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Question 1
Which three networking services work together to provide network virtualization and functionality in vCloud Air? (Choose three.)
Answer A, B, D
Question 2
What are three data protection features available in vCloud Air? (Choose three.) A. Data center replication
B. SSL encryption
C. Custom scheduling and retention periods
D. Self-service registration
E. In-place and out-of-place restores
Answer B, C, E

VMware 1V0-602
Question 3
Which two options correctly show how many public IP addresses are supported in each core cloud service offered by VMware? (Choose two.)
A. Disaster Recovery Cloud Two IP addresses B. Virtual Private Cloud Two IP addresses
C. Dedicated Cloud Two IP addresses
D. Disaster Recovery Cloud Three IP addresses
Answer A, C
Question 4
A company's datacenter has been completely destroyed by a resent tornado and is looking to better protect business critical information and minimize downtime during unforeseen situations in the future. After engaging a consultant, a company is considering migrating to the VMware Hybrid Cloud solution. What should the consultant recommend as the best starting point for migrating to vCloud Air?
A. Modernize applications
B. Extending existing applications C. Test and Development
D. Disaster recovery
Answer C
Reference: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vcloud-air/vcloud-air-Datasheet.pdf
Question 5
In which two ways does vCloud Air streamline the manageability of resources in a cloud environment? (Choose two.)
A. By driving down the risks associated with cloud management
B. By preventing the transfer of workloads to and from the cloud environment C. By virtualizing critical applications
D. By reducing the cost incurred to manage a cloud environment

VMware 1V0-602
Answer B, C
Reference: https://www.vmware.com/business-critical-apps/
Question 6
What two options does an isolated network configured with an Edge Gateway contain? (Choose two.) A. DNS
C. Internal IP address
D. Public IP address
Answer B, C
Question 7
In vCloud Air, which three options represent actions that will assign an IP address to a virual machine? (Choose three.)
A. Enabling DHCP
B. Configuring a static IP address C. Assigning an IP pool
D. Configuring DNS
E. Enabling IGMP
Answer A, C, D
Question 8
Which two NAT types are valid configuration options within an NSX Edge device? (Choose two.) A. Private NAT
B. Destination NAT
C. Source NAT
D. Virtual NAT

VMware 1V0-602
Answer A, D
Reference: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/products/nsx/vmw-nsx-network-virtualization-design- guide.pdf
Question 9
Which three management tools are available in the vCloud Air environment? (Choose three.) A. vCloud Connector
B. vCloud Air Web Portal
C. vCloud Air vSphere Client Plug-In
D. vSphere Hypervisor
E. App Volumes Manager
Answer A, C, D
Question 10
Which two statements are true regarding VMware vCloud Air? (Choose two.)
A. vCloud Air offers a new set of tools and applications, which can be integrated with the existing data
B. vCloud Air is an extension of the software-defined data center.
C. vCloud Air allows administrators to move existing workloads to the cloud.
D. vCloud Air enables administrators to redesign their on-premises infrastructure with ease.
Answer A, C
Reference: https://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/vcloud-air/vcloud-air-Datasheet.pdf
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