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Information Systems Security Engineering Professional
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Question 1
FITSAF stands for Federal Information Technology Security Assessment Framework. It is a methodology for assessing the security of information systems. Which of the following FITSAF levels shows that the procedures and controls are tested and reviewed
A. Level 4 B. Level 5 C. Level 1 D. Level 2 E. Level 3 Answer: A
Question 2
Which of the following is a type of security management for computers and networks in order to identify security breaches
C. ASA D. EAP Answer: B

Question 3
Which of the following types of firewalls increases the security of data packets by remembering the state of connection at the network and the session layers as they pass through the filter
A. Stateless packet filter firewall B. PIX firewall
C. Stateful packet filter firewall D. Virtual firewall
Answer: C
Question 4
Which of the following federal laws is designed to protect computer data from theft
A. Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) B. Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA)
C. Government Information Security Reform Act (GISRA) D. Computer Security Act
Answer: B
Question 5
Which of the following is used to indicate that the software has met a defined quality level and is ready for mass distribution either by electronic means or by physical media
A. ATM B. RTM C. CRO D. DAA Answer: B

Question 6
Part of your change management plan details what should happen in the change control system for your project. Theresa, a junior project manager, asks what the configuration management activities are for scope changes. You tell her that all of the following are valid configuration management activities except for which one
A. Configuration Item Costing
B. Configuration Identification
C. Configuration Verification and Auditing D. Configuration Status Accounting Answer: A
Question 7
Which of the following professionals is responsible for starting the Certification & Accreditation (C&A) process
A. Authorizing Official
B. Information system owner
C. Chief Information Officer (CIO) D. Chief Risk Officer (CRO) Answer: B
Question 8
Which of the following security controls is a set of layered security services that address communications and data security problems in the emerging Internet and intranet application space
A. Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)
B. Common data security architecture (CDSA) C. File encryptors
D. Application program interface (API) Answer: B

Question 9
Which of the following protocols is used to establish a secure terminal to a remote network device
A. WEP B. SMTP C. SSH D. IPSec Answer: C
Question 10
Which of the following elements of Registration task 4 defines the system's external interfaces as well as the purpose of each external interface, and the relationship between the interface and the system
A. System firmware B. System software C. System interface D. System hardware Answer: C
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