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											Question 1
Which key element of VMware Horizon Desktop as a Service (DaaS) given as an IT administrator access to an administrative portal from which they can manage the virtual desktop environment?
A. Security
B. Enterprise Integration C. Tiered Role Separation D. User Experience
Answer C
Question 2
The security manager is concerned that users are storing sensitive corporate data in public data sharing services. The manager has these requirements:
- Users must be able to share data
- Data must be stored in the corporate data center
- Administrators should have granular policy-based control of Sharing Which VMware product meets these requirements?
A. Virtual SAN
B. VMware Mirage
C. Horizon Workspace Portal

VMware 1V0-605
D. Horizon (with View)
Answer B
Question 3
A company is planning to use the Horizon 6 product suite to transform the end user computing environment in the organization.
Which two statements represent capabilities of the Horizon 6 family of products can help the company fully transform their environment? (Choose two.)
A. VMware Virtual SAN provides a centralized management console for administrators to manage end
user document workspaces.
B. VMware ThinApp is a remote desktop solution that will allow you to move all desktops to central
C. VMware Mirage is a centralized desktop image management technology that supports layered image
D. VMware Horizon (with View) virtualizes user operating systems, applications and user data.
Answer C, D
Reference: http://www.vmware.com/in/products/horizon-mirage
Question 4
A business has employees in a call center that need access to the same database and call center applications and wants to make it easy to deploy, patch and upgrade these applications.
Which Horizon (with View) feature meets this business need?
A. Persona Management
B. Dedicated Pools
C. Full Clones
D. Linked Clones https://www.certification-questions.com
VMware 1V0-605
Answer A
Question 5
Which two application support issues can be eliminated by using VMware ThinApp application visualization? (Choose two.)
A. Users need to be given administrative credentials for their PCs in order to install some applications.
B. Applications can make registry or system file changes that conflict with other applications.
C. Users require multiple licenses for applications installed on different systems.
D. Applications require large amounts of redundant disk space when installed in end user PCs.
Answer B, C
Question 6
An administrator wants to make a centralized Web Management Console available to desktop and mobile users. End users should be able to request applications and virtual desktop resources customized specifically for them.
Which VMware product can offer this functionality?
A. VMware ThinApp
B. VMware Workspace Portal
C. VMware vRealize Automation D. VMware Mirage
Answer D
Question 7
An administrator needs to deliver rich virtualized graphics to VMware Horizon (with view) desktops which offer workstation-class performance.
Which VMware Blast technology can moot this requirement?
A. Blast Multimedia B. Blast 3D

VMware 1V0-605
C. Blast Unity Touch D. Blast Local Access
Answer C
Question 8
Employees expect more flexibility to securely access corporate applications and data using a variety of company and personally-owned devices, regardless of location.
Which solution is described in this statement?
A. Application-Centric Computing
B. Software Defined Data Central
C. Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) D. Workforce Mobility
Answer D
Question 9
A Help Desk engineer has expressed concern about the security of user data in virtual desktop sessions. How is user data potential in View session?
A. Horizon (with View) caches user data in local RAM on each ESXi host to avoid transmission across the
B. Horizon (with View) uses CHAP to protect user data.
C. Horizon (with View) encrypts user data at the Connection Server and decrypts it with a user- supplied
D. Horizon (with View) encapsulates and encrypts sessions using SSL to protect user when using PCoIP.
Answer A, D Explanation:

VMware 1V0-605
Reference: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-view-security-considerations.pdf
Question 10
An administrator wants to deploy application pools, but the company is concerned about securing and managing them. How do application pools overcome the company's concerns?
A. Applications are presented the same way on different devices. B. Applications can be installed locally.
C. Applications are stored centrally in the data center.
D. Applications are dedicated for each user.
Answer B
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