configured. Separate courses that can be taken care of in Agile and Test Management. Each module offers best practices, configuration steps, and comprehensive details about the applications within Service Mapping. This exam is divided into 5 different modules. Check out the CIS-SM practice exams for a better understanding of how these modules are spread in the exam.

Topics of Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

Exam content is split into Learning Domains that relate to key topics and operations usually encountered during the implementation of ServiceNow. Relevant learning goals have been established in each Learning Domain and are evaluated in the exam. The list below shows the domains, weightings, and sub-skills of learning evaluated by this exam and the percentage of questions represented in each domain. An all-inclusive list of exam content should NOT be considered to include the subskills mentioned.

Service Mapping Pattern Design

  • Pattern Designer (i.e. Debug, Steps, Temp variables, Command Line Console)
  • Operations (i.e. Match, Parse variable, Parse file, Parsing strategies)
  • Scripting (i.e. WMI, SSH, Regex, Command-Line, SNMP)
  • Application Identification and Connection Sections (Patterns, Identification and Connection Sections, Troubleshooting)

Service Mapping Configuration 20%

  • Setup and Configuration (i.e. Configuration files, Tuning, Applications, IP ranges, MID Servers, Icons)
  • Service Configuration (i.e. Entry points, CI Types,
  • Credentials, Service Maps, Schedules, Service
  • Groups, Technical Services, Service creation)
  • Service Mapping Process Flow (i.e. Process flow, Troubleshooting, Discovery Log)

Discovery Configuration

  • Discovery Setup and Config (i.e. Behaviors, Clusters, IP Services, Schedules, MID Servers)
  • Discovery Process Flow (i.e. PCIE Phases, ECC Queue, Status, Discovered Device)
  • Discovery Troubleshooting (i.e. Discovery Errors, Authentication Errors, Duplicates, Credentials)

Event Management

  • Event Setup and Configuration (i.e. Event Processing, Event Rules, Event Mapping Rules, Operator Workspace)
  • Alerts (i.e. Task Templates, Alert Rules, CI Binding)
  • Event Management Solution (i.e. Business Value, Definition, Positioning, Customer Conversations)

Configuration Management Database

  • CI Class Management (i.e. CMDB Health Dashboard, CI Class Manager, CMDB Tables, Reclassification, CMDB Relationships)
  • CMDB Identification and Reconciliation (i.e.Identification Rules, Reconciliation Rules, Datasource Precedence Rules, CMDB Deduplication Tasks)

Service Mapping Engagement Readiness

  • Scoping (i.e. Service definition, Shared services, Licensing, Supported Applications)
  • Planning (i.e. Implementation Skill Sets, MID Server Requirements, Implementation Requirements, Security Requirements)

The CIS-SM dumps pdf contains all of these topics so definitely check them to get a fair understanding of the exam topics.

Who should take the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

ServiceNow clients, associates, personnel, and those interested in becoming a ServiceNow SM Certified Implementation Specialist have access to the ServiceNow Certified Implementation Specialist Service Mapping (SM) test. The Financials Implementation Service Mapping exam is designed for professional consultants and those who execute SM from ideation to demand, project, resource, and time monitoring.

How to study the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

Exam questions are based on official training materials for ServiceNow, the ServiceNow documentation site, and the developer site for ServiceNow. Study materials that are posted online elsewhere are not official and can not be used to prepare for the exam. In preparation for the Certified Implementation Specialist – Service Mapping test, ServiceNow demands the completion of the following prerequisite training courses. The information is given in the following training course(s) for ServiceNow includes the source material for the test.

Visit the ServiceNow product documentation site here for the completion of required training for the exam. A common experience with the terminology, acronyms, and initialisms of the general industry will be very helpful. Field experience of six months engaging in ServiceNow deployment programs or sustaining instances of ServiceNow is a must to have a hand-on experience. On top of all, read Service Mapping (SM) Fundamentals – Participant Guide, explore sessions related to ITBM and SM and study the CIS-SM dumps.

Certification-questions provides the best quality CIS-SM practice dumps. Students must study them and get themselves familiar with the exam by taking the CIS-SM practice exams. These are, by far, the best materials and have provided an unbelievable passing rate for students who study this CIS-SM dumps.

Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam Certification Path

Applicants need to be a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator, have experience with at least two end-to-end ServiceNow implementations, and have adequate ServiceNow Scripting expertise to excel in this test. To better train participants to become active implementation experts, ServiceNow also provides an Implementation Bootcamp. The training courses mentioned above are also prerequisites for the exam. As unofficial prerequisites or recommendations, students should take the CIS-SM practice test.

Please download the test blueprint to review what will be discussed to prepare for the exam.

How much Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam Cost

The exam itself does not have a price but applicants must complete the prerequisite courses mentioned above. These courses will cost some amount to the applicants. Furthermore, the students will have to pay for the CIS-SM dumps pdf and the CIS-SM practice test which will also add to the cost of the exam. Hover on to the website where these training courses could be found to check the exact prices of the courses. The links are provided above. After completion of the prerequisite courses, students will receive a voucher via which they can register for the exam. If applicants fail the exam, they can retake the exam three more times, but at some cost.

How to book the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

Subject to availability, appointments can be made in advance or on the actual test day. To register and to sign up for the CIS-SM exam test, please visit WebAssessor. For this test, online proctoring is available. Every applicant must register for the exam through the ServiceNow Webassessor website using a voucher obtained by completing the implementation training prerequisite for Service Mapping (SM). Voucher codes are non-transferable and only allow the applicant to sit for the Certified Implementation Specialist Service Mapping Test.

Each test taker has the option of taking the exam at an Accredited Testing Center or as an online-proctored test during the registration process. The Certified Implementation Specialist exam is carried out in both testing venues via a clear, friendly user interface tailored for ServiceNow tests. The testing network for Kryterion is worldwide and all locations provide a secure, comfortable testing environment. At a specific date and time, candidates register for the exam, so there is no waiting and a seat in the testing center is reserved. As an online-proctored exam, each candidate can also choose to take the examination. This testing environment allows an applicant if certain conditions are met, to take the test on his or her method.

What is the duration, language, and format of the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

  • Duration of Exam: 130 minutes

  • Number of questions: 60

  • Passing score: 70%

  • Examination platform: Online proctored or on-site

  • Language of Exam: English

  • Format: Multiple Choice (single answer) There are at least four possible answers for every multiple-choice question on the test. The applicant taking the exam checks the reaction choices and chooses the one reaction to answer the question most correctly.

  • Multiple Select (select all that apply) There are at least four possible answers for any multiple-select question on the exam. How many responses should be selected will be mentioned in the question. The applicant taking the exam checks the reaction choices and chooses ALL answers that answer the question correctly. There are two or more correct answers to multiple-select questions.

The benefit of obtaining the Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam Certification

You will learn to master ServiceNow skills through training and certification through hands-on, real-world coaching to help you achieve your objectives. You will learn to succeed with the Now Platform, whether you take virtual or in-person courses from ServiceNow or one of our Accredited Training Partners. Companies are searching for proven professionals and companies see faster implementations and better use of ServiceNow using trained professionals. Getting accredited boosts your career and sets you up to bring much more to the success of your company.

You will achieve market recognition, competitive differentiation, higher efficiency and outcomes, improved user group satisfaction, and a concrete indicator of your educational investment once you are ServiceNow accredited. If you are a young consultant beginning your career or a seasoned professional looking to deepen your experience and distinguish yourself from the competition, the ServiceNow deployment route will teach you to rapidly and efficiently deploy ServiceNow products in customer environments.

Training and certification from ServiceNow allow you to optimize platform capabilities rapidly to further accomplish your goals. If you are on the road to becoming a certified application developer (CAD), by designing application tables, developing and implementing forms, managing access, and incorporating workflows into applications, you can learn how to build applications. You will learn to take full advantage of the Now Platform by specializing in a brand.

Difficulty in Writing Certified Implementation Specialist - Service Mapping (CIS-SM) Exam

Every exam can become a difficult one if not well prepared. Lots of study material for this exam is available online, at the official website, and in the form of CIS-SM exam dumps. If students practice these dumps and take the CIS-SM practice tests, they can surely overcome the exam difficulty and clear the exam with good grades. Below is a list of topics that students usually find difficult and challenging. Make sure you cover them in detail.

If you have a clear understanding of the following fields, you will have a decent probability of passing CIS-SM:

  • Concepts of Service Mapping Pattern Design
  • SM Configurations, tuning, application, and properties, including event management, demand management, resource management & management of timesheets
  • Configuration of management databases such as CI class management and CMDB identification

For more info read reference:

Exam Blueprint Preparation guide

CIS-SM Exam F.A.Q.

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