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Preparation Guide for Alibaba Certification

Alibaba Certification Overview

By learning more about cloud computing and earning industry standard accreditations, our people will have the opportunity to advance their careers or improve their services. Alibaba Cloud Academy uses a series of certifications corresponding to the training course desired by the individual and the level of discovery. Embark on your next big cloud journey with certifications from Alibaba Cloud Academy. Alibaba-Cloud certifications confirm your knowledge of Alibaba-Cloud Globe. It is useful for professionals looking to improve their certifications and gain recognition in the market. Having certifications for Alibaba-Cloud can help you rank among your peers, peers, and classmates in the long and short term. These certifications are trusted around the world and are also much better than accreditations from unidentified computer systems training institutes. Alibaba-Cloud offers educational products for many of its programs. According to these training products, Alibaba-Cloud offers certifications if you pass the exams with Alibaba Dumps. Actually, the tests are provided by the Alibaba-Cloud Companion company and the certifications are provided by Alibaba-Cloud as to whether you have passed a certain exam for detail or group of items. Your goal should be to determine the accreditation that best meets your academic and professional goals, as well as to obtain the most effective materials to prepare.

What is the Alibaba cloud

Alibaba Cloud uses a full range of cloud elements and also services for databases, organization, protection, evaluation and big information, zones, as well as websites, whiteboards, application solutions, multimedia services and the sky is the limit to from there. In this area, we provide a diagram of the Alibaba Cloud solutions, including their critical process, filing, and executive payments.

Alibaba Cloud was the leading cloud service provider to achieve CSA CELEBRITY certification, for security, trust fund and also affirmation, and the first to be validated with ISO27001 certification of detailed security monitoring system in China. These kinds of awards helped Alibaba Cloud to stand out as an enthusiast in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Cloud as a Solution Framework, worldwide in 2017, and it was also onboard in 2018, even with the number of vendors listed by 14 in 2017. to just 6 in 2018. Alibaba Cloud was also in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Solution in 2018.

Alibaba Cloud will undoubtedly continue to have opportunities to help companies of all sizes establish themselves. The organization is leading a rivalry development in our Tianchi phase, which currently has more than 200,000 developers from 91 countries and even sites. Using a considerable number of the greatest and best pioneers inspires the company to continue to push its limits.22 Hanqing Wu is an Alibaba Cloud Chief Protection Researcher who led to the improvement of Alibaba Cloud Safety, an aid that he assured more than 37% of sites in China before surfaced in 2017. The growth of elastic safety nets enables small and medium-sized businesses to fight massive, even extremely damaging, DDoS attacks with limited resources. Posse Wang is the Principal Investigator for Alibaba A.I. Laboratories, study the human-PC connections, guide the vision of the PC, prepare the typical language, recognize discussions, and even artificial intelligence.

Their dedications are used on Alibaba products which are also covered in our Alibaba Dumps, such as Tmall Genie, an excellent voice-activated device made by Labs. The Alibaba team also pushed Alibaba to Advanced Research (AIR) to interact with schoolchildren around the world and professionals and promote the growth of science and innovation. The company supports assessment programs that confirm to certifiable industry scenarios, addressing exactly how the organization can empower SMEs and foster business progress at a later date. In the quarter to March 2018, Alibaba Cloud moved 316 new products and highlights, including more than 60 focused on invented reasoning, rules details, and security. By sponsoring at all levels of our business, partnering with specialists, and supporting academics, Alibaba Cloud can ensure a constant stream of innovation that enables organizations to manage cutting-edge improvements without considerable levels of effort.

This segment includes some of Alibaba Cloud's key answers for scenarios, for example, information movement, Internet support and Internet of points, as well as transmitting part of things and solutions connected to it. Basically, Alibaba Cloud solutions are every minute of every day, with constant high quality and controlled by quick installation, indicating that its electronic products and solutions will surely be easily accessible to customers and will not be exposed to launch events. lasting attacks on security and safety. These are part of Alibaba's findings.

  • Alibaba Elastic Cloud Computing Service (ECS)
  • Simple application web server
  • Server load balancing

This will allow you to discover and experience a wide range of items and services accessible in the Alibaba Cloud scene. In case you are looking for a completely free private preview, you will definitely get USD 300. In case you are a salaried company, you can choose Totally Free Initial Venture and also submit the basic information to pass the Genuine Name Registration Verification before you start. your preliminary estimate of USD 1,200. You can start with your preliminary estimate completely free in three standard advances. Find out how to start your business with Alibaba Cloud. For starters, exactly how we see how to sign up for a free document and setup technique so you can get your completely free preliminary asset worth around USD 300 and start using our wide range of items and even services.

Alibaba authentications are divided into three levels, crossed into 3 classifications.

Alibaba Cloud Associate (ACA) certified

  • ACA Cloud IT Partner
  • Big Information ACA Associate
  • ACA Cloud Security Partner Alibaba Cloud (ACP) certified Professional
  • ACP Cloud IT
  • ACP Big Information Accreditation
  • ACP security solutions certification Alibaba Cloud Expert (ACE) certified
  • ACE Cloud Computing Accreditation
  • ACE rating for Big Data
  • ACE Cloud security certification

Alibaba Cloud Certified Partner (ACA)

The ACA Cloud Computer certification will be just one of the most effective ways to get an introduction to Alibaba Cloud. It offers you one of the most used eding to other certifications. Cloud Computer Test is a series of online courses covering topics from Alibaba Cloud ECS, SLB, OSS, RDS, Automotive Scaling, Security Solutions, and various other core cloud computing technologies. It was developed to help you recognize how these products work, how they should be used, and to help you gain the knowledge you need to plan your cloud computing expert exam for the ACA / ACP title.

