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											Q1.Which approach should a developer take to automatically add a "Maintenance Plan"? to each Opportunity that
includes an "Annual Subscription"? when an opportunity is closed?
 - A:   Build a OpportunityLineItem trigger that adds a PriceBookEntry record.
 - B:   Build an OpportunityLineItem trigger to add an OpportunityLineItem record.
 - C:   Build an Opportunity trigger that adds a PriceBookEntry record.
 - D:   Build an Opportunity trigger that adds an OpportunityLineItem record.

 solution: D

Q2.Which two statements are true about using the @testSetup annotation in an Apex test class? (Choose two.)
 - A:   The @testSetup annotation cannot be used when the @isTest(SeeAllData=True) annotation is used.
 - B:   Test data is inserted once for all test methods in a class.
 - C:   Records created in the @testSetup method cannot be updates in individual test methods.
 - D:   The @testSetup method is automatically executed before each test method in the test class is executed.

 solution: D

Q3.What is the requirement for a class to be used as a custom Visualforce controller?
 - A:   Any top-level Apex class that has a constructor that returns a PageReference
 - B:   Any top-level Apex class that extends a PageReference
 - C:   Any top-level Apex class that has a default, no-argument constructor
 - D:   Any top-level Apex class that implements the controller interface

 solution: D

Q4.A Visualforce page is required for displaying and editing Case records that includes both standard and custom
functionality defined in an Apex class called myControllerExtension.
The Visualforce page should include which  attribute(s) to correctly implement controller
 - A:   controller="Case"? and extensions="myControllerExtension"?
 - B:   extensions="myControllerExtension"?
 - C:   controller="myControllerExtension"?
 - D:   standardController="Case"? and extensions="myControllerExtension"?

 solution: D

Q5.A newly hired developer discovers that there are multiple triggers on the case object.
What should the developer consider when working with triggers?
 - A:   Developers must dictate the order of trigger execution.
 - B:   Trigger execution order is based on creation date and time.
 - C:   Unit tests must specify the trigger being tested.
 - D:   Trigger execution order is not guaranteed for the same sObject.

 solution: D

Q6.How should a developer prevent a recursive trigger?
 - A:   Use a "one trigger per object"? pattern.
 - B:   Use a static Boolean variable.
 - C:   Use a trigger handler.
 - D:   Use a private Boolean variable.

 solution: D

Q7.Which three options can be accomplished with formula fields? (Choose three.)
 - A:   Generate a link using the HYPERLINK function to a specific record.
 - B:   Display the previous value for a field using the PRIORVALUE function.
 - C:   Determine if a datetime field value has passed using the NOW function.
 - D:   Return and display a field value from another object using the VLOOKUP function.
 - E:   Determine which of three different images to display using the IF function.

 solution: A, C, E

Q8.What is a capability of the  tag that is used for loading external Javascript libraries in
Lightning Component? (Choose three.)
 - A:   Loading files from Documents.
 - B:   One-time loading for duplicate scripts.
 - C:   Specifying loading order.
 - D:   Loading scripts in parallel.
 - E:   Loading externally hosted scripts.

 solution: B, C, D

Q9.A Platform Developer needs to write an Apex method that will only perform an action if a record is assigned to a
specific Record Type.
Which two options allow the developer to dynamically determine the ID of the required Record Type by its
name? (Choose two.)
 - A:   Make an outbound web services call to the SOAP API.
 - B:   Hardcode the ID as a constant in an Apex class.
 - C:   Use the getRecordTypeInfosByName() method in the DescribeSObjectResult class.
 - D:   Execute a SOQL query on the RecordType object.

 solution: C, D

Q10.A developer has the controller class below.


Which code block will run successfully in an execute anonymous window?
 - A:   myFooController m = new myFooController();

System.assert(m.prop !=null);
 - B:   myFooController m = new myFooController();

System.assert(m.prop ==0);
 - C:   myFooController m = new myFooController();

System.assert(m.prop ==null);
 - D:   myFooController m = new myFooController();

System.assert(m.prop ==1);

 solution: C