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											Q1.Universal Containers needs to synchronize data between Salesforce and an external financial system.
What should an administrator do to accomplish this?
 - A:   Use the Excel connector to export records from both systems into Excel.
 - B:   Use the data loader to upset Salesforce records into the financial system.
 - C:   Use an external ID field to match records between the systems.
 - D:   Use the data loader to match records between the systems.

 solution: C

Q2.Universal Containers uses web-to-case to convert support requests submitted through its website into cases.
The support team would like Salesforce to automatically send an email containing password reset instructions
to the customer when the case subject contains the words "forgot"? and "password"?.
What does the administrator need to configure to meet this requirement?
 - A:   Validation rule
 - B:   Auto-response rule
 - C:   Email-to-case
 - D:   Support settings

 solution: B

Q3.Which two statements are correct regarding an approval process? (Choose two.)
 - A:   An approval action defines the result of record approval or rejection.
 - B:   An assignment rule defines the approver for each process step.
 - C:   The approval history related list can be used to track the process.
 - D:   A delegated approver can reassign approval requests.

 solution: A, C

Q4.At Universal Containers, the sharing model is set to private. Sales operations, legal, and accounting users all
have the Standard User profile. A person from each department will assist the Account Executive in the sales
process. The Sales operations and Accounting Reps need read/write access and legal needs read-only access
to the Opportunity object.
What should the Administrator do to ensure that each person has the correct access?
 - A:   Create a criteria-based opportunity sharing rule for each user.
 - B:   Assign a custom profile to the users that need access opportunities.
 - C:   Add the users to the opportunity team.
 - D:   Manually share the account record with each other.

 solution: B

Q5.Which circumstance will prevent a system administrator from deleting a custom field?
 - A:   The field is used in a page layout.
 - B:   The field is used in a report.
 - C:   The field is part of a field dependency.
 - D:   The field is used in a workflow field update.

 solution: D

Q6.Universal Containers has activated Web-to-Case on their corporate website. IT configured Auto-Response to
thank the customer for logging the case and activated Assignment Rules based on the state (USA) in which the
customer resides. Case ownership is therefore determined and routed to the corresponding queue - North,
South, East, or West. Customer Cases that do not meet the existing criteria should be assigned to Queue -
What solution will satisfy this requirement?
 - A:   Using a Trigger, change the owner of Cases outside the US to Queue - World.
 - B:   In Case Support Settings, change Default Case Owner to Queue - World.
 - C:   In an Active Case Flow, change the name of the Queue to World.
 - D:   Using a Workflow Rule, change the owner of new Cases outside the US to Queue - World.

 solution: B

Q7.The sales team at Universal Containers wants an easy solution to gather customer requirements and share
presentations with their customers.
Which two actions should an administrator take to help the sales team achieve this goal? (Choose two.)
 - A:   Create opportunity teams for customers.
 - B:   Use Chatter files to share presentations.
 - C:   Add customers to libraries.
 - D:   Add customers to private Chatter group.

 solution: B, D

Q8.Which three fields are available in Locale Settings on the User Record? (Choose three.)
 - A:   Email Encoding
 - B:   Locale
 - C:   Time Zone
 - D:   Currency
 - E:   Language

 solution: B, D, E

Q9.What will happen when a user attempts to log in to Salesforce from an IP address that is outside the login IP
range on the user's profile but within the organization-wide trusted IP range?
 - A:   The user will not be able to log in at all.
 - B:   The user will be able to log in after the computer is activated.
 - C:   The user will be able to log in without activating the computer.
 - D:   The user will be able to log in after answering a security question.

 solution: A

Q10.Which statement about products and price books is true? (Choose two.)
 - A:   Price books that contain assets cannot contain products.
 - B:   A product can have a different list price in different price books.
 - C:   The standard and list price for a product can be listed in multiple currencies.
 - D:   Products without a price are automatically added to the standard price book.

 solution: B, C