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Here is the exam guide for Blue Coat Certification

Introduction of Blue Coat Certification

Blue Coat certification is intended for IT specialists who wish to develop the basic expertise and also abilities to manage a mounted Blue Coat PacketShaper every day. This training course is planned for individuals that wish to use brand-new PacketShaper functions that provide incorporated visibility, control, and compression abilities in a single home appliance which are also covered in our Blue Coat Dumps. This course is intended for IT experts requiring standard operational network administration expertise and also skills; i.e. network/system administrators who are accountable for taking care of network application efficiency utilizing the PacketShaper. After finishing this program you will certainly have the ability to: Use as well as recognize the PacketShaper item as well as its capability and also abilities, Categorize traffic. Examine your network, application, and host performance

Introduction of Symantec - Blue Coat Certified PacketShaper Manager (BCPSA)

The PacketShaper Manager course is meant for IT specialists that want to create the fundamental knowledge and also abilities to handle a mounted PacketShaper on a daily basis, supplying visibility and control. Use and also recognize the PacketShaper item and its capability as well as capacities. Categorize Web traffic. Analyze your network, application, as well as host performance.

Certification Topics

  • PacketShaper Summary.
  • Licensing.
  • First Configuration.
  • PacketShaper GUI and also CLI.
  • Evaluating the Network.
  • Recognizing Applications on the Network.
  • Examining Applications on the Network.
  • Setting up as well as Keeping.
  • Partitions.
  • Plans.
  • Keeping PacketShaper.
  • Blue Coat Skies.

Exam Requirements

The student needs to know networking basics, such as well as LAN, Net, protection, and IP Protocols.

Introduction of Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA).

The Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Manager (BCCPA) course is created for IT experts that desire to grasp the principles of heaven Layer ProxySG. After finishing this course, you will certainly have the ability to: Describe the significant Secure Web Entrance functions of the ProxySG, Define the function of ProxySG as it connects to other Blue Coat items as part of a full safety and security remedy, Configure a ProxySG as well as location it into online service, Carry out the significant Secure Internet Gateway functions of the ProxySG, Perform basic troubleshooting of the ProxySG and also choose when it is appropriate to open a solution request which is also included in our Blue Coat Dumps. IT network or security experts who yearn to comprehend the principles of Blue Coat items with a focus on network safety as well as who have actually not taken any type of previous Blue Coat training programs.

Certification Topics

Heaven Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA) Exam covers the following subjects

  • Intro to ProxySG
  • ProxySG Safety Deployments.
  • ProxySG Preliminary Safety Setup.
  • ProxySG Administration Console.
  • ProxySG Safety Licensing.
  • Proxy Providers.
  • Hypertext Transfer Method.
  • Introduction to Visual Plan Manager.
  • Web Content Filtering as well as WebPulse.
  • Managing Downloads.
  • Validating users on the ProxySG.
  • Authentication Realms.
  • Verification with Transparent Proxy.
  • Exemptions and also Notifications.
  • Gain access to Logging.
  • Handling SSL Website Traffic.
  • Fundamental Troubleshooting.

Exam Requirements

Trainees ought to recognize networking essentials, such as LAN, Web, safety, and security, as well as IP methods. A standard understanding of verification approaches is also an and also.

Exam Cost

10 USD.

Introduction of Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professional (BCCPP)

The Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Professional (BCCPP) Program is planned for IT experts who desire to understand the advanced functions of the Blue Coat ProxySG. After completing this course, you will have the ability to: Define the design of the ProxySG, Compose code in Web content Policy Language to set up, ProxySG plan handling, Implement and also troubleshoot sophisticated verification to realms deployments, Take care of downloads as well as Flash web traffic. Implement advanced SSL proxy performance, Display as well as assess ProxySG performance, Incorporate the ProxySG with various other Blue Coat security items which are also included in our Blue Coat Dumps. IT network or safety and security experts who have useful experience with the ProxySG in the field as well as desire to understand the advanced network safety and security capabilities of Blue Coat products.

Certification Topics

Heaven Coat Certified ProxySG Professional (BCCPP) Course consists of more intricate and technological ideas and also comprehensive hands-on methods. It covers:

  • SGOS Style
  • Caching Style
  • Intro to CPL
  • Basic CPL
  • Intermediate CPL
  • Policy Looking Up
  • CPL Best Practices
  • Advanced Verification Concepts
  • Visitor Authentication and Error Handling
  • Verification with BCAAA
  • Kerberos Authentication
  • Authentication Troubleshooting
  • Forwarding
  • SSL Advanced Topics
  • ProxySG Performance Tracking
  • ProxySG Combination

Exam Requirements

Blue Coat Certified ProxySG Administrator (BCCPA) certification, or waiver examination, plus user experience with the ProxySG in the field. Additionally, trainees need to have the sophisticated knowledge of networking, safety and security, and also verification.

Introduction of Blue Coat Content Analysis System

Blue Coat Content Analysis System, part of the Safety and Policy Enforcement Facility, is a split system that uses you the best protection versus recognized, unknown, and also targeted strikes. Integrated with Blue Coat ProxySG appliances, the Content Evaluation System makes use of an advanced, layered approach to protecting versus recognized and also unknown dangers, as well as includes AV technology, whitelisting, as well as vibrant evaluation (sandboxing)The fusion of these two items gives the very best malware protection versus targeted strikes on the market today. With each other, the Content Evaluation System and also ProxySG supply remarkable performance and scalability, so you can secure against infections, Trojans, worms, spyware, as well as other kinds of malicious content also when customers aren't running anti-malware software application at the desktop computer which is also covered in our Blue Coat Dumps. The Material Evaluation System's best-of-breed technique enables Blue Coat to companion with visionary security vendors to provide an exceptional defense. Leading malware engines from Kaspersky, Sophos, and McAfee are sustained with updates as frequently as every 5 mins, supplying much better security than desktop anti-malware remedies. Threat detection engines include checksum trademark matching for well-known threats, command and also web content behavior analysis for aggressive discovery, as well as emulation mode for the deep script as well as executable analysis.

