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VMware 2V0-31.20: Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1

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Reading Time: 9 mins | Publish Date: 21 Jun 2021 | Update Date: 19 Nov 2023

How to Prepare for Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1

Preparation Guide for Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1


VMware, Inc. is an American software corporation from California , USA that is publicly traded. It offers software and services for cloud computing and virtualization. It was one of the first companies to virtualize the x86 architecture to be commercially successful.

VMware as desktop software runs on Microsoft Windows , Linux and macOS, while VMware ESXi, the enterprise server hypervisor software, is a bare-metal hypervisor that runs directly on server hardware without having an external operating system underlying it. VMware’s software forms a digital backbone that drives the world’s evolving applications , services, and experiences. VMware streamlines the path for organisations to become digital companies that provide their customers with better experiences and inspire workers to do their best job. App Modernization, Cloud, Networking & Security and Digital Workspace covers their applications.

An person can install, configure, set up, manage, and perform basic troubleshooting of software-defined networks based on VMware’s NSX-T 3.0 Data Center through the Professional VMware NSX-T Data Center 2V0-11.20 exam.

The Professional VMware vRealize Automation 8.1 exam (2V0-31.20), which leads to the VMware Certified Professional – Cloud Management and Automation 2020 certification, is a 70-item exam with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Candidates are given an appointment time of 135 minutes, which includes adequate time to complete the exam for non- native English speakers.

The minimally qualified candidate (MQC) has 6-12 months hands-on experience installing and configuring vRealize Automation. The candidate is typically an administrator who is capable of performing a standard deployment of and managing vRealize Automation using Lifecycle Manager and troubleshooting a vRealize Automation 8.1 solution. The candidate possesses an understanding of basic cloud concepts including public/private/hybrid clouds, multitenancy, storage, networking and security. The candidate has working knowledge of each of the individual components, including Cloud Assembly Services, Service Broker, Code Stream and vRealize Orchestrator. The candidate has working knowledge of extensibility, identity and access management and basic knowledge of Kubernetes clusters and zones.

2V0-31.20 Exam topics

Candidates must know the EPM topics before they start of preparation because it will really help them solving the problems. Our 2V0-31.20 practice test and 2V0-31.20 exams pdf will include the following topics. These are covered in our 2V0-31.20 dumps.

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Architectures and Technologies

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Describe the Architecture of vRealize Automation
  • Differentiate between vRealize Automation and vRealize Automation Cloud
  • Describe the Services Offered by vRealize Automation

Understanding functional and technical aspects of VMware Products and Solutions

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Describe the Different Types of vRealize Automation deployments
  • Prepare the Pre-requisites for an Installation (DNS, NTP, Service Accounts etc.)
  • Perform a Standard Deployment using vRealize Easy Installer
  • Configure vRealize Automation using Quickstart
  • Perform Manual Installation using Lifecycle Manager
  • Configure Identity Sources
  • Configure Identity and Access Management
  • Set up Cloud Accounts
  • Add Cloud Zones
  • Add Projects
  • Add Image Mappings
  • Add Flavor Mappings
  • Add Network Profiles
  • Add Storage Profiles
  • Describe the Different Out of the Box Integrations Available with vRealize Automation
  • Integrate vRealize Automation with vRealize Operations
  • Describe the Onboarding Process
  • Describe Action-Based Extensibility (ABX)
  • Describe the Different Types of Tags in vRealize Automation
  • Configure Capability Tags
  • Configure Multi-Tenancy

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Performance-tuning, Optimization, Upgrades

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Collect Log Bundles
  • Describe vracli Command Options
  • Describe kubectl Command Options
  • Troubleshoot vRealize Automation Configuration Errors
  • Troubleshoot Provisioning Errors
  • Monitor Deployments
  • Monitor vRealize Orchestrator Workflow Execution

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Administrative and Operational Tasks

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Manage the Identity and Access Management Tab
  • Manage Cloud Accounts
  • Manage Cloud Zones
  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Image Mappings
  • Manage Flavor Mappings
  • Manage Capability and Constraint Tags
  • Manage Storage Profiles
  • Manage Network Profiles
  • Create and Manage Blueprints
  • Create and Manage Blueprint Versions
  • Manage Extensibility/Subscription
  • Deploy Catalog Items
  • Manage Deployments
  • Describe Kubernetes Clusters
  • Customize a Deployment using cloudConfig and cloud-init
  • Create Service Broker Content Sources
  • Configure Content Sharing
  • Create and Manage Custom Forms
  • Manage Policies
  • Manage Notifications

Understanding functional and technical aspects of vRealize Automation Overview and Architecture

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Describe the purpose and functionality of vRealize Automation
  • Describe the vRealize Automation architecture
  • Describe the use of VMware Workspace ONE® AccessTM
  • Describe the relationship between Kubernetes clusters, containers, and vRealize Automation services
  • Describe CLI commands for vRealize Automation 8 cluster management
  • Describe Cloud Assembly
  • Describe Service Broker
  • Describe Code Stream

Understanding functional and technical aspects of vRealize Automation Installation

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • List the different vRealize Automation deployment types
  • Explain the purpose of vRealize easy installer
  • Recognize the vRealize Automation installation process

Understanding functional and technical aspects of Authentication and Authorization

