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Microsoft 70-483 Certified

Microsoft 70-483: MCSD Programming in C#

- Microsoft 70-483 Practice Exam: MCSD Programming in C#
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70-483 Practice Tests - Our 70-483 dumps will include those topics:


  • Manage Program Flow (25-30%)
  • Create and Use Types (25-30%)
  • Debug Applications and Implement Security (25-30%)
  • Implement Data Access (25-30%)

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70-483 Practice Tests - High level topics covered by our practice test

[...] Implement multithreading and asynchronous processing:
Use the Task Parallel library (ParallelFor, Plinq, Tasks); create continuation tasks; spawn threads by using ThreadPool; unblock the UI; use async and await keywords; manage data by using concurrent collections.
Manage multithreading:
Synchronize resources; implement locking; cancel a long-running task; implement thread-safe methods to h... Microsoft 70-483 dumps