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Question 1
Which two tools can be used to measure the quality of a VoIP call? (Choose two.) A. QoS configuration tool
B. mean opinion score tool
C. bulk administration tool
D. jitter compensation tool E. rFactor tool
Answers B, E
Question 2
What is the recommended maximum one-way latency for voice and video networks? A. 100 ms
B. 150 ms
C. 200 ms
D. 300 ms
Answers B https://www.certification-questions.com/
Question 3
An engineer must configure QoS for a VoIP network. Which option is the best QoS model for this task?
A. IntServ
B. DiffServ
Answers B
Question 4
User A notches echo on a call with user B. Both users are using Cisco VoIP phones. User B is using a headset, and user A is using a handset. What is the most likely source of the echo?
A. user A handset
B. user B headset
C. disabled echo cancellation on user A phone profile D. disabled echo cancellation on user B phone profile
Answers B
Question 5
Users report that no phone numbers are listed in the corporate directory, but the employee names are listed. Which option must be verified in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administration to display the directory numbers?
A. The primary extension is configured.
B. The user's phones are listed as a controlled device.
C. Users are associated with their directory number.
D. The telephone number field has been filled in appropriately.
Answers D
Question 6
An engineer receives a service ticket because a user cannot log into Cisco Unified CM User Options. Where can the engineer verify that the user account is active?
A. LDAP System Configuration B. LDAP Directory
C. End User Configuration
D. LDAP Authentication
E. Route Plan Report Answers C
Question 7
An engineer is syncing Cisco Unity Connection with LDAP. Which two things should the engineer consider during this process? (Choose two.)
A. PINs and passwords are replicated from the LDAP database to Cisco Unity Connection database.
B. LDAP authentication must be configured and enabled.
C. There is no limit to the amount of LDAP filters that can be created.
D. SSL certificates from LDAP must be uploaded to Cisco Unity Connection. E. LDAP synchronization must be configured and enabled.
Answers C, E
Question 8
What is one advantage of importing Cisco Unity Connection users from Cisco Unified Communications Manager?
A. The extension can be manually changed.
B. The extension stays synchronized with the user extension.
C. Voicemail features can be administered.
D. Voicemail does not require an additional license.
Answers B
Question 9
A systems administrator wants to integrate a new Cisco Unity Connection cluster with an existing directory in the enterprise. What is one valid user import source?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager AXL server B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager CTI server C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP server
D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager MOH server Answers A
Question 10
An engineer is adding user accounts to Cisco Unity Connection and needs to limit the maximum length of messages. Which aspect defines this limit when adding new accounts?
A. user templates
B. user partitions and search spaces
C. user CoS
D. user mailbox store E. user roles
Answers C
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