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How does Money Back Policy work? All you want to know about Money Back Policy.
  1. No worries, our Money Back Policy provides a complete assurance to our customers, in fact the policy covers the 100% value of the product purchased and it is just an email away, in case you don't succeed in the final exam. But to be honest, its not very likely.
  2. At www.certification-questions.com we work really hard to have all exam questions updated always, but still sometimes it could happen due to unlikely times that the vendor updates questions and they can't sync to our simulator as the process could take a little time before our experts can collect and rewrite the latest questions & answers for you.
  3. Anyways, the refund process is very easy and you are just required to send an email to info@certification-questions.com with proof of your official exam result sheet where is it stated that you were unsuccessful to pass.
  4. Once you are eligible for a refund, our system would automatically process your refund which would arrive in the same account you have made the payments from and will be processed via a secure system Braintree (by PayPal).
  5. The refund operation can take up to 5 - 7 business days and this time varies according to the customer's bank procedures.
  6. According to the payment method the refund can be more or less fast, for example PayPal is the fastest.

Eligibility Condition:

  1. The user must pass 80% of all our simulator tests.
  2. Our refund policy is applicable till 3 months from the date of purchase.
  3. The official exam result sheet or certificate must be on the same name or email of the account holder at www.certification-questions.com.

The 100% Money Back Guarantee policy is unique and is the best guarantee that you can find among our competitors in terms of simplicity, speed and refund security.

And please don't be afraid if we are too honest, 97% of our users pass the exams at their first try, and we are sure you can do much better than those 3%.

What am I buying?

When you purchase our products you will get access to unique dump exams. Each of them is composed of a unique set of questions and answers with solution. You have a fixed amount of minutes to complete it.

The time is based on the real exam in order to simulate the final exam.

We always have free versions of our product. You can try them browsing the free version of our website.

Are the dumps exams similar to the final real exam?

Each Dumps Exam is made of a unique set of certification questions which accurately reproduce the actual exam. Each of them has a set of answers and for each answer there is a detailed explanation which helps the student to understand and improve his\her knowledge.

How many certification questions are contained in each test?

Each Dump Exam contains the same amount of unique certification questions equal to the real final exam.

Is my Certification-Questions account going to expire?

No, it will never expire unless we notice you are sharing your account or you have a Limited Subscription. In case we notice that your account is shared then it will be blocked and removed.

Can I mark the questions for later review?

Yes, you can review your marked questions at any time during your work session.