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Question 1
Inline editing updates the field when
A. The field is saved/updated
B. When the record is saved/updated C. When the return key is pressed
D. None of the above
Answer B
Question 2
If a company opts to use Custom Fiscal Years, they cannot use the standard forecasting option. A. True
B. False
Answer A
Question 3
Which of the following are not standard objects? A. Opportunities
B. Solutions
C. Job Applicants
D. Accounts

Salesforce ADM-201
E. Campaigns
Answer C
Question 4
Which of the following are part of the Service Cloud offering? A. Opportunities
B. Knowledge
C. Entitlements
D. Campaigns E. Quotes
Answer B, C
Question 5
Locale settings control how users view date formats, time formats and number formats. A. True
B. False
Answer A
Question 6
If the company locale is set to US English, all users will have a default locale of US English and this cannot be changed.
A. True B. False
Answer B
Question 7
If your company's fiscal year follows the Gregorian calendar, you must use Custom Fiscal Years.

Salesforce ADM-201
A. True B. False
Answer B
Question 8
In order to enable multi-currency feature in Salesforce, you must
A. Contact
B. Check the Enable Multi-currency checkbox in your Chatter profile
C. Operate your business in at least two different countries
D. You cannot enable this feature once you've implemented Salesforce.
Answer A
Question 9
Which feature effectively allows you to "lock" the converted amount on closed opportunities? A. Locale
B. Company Profile
C. Multi-currency
D. Advanced Currency Management E. None of the above
Answer D
Question 10
User interface settings are global settings and apply to all users of an org. A. True
B. False
Answer A

Salesforce ADM-201
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