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Preparation Guide for JumpCloud Certification

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JumpCloud is the comprehensive platform that provides cloud-based Microsoft Exchange, Google Apps, and Microsoft Office 365 solutions to organizations. The software offers a wide range of collaboration and communication tools for users to manage their work data, including email archiving, storage, and retrieval which are all included in JumpCloud Dumps. This software effectively allows companies to enhance productivity and streamline communications within an organization using various technologies with ease. The application also integrates with popular CRM applications like Salesforce to allow sales teams to collaborate on deals without any disruptions in workflow or office hours.

Why does it matter if organizations use JumpCloud

The platform allows for better collaboration among employees through multiple platforms such as email archiving, cloud storage solutions, task management, and others. With the help of JumpCloud, businesses can improve their ROI for IT investments as the platform is available in multiple locations and can be accessed by users from any device. The application can also help IT administrators reduce costs of managing email systems, improve collaboration among users, and safeguard sensitive documents from data breaches.

What is the backstory to the creation of JumpCloud

JumpCloud was founded in 2012 by Matthew Mikolajewski and Jonathon Leisk, co-founders of CloudJumper, one of the leading cloud consulting companies. The founders believed that a cost-effective service was much needed for businesses looking to enhance their communication capabilities among employees.

What are the features provided by JumpCloud

JumpCloud comes with integration and automation tools to help businesses in improving their processes and workflow management. This software allows users to create contact groups, manage email distribution lists, automate tasks through email and secure different types of data such as documents or PDFs. It also helps in integrating with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and Salesforce CRM to improve collaboration among users which are also covered in our JumpCloud Dumps. The platform also safeguards critical documents from data breaches using cloud storage solutions. The application's platform also allows users to store documents on a remote server and access them from their laptops or mobile phones.

What other platforms does JumpCloud offer

JumpCloud offers two different cloud collaboration applications for businesses and organizations, these include:

The JumpCloud Corporate Edition offers a suite of tools that support all Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, and Exchange Server implementations. This includes workflows with email archiving features as well as task management solutions throughout collaboration platforms including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and LinkedIn. The software offers several features to allow users better collaboration among teams, including multi-factor authentication, data protection, and mobility which are all included in JumpCloud Dumps. The application also offers a comprehensive set of apps to improve workflow within an organization to make it more efficient.

Who are some of the companies using JumpCloud

Companies such as IBM, Coca-Cola Enterprises, and PWC have used JumpCloud to provide a better user experience. The platform has also been used by several banks in the United States to improve collaboration among their employees. The application is used by customers who want to increase productivity and collaboration within a company.

JumpCloud provides a comprehensive suite of applications that can help improve productivity and collaboration for businesses across multiple platforms and devices. Through a simple interface, the platform enables users to easily manage their data and workflows. JumpCloud is also compatible with Salesforce CRM, which allows users to access their data from various applications seamlessly.

Within the cloud collaboration and communication space, JumpCloud competes with other offerings like Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps for Work, and IBM Verse.

The company behind JumpCloud is Riddle & Code Inc., which was founded in 2012 in Austin, Texas. It was initially named Riddle & Code Inc. but was changed to JumpCloud in September 2013. The company currently has offices in Austin, Texas, and Stony Brook, New York. It has received $8 million in Series A funding from the venture capital firms Scout Ventures and Thayer Ventures. JumpCloud also has a partner program called the "JumpCloud Academic Alliance Program" (ACA). The program allows schools and institutions to offer JumpCloud's hosted email for free. JumpCloud Dumps covers all questions of ACA. There are over 1,000 clients in the ACA program. JumpCloud was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the fastest-growing company in America.

JumpCloud was also awarded the Business Intelligence Group's Best Ecosystem Partner Award in 2014 and 2015. JumpCloud has also received the prestigious Stevie® Award for Women in Business Honoree of 2016.

JumpCloud Core Certification

JumpCloud Core Certificate validates the ability to outline and perform a JumpCloud implementation using the current version of its product. This certification is based on a multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank testing system. There is no practical work required for this certification. The exam demonstration environment requires the following software installation: Implementation experience is not required in order to take this test.

After passing this exam, the JumpCloud Certified Associate will receive a JumpCloud Core Certificate and be eligible to sit for the JumpCloud Advanced Certificate.

Certification Topics of JumpCloud Core Certification

Our JumpCloud dumps covers the following objectives of JumpCloud Core Certification

  • What is the basic purpose of JumpCloud
  • How are organizational resources managed using the application
  • What is the user's access to JumpCloud like from an iPhone
  • How can an administrator update security settings on a user account
  • Which type of information will be gathered through an authentication process for an email account that does not use two steps of verification (2FA)

Exam Requirements of JumpCloud Core Certification

  • The exam is designed to be taken on any modern web browser. We recommend using Google Chrome.
  • The exam covers material from both of JumpCloud's primary features: the JumpCloud App and the JumpCloud Exchange Connector.
  • The questions asked about those two areas are designed to test your understanding of, and ability to perform, a variety of tasks that you might undertake while performing a JumpCloud implementation.
  • On average, it will take a candidate one hour to complete this certificate.

Exam Cost of JumpCloud Core Certification

  • The cost to pass the exam is 10 USD.