Special to Blue Coat, postponed scanning keeps lengthy lots of items like web radio and various other media out of processing threads, optimizing web gateway efficiency. The Web content Analysis System supports four settings of web content evaluation; including conventional things evaluation, trickle first or last stream analysis, as well as deferred scan. The system can be set up to examine both incoming and outbound web traffic and include options such as set time-out duration, decrease documents if mistakes in detection happen, and specify trusted websites. The policy can be set for allow/deny listings, with extensions, along with file size as well as material type restrictions. Alerts, as well as log data, can also be tailored.

Scan Whatever The Content Analysis System provides best-in-class malware scanning with performance as well as security, as well as can check files approximately 5GB in dimension and also assess compressed archives up to 99 layers deep. When files are properly unpacked, the Web content Analysis System gains the capability to disclose harmful content that might have been deliberately concealed, subjecting intended actions.

Certification Topics

The Material Evaluation System training course will instruct trainees on how to install, set up, as well as run the Content Evaluation System home appliance. The course covers:

  • Introduction to the Web Content Evaluation System.
  • Web Content Analysis System Management.
  • Checking Review.
  • Anti-virus Scanning.
  • Whitelisting.
  • Keeping An Eye On the Material Analysis System.
  • Fixing.

Exam Requirements

Standard knowledge of computer system networking. Top-level understanding of basic methods, specifically the Internet Content Adaptation Method (ICAP). Knowledge of ProxySG administration.

Introduction of Blue Coat SSL Visibility Appliance

An important offering within Blue Coat's Security and Policy Enforcement solutions profile, heaven Layer SSL Presence Home appliance decrypts several streams of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) website traffic throughout all network ports to provide next-generation firewall (NGFW), intrusion detection, and also prevention system (NGIPS), logging, forensics, and data loss avoidance (DLP) services with a presence right into previously encrypted website traffic and applications. The SSL Visibility Device maintains a full network and web traffic backgrounds necessary for compliance, risk analysis, and a lot more which are also included in our Blue Coat Dumps. This makes it possible for organizations to add SSL assessment capabilities to their network safety design and close the protection exposure loophole created by encrypted web traffic. By unloading the processor-intensive jobs of decryption and also file encryption, the SSL Exposure Appliance raises the efficiency and also the performance of these safety applications.

The Blue Coat SSL Presence Device is an important component of any enterprise's encrypted administration strategy and, uses full presence right into encrypted traffic without calling for the replication of safety appliances or re-architecting of network infrastructure. This alternative technique should address the acceptable usage plans for inbound and outgoing encrypted web traffic while thinking about an extensible design that ranges to secure the business and abide by compliance needs. The unique capacities of heaven Layer SSL Exposure Home appliance assist to eliminate threats developing from lack of presence into SSL web traffic while also enhancing the efficiency of security as well as network appliances. It is an efficient policy enforcement factor for encrypted website traffic for organizations of all dimensions.

Effective Administration

Monitoring: An effective, SSL-secured, yet simple-to-use, online interface (UI) is attended to set up as well as monitoring. Personalized internet UI and third-party administration alternatives are also offered for OEM companions. Email Informing: Logs can be configured to trigger signals that can be sent via email promptly or at periods to designated network administrators. SSL Session Recognition: The session log provides details of all SSL streams, checked or not, permitting questionable patterns or patterns of SSL utilized to be discovered. Syslog Coverage: Up to 8 remote Syslog web servers are supported to allow improved reporting as well as logging applications within distributed atmospheres.

Plan Enforcement: The device works as enforcement indicates manage SSL website traffic throughout the venture. Making Use Of Internet as well as Host Classification and also SSL web traffic kinds for plans, organizations can quickly develop and customize granular plans to satisfy their service demands (e.g. do not encrypt all monetary or banking web traffic heading out of business). These policies additionally make use of Blue Coat's market-leading Worldwide Intelligence Network to exchange as well as update risk and also malware expertise in real-time around the world.

The SSL Presence Home appliance sustains multiple in-line or faucet sections that feed several energetic or easily attached home appliances. The number of sections varies depending on the design number. It also gives support for multiple re-signing CAs, in addition to web server tricks, permitting rules-based per-flow trademarks, and also secrets which are also covered in our Blue Coat Dumps. Port Mirroring With its one-of-a-kind "Decrypt As soon as, Feed Several" layout, the SSL Exposure Appliance is capable of sending out copies out to several gadgets over the extra ports on the tool. This allows organizations to feed all website traffic (decrypted as well as non-SSL) to extra passive gadgets on the network.

Certification Topics

The SSL Exposure Appliance course will educate pupils exactly how to set up, configure, and also operate the SSL Presence home appliance. The program covers:

  • Introduction to the SSL Visibility Home Appliance.
  • First Arrangement and also Licensing.
  • Dealing with SSL.
  • Release Modes.
  • Policies.
  • PKI Management.
  • Platform Management.
  • Monitoring as well as Troubleshooting.
  • Assimilation.

Exam Requirements

Knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, as well as SSL/TLS. Comprehending of networking gadgets such as firewall software, routers, and also changes. Familiarity with network topologies and arrangements.

Exam Cost

USD 2,898

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