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Certification Questions Practice Test
certification questions practice tests

Here is the exam guide for AccessData Certification

AccessData Certification: Get our snappy guide in the event that you don't have the opportunity to peruse all the page

AccessData uses flexible training options to help you obtain the most out of your devices and your teams. From private training courses as well as annual training passes to on-demand video options or custom training developed around your requirements, AccessData Training experts prepare to deal with you to build a program that fits your objectives and operations. Our training extends Digital Examination Training as well as Legal Solutions Training. Through AccessData Knowing Pathways customers access to versatile instructor-led training passes and also On-Demand learning to allow individuals to learn on their timetable. Our training passes allow customers to buy several instructor-led training classes at one time and also at a discount rate and Candidates also use our AccessData Dumps with their training classes. The On-Demand training will certainly include video clips, discussions, conference content, as well as much more as we include material regularly to maintain users approximately date with the most recent attributes and also methods to perform forensically, venture, and also lawful investigations or evaluations.

AccessData training approaches, materials, and also workers are appreciated and also pertained to worldwide as a premier class in distribution and also results. Since 2004, greater than 50,000 public and also economic sector students have joined over 6,000 AccessData Training occasions around the world. AccessData educational program exists to construct practitioner understanding from a novice to sophisticated degrees, finishing with industry-standard certifications about role and capability, including licensed customers in 50+ nations worldwide.

Intro to AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE)

Certifications are a method to confirm your abilities as well as stand apart in the crowd. The AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) credential demonstrates the user's efficiency with AccessData Forensic Toolkit, FTK Imager, Registry Customer, and also Password Recuperation Toolkit. This certificate will include a celebrity skill to your resume and will certainly aid you to climb up the corporate ladder. Also, this will additionally illustrate more professionalism and reliability as well as commitment towards your aim. Well, these types of Certifications can be rather challenging as well as may require a great deal of initiative together with solid studying abilities to relate points to a real business circumstance. Clearing such exams is feasible just with the right set of resources.

The AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) credential shows the customer's efficiency with AccessData Forensic Toolkit (FTK). The AccessData Dumps for ACE exam is created to evaluate the proficiency of the user with the tool, as well as not necessarily forensic examination workflows. Although there are no prerequisites for this Certification, it is recommended that the individual have some experience with the tool, or have actually taken the appropriate courses.

The AccessData Certified Examiner (ACE) credential demonstrates the customer's effectiveness with AccessData Forensic Toolkit (FTK). The test is developed to test the proficiency of the user with the tool, and not always forensic investigation workflows. Although there are no requirements for this Certification, it is suggested that the user have some experience with the tool, or have actually taken the adhering to program(s): Minimum: FTK Bootcamp, Advised: Forensic Toolkit 101. The ACE test comprises 25 questions, all needing the taker to do activities within a case. The exam will call for the customer to develop an instance, load as well as process evidence. The Image documents and also any kind of connected support data will certainly be provided by AccessData. Forensic Toolkit is called for to take the Test. The present version of the ACE was built using FTK 7.4 and also verified once more on FTK 7.4.2.

Introduction of AccessData Certified Examiner For Enterprise (ACEE)

The AccessData Certified Examiner For Enterprise certification will evaluate the customer's expertise of the AccessData FTK Venture software program. This certification covers topics details to FTK Business such as customer management, representative implementation and collection, memory analysis, and even more. It is suggested that the individual taking the exam have experience with the FTK Enterprise software application in a live atmosphere, or have taken the Venture 105 training course.

The AccessData Certified Examiner For Enterprise (ACEE) certification in AccessData Dumps will certainly test the user's understanding of the AccessData FTK Business software application. This certification covers subjects particular to FTK Ventures such as customer administration, representative implementation, and collection, memory analysis, and also more. It is recommended that the private taking the examination have experience with the FTK Venture software application in a real-time atmosphere, or have taken the Enterprise 105 course.

Because of the nature of FTK Business and also the framework needed to run the software application, the ACEE is composed of 50 several selections or True/False concerns. Access to FTK Business (while advised) is not called for. The exam has a time limit of 90 minutes, and also calls for the individual to score at or over 80% to pass. The certification stands for two years, and also will certainly need the specific to take back the exam at the end of the two years to re-certify.

AccessData Certified Examiner For Enterprise (ACEE) exam cost

100 USD.

Introduction of Summation Certified Administrator (SCA)

The AccessData Summation Certified Administrator (SCA) certification demonstrates a customer's understanding of the requisite devices required to administer AD Summation at a global degree. Although there are no requirements, SCA candidates will certainly take advantage of taking the Summation Administration training course as a foundation.

AccessData deals personalized Certifications to acknowledge your specialized capability. Increase acknowledgment of your abilities as well as contribute to your resume by taking AccessData FREE Certification exams. Accredit by completing an online exam, which consists of Knowledge-Based as well as Practical Based components. There are no charges or requirements for taking the examinations, however, candidates will certainly take advantage of taking the courses specifically made to offer you a firm structure in the certification of your option. Exams are 'open book'. You are encouraged to examine your products, refer to the help system when needed, and identify several of the answers by clicking around within the software program. Although the test is timed, you might take as long as you need to plan for the test prior to your start. All examination questions are several options or several choose formats.