The following will be discussed in the 2V0-31.20 dumps

  • Identity the steps involved in integrating Workspace One with Active Directory
  • Recognize features of Workspace One
  • Recognize the user roles available in vRealize Automation
  • Identify the key tasks performed by each user role
  • Basic Initial Configuration
  • Quickly create a basic configuration with a cloud account, cloud zone, project, flavor mapping, and image mapping
  • Creating and Deploying a Basic Blueprint
  • Configure a basic blueprint
  • Deploy a basic blueprint
  • Tags and Storage Configuration
  • Configure tags
  • Configure storage profiles
  • Describe volumes
  • Use tags and storage profiles in a blueprint
  • Advanced Blueprints
  • Use YAML coding in blueprints, including user inputs, text formatting, and conditional expressions
  • Create a blueprint for multiple clouds
  • Use iterative design and version control in blueprints
  • Integrating NSX-T Data Center
  • List the capabilities and use cases of NSX-T Data Center
  • Describe the NSX-T Data Center architecture and components
  • Integrate NSX-T Data Center with vRealize Automation
  • List the supported network profiles in vRealize Automation
  • Use NSX-T Data Center components to design a multitier application blueprint
  • Identify the network and security options available in design canvas
  • Cloud Accounts
  • Configure and use an AWS cloud account
  • Configure and use an Azure cloud account
  • Configure and use a Google Cloud Platform cloud account
  • Service Broker
  • Describe the use case of Service Broker
  • Define content source and content sharing
  • Define Service Broker policy enforcement
  • Use custom forms for catalog items
  • Customization of Blueprints
  • Describe cloudConfig and Cloud-Init
  • Create vSphere virtual machine templates that can be used with Cloud-Init
  • Use cloudConfig to customize the hostname
  • Use cloudConfig to create users
  • Use cloudConfig to install software
  • Use cloudConfig to manage the power state
  • Use cloudConfig to format disks and mount volumes
  • vRealize Automation Extensibility
  • Describe ABX actions
  • Set custom properties
  • Create event topics
  • Create subscriptions
  • Create and use workflows
  • Integrate vRealize Automation with vRealize Orchestrator
  • vRealize Automation and Kubernetes
  • Describe Kubernetes
  • Integrate vRealize Automation with Kubernetes clusters
  • vRealize Automation Monitoring, Logs, and Troubleshooting
  • Describe different vRealize Automation log files
  • Troubleshoot vRealize Automation
  • Replace a vRealize Automation service pod
  • Snapshot the vRealize Automation appliance

Certification Path

Who should take the 2V0-31.20 exam

The ServiceNow System Administrator Certification exam is available to ServiceNow customers, partners, sales engineers, and others interested in becoming a ServiceNow Certified System Administrator.

How to study the 2V0-31.20 Exam

The candidate who has working knowledge of each of the individual components, including Cloud Assembly Services, Service Broker, Code Stream and vRealize Orchestrator. The candidate has working knowledge of extensibility, identity and access management and basic knowledge of Kubernetes clusters and zones can easily attempt the exam by taking help from 2V0-31.20 practice exam and 2V0-31.20 practice tests or by attempting to download 2V0-31.20 dumps pdf

VMware offers an interactive examination simulation Exam. Exam. A study query and lab behaviour are used in the simulation to Demonstrate the setting for the test. For candidates, VMware offers an online community. This, group includes useful knowledge from other candidates and seniors, which are handled by VMware certification personnel. The community can be located here

Hands-On Laboratories for VMware NSX technologies are also offered by VMware. These laboratories have an environment in which the items covered in this exam can be worked on. The labs can be accessed here

We recommend a combination of hands-on experience, completion of the training course, and self-study via the 2V0-31.20 exam dumps in the areas described in the Exam Outline section of this exam guide as preparation for this exam.

Hover on to VMware Website and download the Exam guide for the preparation of this exam. Check for the topics mentioned in the Exam Outline section of this guide to review the online documentation, tip sheets, and user guides and study the details relevant to those topics. Refer to the links at the end of this document for more study material.

How much 2V0-31.20 Exam Cost

The price of the 2V0-31.20 exam is $200 US

How to book the 2V0-31.20 Exam

This is a proctored exam delivered through Pearson VUE. For more information, visit the Pearson VUE website.

What is the duration of the 2V0-31.20 Exam

  • Format: Multiple choices, multiple answers
  • Length of Examination: 140 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Passing Score: 300

The benefit in Obtaining the 2V0-31.20 Exam Certification

  • VMware certifications echance credibility of certified professionals
  • VMware certifications improve job productivity
  • VMware certified professionals are able to provide higher level of customer satisfaction
  • VMware certified professionals are able to manage complex projects and issues
  • VMware certifications improve earning
  • VMware certifications improve career prospects
  • If the applicant has the desire to transfer into a company to a higher-paying role. As always, this credential will help.
  • When an company recruits or promotes an employee, human resources are responsible for the decision.

Now, although applicants may have an IT history, they make their decisions in a way that records several different variables. One thing is that applicants, like the VMware Certified Advanced Professional, have formal qualifications.

Applicants may, however, clear the exam with the right concentration and the right preparation material. Certification-questions have the most up-to-date learning materials, having a fair understanding of the question trend being asked in real certification with the help of these 2V0-31.20 practice exams aspirants. For all of the changes in the course, the experts check certification-questions 2V0-31.20 dumps. Certification-questions also include practise testing, which proves to be an outstanding forum for testing the information gained. Refer to the links down below to access the study materials.

Difficulty in writing 2V0-31.20 Exam

We suggest 2V0-31.20 practice tests and 2V0-31.20 practice exam to revise the already discussed syllabus.

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