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											Q1.Universal Containers acquires sales leads each year through trade shows. Occasionally, duplicate leads are
generated when the marketing team imports leads that already exist in the system. What should a consultant
recommend to prevent duplicate leads in the system?
 - A:   Upload the leads to to remove the duplicates and select the option to have them automatically

 - B:   Upload the leads and click the "Find Duplicates"? button for each of the leads to identify potential duplicate

lead records.
 - C:   Upload the leads using Data Loader and enable the "Find Duplicates"? setting to prevent duplicate records.
 - D:   Upload the leads using Data Import Wizard and select the appropriate field to match duplicates against

existing records.

 solution: D

Q2.A premier customer for Universal Containers needs access to confidential product roadmap information. Which
two steps should a sales representative take to securely send this information using content delivery? (Choose
 - A:   Remove access to content after a specified date.
 - B:   Require the customer to enter a password to view the content.
 - C:   Require the customer to enter a security token to download the content.
 - D:   Require the recipient to log into Salesforce to access the content.

 solution: A, B

Q3.Universal Containers wants to improve the accuracy of its current sales forecast. It also wants to improve the
relevance of its sales stages and the role they play in the sales process. 
How should the relationship between the various elements of the sales process be defined to meet these
 - A:   Map sales probability values to forecast categories; assign sales stages accurate percentages.
 - B:   Map forecast probability to opportunity probability; assign appropriate sales stage.
 - C:   Map appropriate sales stage to opportunity stage; assign accurate forecast probability.
 - D:   Map opportunity stages to forecast categories; assign accurate probability to each stage.

 solution: D

Q4.Universal Containers has a large sales department that is dispersed worldwide. Sales managers want greater
visibility into the opportunities in progress with their respective teams and want to receive email notifications
when opportunities reach key metrics (e.g. progress to a certain stage or reach a specific probability). However,
individuals want to control the frequency of their email notifications. Which two solutions should a consultant
recommend? (Choose two.)
 - A:   Configure the individual Salesforce for Outlook email settings to control notification frequency.
 - B:   Configure Chatter Feed Tracking to provide updates for the key metrics the sales managers are looking for.
 - C:   Create a report filtering for the desired criteria and individuals subscribe to the report.
 - D:   Define a workflow rule and email task that is triggered when key fields are updated to new values.

 solution: B, C

Q5.Universal Containers wants to equip its sales team with mobile capabilities. The sales team needs to quickly
look up contacts, accounts, and opportunities and easily log calls. Due to limited coverage in certain geographic
areas, the sales team wants access to customer information even without an Internet connection. Which mobile
solution is appropriate for the Universal Containers' sales team?
 - A:   Salesforce Mobile app
 - B:   SalesforceA App
 - C:   Custom hybrid App
 - D:   Salesforce Touch App

 solution: A

Q6.The shipping department at Universal Containers is responsible for sending product samples as part of the
sales process. When an opportunity moves to the "sampling"? stage, Universal Containers wants an automatic
email sent to the shipping department listing the products on the opportunity. How can this requirement be met
using a workflow email?
 - A:   Create is on the opportunity product using an HTML email template.
 - B:   Create is on the opportunity using a Visualforce email template.
 - C:   Create is on the opportunity product using a Visualforce email template.
 - D:   Create is on the opportunity using an HTML email template.

 solution: B

Q7.A consultant has created a custom formula field on Opportunity that multiples the Opportunity Amount by the
Account's Discount field. Which Currency will the formula field use for its value if the Opportunity and the
Account records have different Currencies?
 - A:   The Account currency
 - B:   The User currency
 - C:   The Corporate currency
 - D:   The Opportunity currency

 solution: B

Q8.Universal Containers is planning to implement Salesforce Sales Cloud to support its professional services
division. The Universal Containers sales team wants to easily see customer purchasing activity on account,
contact, and contact detail pages. 
What should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement?
 - A:   Enable Salesforce Console for Sales to see customer purchasing activity.
 - B:   Create a global publisher action to view all customer purchasing activity.
 - C:   Enable the Orders object in Salesforce to track customer purchases.
 - D:   Create a custom object related to the account, contact, and contract objects.

 solution: C

Q9.Universal Containers wants to prevent sales users form modifying certain opportunity fields when the sales
stage has reached Negotiation/Review. However, sales directors must be able to edit these opportunity fields in
case last minute updates are required. 
Which solution should a consultant recommend?
 - A:   Modify the profile for sales directors to enable the "Modify All"? object permission for opportunities.
 - B:   Change the field-level security for sales representatives to restrict field access based on the sales stage.
 - C:   Create a validation rule to enforce field access based on the sales stage and a custom permission.
 - D:   Create a workflow rule to enable field access for sales directors based on the sales stage.

 solution: C

Q10.Universal Containers wants to track the campaigns that influence won opportunities. 
Which two actions should a consultant recommend to meet this requirement using standard functionality?
(Choose two.)
 - A:   Have the administrator specify a timeframe that limits the time a campaign can influence an opportunity

after the campaign first associated date and before the opportunity created date.
 - B:   Automatically add child campaigns of the primary campaign source if the child campaigns have an end date

that fails before the opportunity close date.
 - C:   Add campaigns to opportunities when the campaign is related to a contact that is assigned a contact role on

the opportunity prior to the close date.
 - D:   Have representatives populate a field on the opportunity record with the dollar amount of the expected

revenue from the campaigns that influenced the opportunity.

 solution: A, C