Introduction of AccessData eDiscovery Certified Administrator (EDCA)

The AccessData eDiscovery Certified Administrator (EDCA) is particularly concentrated on the IT specialist in charge of administering AD eDiscovery. The Certification focuses on defensible information collection techniques in an e-discovery examination, and exactly how making use of ADVERTISEMENT eDiscovery can make certain electronic evidence can be self-authenticated to abide by Federal Policies of Evidence 902 (13) and 902 (14). All inquiries are numerous choices, true/false, or several picks. For multiple pick inquiries (those needing greater than one solution), you will certainly see "Choose all that use adhering to the question. With AccessData Dumps you can pass this exam with an 80% or greater score. If you do not pass your second effort, you need to wait 1 year, or take the eDiscovery Principles, Component 1 program before retaking the exam. Your results will have relied on the last web page of this exam after you click 'Save and also End up' in addition to email to you.

AccessData Certified Inspector Specialist

The capstone certification provided to pupils who finish the Forensic Devices Pass (with or without Venture) curriculum. This hands-on exam-based certification will certainly cover the devices and also principles learned throughout the twenty-plus days of training taken in the past. This Certification is the highest level Certification for AccessData Forensic Equipment as well as indicates that the user has actually taken the training as well as proved retention as well as application of the strategies as well as forensic theory needed to conduct a wide array of investigations making use of AccessData Forensic Equipment.

Complete overview of AccessData Certified Examiner

The AccessData Certified Examiner credential demonstrates the user's efficiency with AccessData Forensic Toolkit, FTK Imager, Registry Viewer, and Password Healing Toolkit. The ACE Certification requires using the above-mentioned devices to effectively finish the test.

Part of the examination is understanding which processing options to go to analyze the files needed to address the questions. Because of these, precise processing choices are not given. A lot of times, the question will be written in a method to indicate what handling option needs to be used, however inevitably depends on the customer to recognize. It is advised the larger "fundamental" handling choices be run before really beginning the examination to reduce the impact on time permitted. The test includes different sorts of documents, consisting of files, pictures, internet background, and also emails.

AccessData Dumps for AccessData Certified Examiner exam will certainly cover topics such as filtering, looking, and also making use of Recognized File Filter. Files might be designated or unallocated. The ACE is created to be an examination of the individual's capability to collaborate with FTK. The ACE is not an examination of your forensic understanding, nor does it require you to understand any kind of forensic features of a detailed kind of artifact. Nonetheless, the questions within the ACE are normally based upon the web content of documents, and also, therefore, any type of searches, filters, etc. may need the individual to view/read/examine the results for the response.

Certification Topics

Take it from the experts over here, while preparing for Certification exams, make certain that you do not jam your head with a lot of questions. Way too many concerns will certainly cause anxiety as well as believe us when we claim, anxiousness is one point you do not desire. To start with, clear your head first. The following step is to deeply comprehend as well as assess all the exam information given above. Make sure that all the info depends on the day. Program Summary is the most important part of the examination. Given that this creates the curriculum of the assessment. Commit enough time per and also every domain discussed in the exam.

Certification Topics

These are the following AccessData Dumps topics for AccessData Certified Examiner Certification:

  • Situation Handling
  • Understand Index Search options and just how to transform them.
  • Comprehending Growth alternatives. (Email, Records, Pictures, Internet artifacts). Understand just how Information Carving is set up. What functions can just be refined from within the case, outside the Additional Analysis wizard?
  • User interface: Understand what data is kept in the buildings tab, as well as what is on the file listing page. Creating custom columns may assist in the display of some information
  • Understand check noting and the effect that checkmarks can have.
  • Be able to set up the display time zone.
  • Filtering system: Solitary Rule Filter. Multi Guideline Filters.
  • Embedded Filters, Searching, Index Searching, Area Searching.
  • Driver Searching, Known File Filter, Understand exactly how to produce a KFF account. Know how to run a KFF account (needed handling alternatives, etc). Know where to seek the outcomes and also exactly how to filter those outcomes.

Eligibility criteria of AccessData Certified Examiner

Access data Certified Examiner credential consists of 88 inquiries that need to be answered in 90 minutes. The price of taking the examination is $100 USD. You have just 2 efforts to pass the test. However, you need to obtain a minimum of 80% marks in order to ace the examination. The Certification stands for 2 years and after that, you have to certify according to the certification plan. There are 2 options to taking the ACE examination: you can take an AccessData training course as well as take the exam at the end of the training course, or you can take the test online without training. The examination style will certainly be Several Options as well as Multi-Response Questions.


While there are no mandatory training prerequisites to take the ACE, it is suggested that the taker be an individual of Forensic Toolkit or have taken relevant training courses. The course which will help the user finest prepare for the ACE test is Forensic Toolkit 101.

How much AccessData Certified Examiner

100 USD.

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