It covers the necessary aspects of this fast-growing platform, introducing you to the essential services you will need to develop your Alibaba Cloud framework. Additionally, this introductory course helps you prepare to take the Alibaba Cloud Computing Associate exam and for that reason become an Alibaba Cloud Certified Partner. Alibaba Cloud certifications are available in different flavors these are all covered in our Alibaba Dumps:

  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Expert

This certification is one of the 3 Associate certifications currently available, sometimes for creation.

Use Elastic Compute (ECS) Solution to Free Up Servers in an Alibaba Cloud Atmosphere. Understand the fundamentals of ECS regarding storage, security, and networking. Information on administration, use and operations of the Object Storage Service (OSS). Understand the benefits of OSS and also its billing approaches. Learn more about Alibaba's Lots Balancer (SLB) web server solution and its main components. Learn about the benefits, usage, and operation of the SLB service, as well as how exactly to load-balance your web server. Learn more about Alibaba Cloud's relational database service offerings. Find out more about Alibaba Car Scaling, its uses and how it works. Learn how to produce scale groups, scale configurations, and scale rules on Alibaba Cloud. The target market is expected. IT professionals who want to recognize the fundamentals of Alibaba Cloud to create their own frameworks using the platform. Anyone seeking the Alibaba Cloud Certified Associate certification.

Topics of Exam

  • Elastic Computing Service (ECS)
  • Object Storage Service (OSS)
  • Server Load Balancer (SLB)
  • Alibaba RDS
  • Alibaba autoscale
  • Protection and monitoring


No official prerequisite is required to pass this certification. However, experience with other cloud service providers will really help speed up the discovery process. In my case, I already have some Azure / AWS experience prior to this, which really sped up my preparations.

Exam Cost:

120 USD

Alibaba Cloud's Big Data Certification Associate

Alibaba cloud is one of the popular names in the cloud market that does not require any kind of introduction. In addition, as a cloud service provider, Alibaba also uses a series of certifications for cloud specialists in cloud computing, big data and security. Among the huge Alibaba Cloud data certifications available, the Big Information certified Alibaba Cloud professional certification is the professional level certification. This certification test is for those who have currently passed the Alibaba Cloud certified Professional Big Information Accreditation. The Alibaba Cloud Certified Big Data Professional certification, commonly known as ACP Big Data certification, is Alibaba's professional-level Big Data certification. This Alibaba Cloud Big Information certification professional title covers a variety of huge Alibaba Cloud data services plus E-MapReduce, MaxCompute, DataWorks, visualization, BI appliances, as well as the core concept of dispersed system. When you start your work to prepare for ACP Big Data accreditation, you must take an exam. This is a closed book offline review that potential customers should provide to the test facility. The test includes 60 applications for up to 100 points and you will have 135 minutes to complete the exam. You will have to pay USD 120 to take the exam. Our Alibaba Dumps provides all questions of Alibaba Cloud Professional Big Data Certification exam.

Topics of Exam

  • Hadoop ecosystem and distributed theory 15%.
  • MaxCompute 35%.
  • Reduce 12%.
  • Rapid BI 8%.
  • DataWorks 20%.
  • Data V5%.
  • Alibaba Cloud Large Devices for Data Environment 5%.

Exam Requirements

This certification exam is for candidates who are proficient in Big Data on Alibaba's cloud system. Alibaba Cloud Big Information Expert is intended for, among others, designers, programmers, and O&M employees who recognize exactly how to use Alibaba Big Information items.


To become an Alibaba Cloud Certified Big Information Professional, the candidate must also have a good understanding of the capabilities of Alibaba's Big Information Green Community tools. Alibaba Green Community features include understanding the timing of the combination of DataWorks information with other products and the application and functions of these related items.

Exam Cost:

USD 120

What is the ACE exam

Alibaba Cloud uses three certification levels, Affiliate, Expert, and Professional. Alibaba Cloud Expert certification (ACE) is an ingenious diploma accreditation developed for those who are very certified and also proficient in a specific technological area.

Unlike other cloud operators, which only provide two degrees of certification, Alibaba's Cloud Specialist certification uses very comprehensive content and also covers broad skill needs these are all included in this Alibaba Dumps. You need a variety of skills and it is definitely worth it. It is important to note that ACE certification not only includes Alibaba Cloud innovations but also enhances your experience regarding the full range of cloud technologies. The Alibaba Cloud Professional (ACE) certification was created for individuals with terrific experience in specific technological fields based upon Alibaba Cloud. This certification equips people in a wide range of innovation and cloud companies to put their knowledge in Alibaba Cloud Computing to the test. The certificate attests to their sophisticated technological capabilities, as well as their experience in developing applications and dispersed systems on the Alibaba Cloud.

Topics of Exam

Hadoop environment and sparse concept.

  • MaxCompute
  • E-MapReduce
  • Quick BI
  • DataWorks
  • twenty
  • DataV
  • Latest cloud data from Alibaba

What are the prerequisites for the ACE exam?

Currently, there are no limits or prerequisites for the ACE exam anywhere in the world. However, the requirements for the ACE exam at Landmass China are quite strict. You need 5+ years of cloud innovation operational experience and also have standards to pass the associated Alibaba Cloud Specialist (ACP) test.

Exam fee

168 USD

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