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Question 1
With Metadata API you can move configuration changes between sandbox and production environments: A. True
B. False
Answer A
Question 2
Which of the following are the 3 layers of an application? (Select all that apply) A. User Interface
B. Business Logic
C. Business Data
D. Data Model E. Objects
Answer A, B, D
Question 3
Data and process-centric applications are best suited for A. True
B. False

Salesforce DEV-401
Answer A
Question 4
What are the 4 Declarative Application building blocks of the User Interface? (Select all that apply) A. Visualforce Pages
B. Applications
C. Tabs
D. Workflow
E. Page Layouts F. Record Types
Answer B, C, E, F
Question 5
Building your Data Model True or False The limit on the number of custom fields per object depends on the Salesforce edition.
A. True B. False
Answer A
Question 6
Encrypted fields can be edited regardless of whether you have the "View Encrypted Data" permission. A. True
B. False
Answer A
Question 7
Which of the following are true about custom objects? (Select all that apply):
A. Salesforce provides a set of custom objects that you can use to store data.

Salesforce DEV-401
B. After you create a custom object, you need to add the user interface.
C. Custom objects come with an infrastructure including reporting, auditing and access control. D. When you create a custom object, you get a direct access to the database.
E. Custom objects are reportable and search
Answer C, E
Question 8
Identify the correct statements about dependent picklists (Select all that apply):
A. Standard picklists can be controlling fields but not dependent fields
B. The maximum number of values allowed in a controlling field is 400
C. Before defining a dependency, you should ensure that your picklist has at least 1 value D. A custom multi-select picklist can be set at the controlling field for a dependent field
E. If a field represents both a controlling field
Answer A, C, E
Question 9
If a lookup field is optional, what actions can you define for the field if someone deletes a referenced lookup record? (Select all that apply)
A. Clear the value of this field
B. Delete all records which contain this reference
C. Don't allow deletion of the lookup record that's part of a lookup relationship D. Delete this record also
Answer A, C, D
Question 10
Master Detail Relationship can contain a standard object on the detail side. A. True
B. False

Salesforce DEV-401
Answer A
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