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											Q1.Which three occur on an Android device when it goes through Adaptive Management and becomes Workspace
ONE Managed? (Choose three.)
 - A:   The Android for Work version of VMware Workspace ONE app gets activated.
 - B:   The Android device immediately goes through Android OS update.
 - C:   The Android device prompts user to backup internal storage to Google Cloud.
 - D:   The Work folder gets created on the Android device.
 - E:   The original VMware Workspace ONE app gets activated.

 solution: A, B, D

Q2.Which of the following criteria can an admin use to create a smart group? (Choose three.)
 - A:   User Group
 - B:   Device Serial Number
 - C:   Device IMEI Number
 - D:   Platform and Operating System
 - E:   Device Model
 - F:   Device Compliance Status

 solution: A, D, E


Q3.What three on-premise components require a Public IP address. (Select three.)
 - A:   AirWatch Cloud Connector (ACC)
 - B:   Database Server
 - C:   Secure Email Gateway (SEG)
 - D:   Unified Access Gateway - Content Gateway service
 - E:   Unified Access Gateway - VMware Tunnel service
 - F:   Integration Broker

 solution: C, D, F

Reference: https://techzone.vmware.com/resource/vmware-workspace-one-reference-architecture-saas-

Drag and drop the component names into the diagram, which illustrates a VMware approved deployment with
customer on premise VMware Horizon Desktops integrated into VMware Identity Manager.
Select and Place:
 - A:   [PIC-3]

 solution: A


Q5.Which two ways can AirWatch Managed Content be assigned to users? (Choose two.)
 - A:   Smart Group
 - B:   Functional Group
 - C:   Organization Group
 - D:   Domains Group
 - E:   User Group

 solution: A, C

Reference: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Workspace-ONE-UEM/9.5/vmware-airwatch-guides-95/

Q6.Which productivity application requires the device to be Workspace ONE managed?
 - A:   VMware Content Locker
 - B:   VMware Boxer
 - C:   VMware Tunnel
 - D:   VMware Browser

 solution: B


Q7.What setting would need to be modified to prevent a user from performing an enterprise wipe on their device
from the Self Service Portal?
 - A:   AirWatch Agent Setting
 - B:   User Role
 - C:   Device Ownership type
 - D:   Device Restriction profile

 solution: C


Q8.A company is currently using PowerShell integration with Office 365 as an email solution.
Which PowerShell command can be used for retrieving a list of devices in your organization that have active
Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync partnerships?
 - A:   Get-ActiveSyncDeviceClass
 - B:   Get-Mailbox -Identity $identity
 - C:   Get-MobileDevice -Mailbox $mailbox
 - D:   Set-ActiveSyncMailBoxPolicy

 solution: A

Reference: https://ulvbjornsson.com/2017/08/03/vmware-airwatch-powershell-integration-for-mobile-email-

Q9.What Android device requirement must be met to push an application from the Google Play Store and have it
silently install on a device?
 - A:   Register with Android Enterprise
 - B:   Google Developer access
 - C:   G-Suite compatible
 - D:   Supervised

 solution: C

Q10.Which uses the built-in Kerberos Distribution Center service to authenticate requests?
 - A:   Android Mobile SSO
 - B:   VMware Unified Access Gateway
 - C:   iOS Mobile SSO
 - D:   Windows Hello

 solution: C

Reference: https://pubs.vmware.com/vidm/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.wsair-administration%2FGUID-