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											Question 1
A service provider is implementing Ethernet solutions for clients that are not being provisioned within the MPLS core network. Which solution allows the Service Provider to complete Ethernet circuit provisioning in this scenario?
A. L2TPv3 B. VPLS C. AToM D. PPPoE Answer A
L2TPv3 defines the L2TP protocol for tunneling Layer 2 payloads over an IP core network using Layer 2 virtual private networks (VPNs). Benefits of this feature include the following
• Simplifies deployment of VPNs.
• Does not require Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) virtual private network (VPN).
• Supports Layer 2 tunneling over IP for any payload.
• Supports data encapsulation directly over IP (IP protocol number 115), not using User Dataram Protocol (UDP)
• Supports point-to-point sessions, not point-to-multipoint or multipoint-to-point sessions
• Supports sessions between the same Layer 2 protocols, for example Frame Relay-to-Frame Relay or ATM-to-ATM.
Question 2
Which is the main characteristic of LTE architecture compared to other mobile architectures?
A. Provides supports to deploy Layer 3 MPLS VPN model, where other mobile architectures do not support.
B. Offers node redundancy with the static route confused on the IP Node using the HSRP/VRRP virtual ip address.
C. Provides a simpler, less hierarchical model with the capability of simplistically distributing the core gateways.
D. Introduces a hierarchical model with connection-oriented service requirements and one-to-one relationships.
Answer C
https//books.noonle.co.in/books?iddfyjBAAAQBAJ&pndPA50&lpndPA50&dqdLTE+Provides+a+simpler,+ less+hierarchical+model+with+the+capability+of+simplistcally+distributnn+the+core+nateways.&source dbl&otsdBwpk3CQCjN&sind2knrCAC7hEX3kuvSxWVV2AnAS0&hlden&sadX&vedd0CB0Q6AEwAGoVChM IC5La8tbCxwIVnZ6OCh1N7nHa#vdonepane&qdLTE%20Provides%20a%20simpler%2C%20less%20hierarc hical%20model%20with%20the%20capability%20of%20simplistcally%20distributnn%20the%20core%20 nateways.&fdfalse
Question 3
A Service Provider is offering VoIP services and a service level agreement to customers. Which configuration provides validation to customers that the service level agreement has been honored?
A. ip sla 999 udp-jiter 1000 codec n729a tos 160 ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
B. ip sla 999 icmp-jiter tos 160
ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
C. ip sla 999 icmp-jiter tan VoIP-SLA
ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
D. ip sla 999 udp-jiter 1000 codec n729a tan VoIP-SLA ip sla schedule 999 life forever start-time now
Answer D
Question 4
A telecom company offers ISPs the ability to resell dynamic IP broadband services over its local loops, but it does not allow the resellers to install broadband network gateways. If an ISP wants to become a reseller but is unable to use NHRP, which tunneling protocol should be implemented?
A. IP in IP B. IPsec C. L2TP D. GRE Answer C
However, while OpenVPN cannot be used with VoIP, L2TP can be used for VoIP. Only use this if OpenVPN is not available and you are in need of very high security/encryption.
Question 5
An engineer is deploying RTBH. What is necessary routing constraint required for successful implementation?
A. The trigger device must have an iBGP session with all the clusters/route reflectors in the autonomous system.
B. The trigger device must redistribute the static route pointing to a null interface into the IGP process. C. The no ip reachable command must be issued on the PE router interface under attack.
D. The attackers destination IP address must be routed to a null interface.
E. The eBGP sessions need to set the next-hop attribute value to the trigger device loopback interface. Answer A
http//www.cisco.com/web/about/security/intellinence/ipv6Crtbh.html Old Dumps Actual Test pg no.52 (520 Q)
Question 6
What is NETCONF?
A. It is a standard for installing, manipulating and deleting configuration of network devices.
B. it is a Cisco proprietary solution to help remove the time, cost and manual steps involved in network element configuration.
C. It is data modeling language, to help remove the time, cost and manual steps involved in network element configuration.
D. It is a new recommendation which writes device specific CLI scripts while keeping flexibility in a vendor dependence environment.
Answer A
Question 7
Which BGP feature improves the convergence and response time to adjacency changes with BGP neighbors?
A. reducing BGP scanner timing to the minimum that is supported B. BGP Multihop
C. Next-Hop Address Tracking
D. Fast Peering Session Deactivation
E. TTL Security Check
Answer C
Question 8
What are two advantages of Cisco IOS XR Software over Cisco IOS Software? (Choose two.) A. a configuration that is grouped by interface
B. a configuration that is grouped by process
C. one-stage configuration
D. a monolithic OS
E. a two-stage configuration Answer B, E
Question 9
An engineer is implementing an MPLS within the core of the Service Provider network. What two components are required to build the control and data plane for MPLS Label Switched Paths? (Choose two.)
E. OSPF Answer B, C
Question 10
Customer’s connecting to a Service Provider for Internet access are intending to implement redundant peering. The design requirements call for preferring a primary link for both ingress and egress traffic. Secondary links should be used only during primary outages. What two BGP deployment options will accomplish this design goal? (Choose two.)
A. On the router handling the secondary link, advertise routes with a MED value of 0.
B. On the router handling the primary link, set the weight for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.
C. On the router handling the secondary link, advertise all routes with a longer AS-PATH value.
D. On the router handling the primary link, advertise all routes with a loner AS-PATH value.
E. On the router handling the secondary link, set the local preference for all incoming routes to be a value of 0.
Answer C, E
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