JumpCloud Bronze Certification

JumpCloud Bronze Certification works with organizations who are new to the cloud, want to host their email in the cloud, and are looking for greater ROI than they are currently seeing from their current on-prem email solution. JumpCloud Bronze Certification helps users to identify data-at-rest and data-in-transit risks, thereby making it easier to protect emails from cyber-criminals. It also helps organizations in deciding what security features they need for their business by suggesting security features that are relevant and appropriate for the organization. JumpCloud Bronze Certification is a cost-effective way of protecting your business emails and data from cyber threats without having to make any major investments into software or equipment. This certification is useful if your organization is using a non-Microsoft email application and want to move to the cloud. We have different types of modules according to the use of your organization. If you have chosen the Hosted Email certificate or you have chosen the SaaS Email certificate, you will get a set of modules that cover these topics.

Certification Topics of JumpCloud Bronze Certification

Our JumpCloud dumps covers the following objectives of JumpCloud Bronze Certification

  • Email Security Features
  • Directory and Directory Accessibility
  • High Availability and Disaster Recovery for Email Servers
  • Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Requirements
  • JumpCloud Security Features

Exam Requirements of JumpCloud Bronze Certification

Prerequisites of JumpCloud Bronze Certification:

  • Document protected email identities and address labels
  • Tested your IT security with SSL scans
  • Tested websites for vulnerabilities using Scans from OWASP
  • Certifications from IT federal regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, or FISMA may also be helpful in preparing you for the exam.
  • If you have never used email on the cloud, it might be helpful to read up on how a variety of email technologies work together in order to pass this test.

Exam Cost of JumpCloud Bronze Certification

  • The cost to pass the exam is 75 USD.

JumpCloud Silver Certification

JumpCloud Silver Certification provides the organization with a comprehensive set of security features that cover critical areas such as backup, encryption at rest and in transit. It helps in the implementation of a unified policy across various business units by identifying data at risk. JumpCloud Silver Certification works with organizations that have a higher level of maturity in their cloud adoption and need more security, flexibility, and control than the Bronze certification provides which are also covered in our JumpCloud Dumps. This is achieved by using advanced authentication features like UPN, SPN, LDAP Auth, and granular administrative controls.

It provides granular audit reports and helps identify the compliance gaps of the organization, thereby making it possible to identify the key areas where an organization may be at risk. Silver certifications are the stepping stone to advanced certifications.

Certification Topics of JumpCloud Silver Certification

Topics of JumpCloud Silver Certification include:

  • Identify data vulnerabilities by observing and monitoring logs
  • Conduct a penetration test to test the security of your email server or cloud applications
  • Carry out backup and restore in case of a breach.
  • Setup and configure email servers to use cloud storage as the primary storage device for email messages.
  • Plan different backup options by selecting files to retain, retention frequency, retention location, and restore methods.
  • Configure settings for data at rest like encryption, authentication, and access control.

Exam Requirements of JumpCloud Silver Certification

  • The exam requires you to manage the security of an organization's email systems, which includes the management of cryptographic keys and certificates.
  • You should have experience in taking care of your encryption and key management environment.
  • It is important to have a full understanding of how to take backup and restore.
  • It is also important to know how to configure backup options including file selection, retention frequency, retention location, and restore methods.

Exam cost of JumpCloud Silver Certification

The cost to pass the exam is 75 USD.

JumpCloud Gold Certification

JumpCloud Gold Certification works with organizations that have purchased an on-premise email solution of 20 seats or more and plan on moving to the cloud. The process enables them to move all their email data, directory, and contacts, and access it from one location. In addition, the transition process allows users to keep a local archive of emails and attachments in case they need them in the future.

JumpCloud Gold Certification works with organizations that have a higher level of maturity in their cloud adoption and needs to adhere to strict compliance policies. We offer certified solutions by using advanced authentication features like UPN, SPN, LDAP Auth, and granular administrative controls which are all included in JumpCloud Dumps. It also helps organizations in deciding what features they need for their business by suggesting relevant security features such as multi-factor authentication and email whitelisting. The results of the certification are used by the customers to determine the impact that various security technologies can have on their organization.

JumpCloud Gold Certification is awarded to those who meet the following criteria: JumpCloud has announced a new partnership with Microsoft to offer email archiving and storage services. This partnership will allow organizations to backup and archive their email data quickly and easily through the cloud. This is done through an extensive customer care center which can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world. The service works with all popular email clients across multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and others. It provides users with a hierarchical folder structure which makes searching for emails easier.

Certification Topics of JumpCloud Gold Certification

Topics of JumpCloud Gold Certification include:

  • Implement a cloud storage service to store data securely in the cloud.
  • Use JumpCloud's backup and archiving capabilities by creating a backup job, configuring retention rules for various job types, and selecting files to retain and how long to keep them.
  • Automate email archiving jobs by sending backed-up emails to different destinations based on parameters such as recipient, date/time range, attachment name/extension, sender/recipient address, and other content information.

Exam Requirements of JumpCloud Gold Certification

  • You should have experience in configuring email server options in cloud storage.
  • You need to have a full understanding of the process required to move data, contacts, and users into the cloud.
  • It is important to know how to configure retention rules and select files to retain as part of a backup job.
  • Gold certification also requires candidates to be conversant with how automated archiving jobs work.

Exam Cost of JumpCloud Gold Certification

The exam cost of JumpCloud Gold Certification is 100 USD.

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